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Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

The Daggerfall Covenant is one of the three joinable factions participating in the Alliance War, the other two being the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact. The crest of the Daggerfall Covenant is a lion, and its colors are blue and silver. It consists of the kingdoms of High Rock, the Kingdom of Orsinium, and the Kingdom of Sentinel. The alliance is an egalitarian association which uses its military might to secure lucrative trade routes. Led by High King Emeric of Wayrest, the Covenant seeks to capture the Ruby Throne in order to restore the Second Empire and return stability to Tamriel.

The Daggers[edit]

The Daggers are a newly formed mercenary group from Daggerfall, led by Gelvin Feldrin. They hope to make a name for themselves while the Fighters Guild is busy with the Dark Anchor contract, although they have no real experience. They can first be found at Shrieking Scar in Glenumbra, and later at Silverhoof Vale in Rivenspire. By the time they are encountered in Rivenspire, they have dropped the name, due to a threatening note and near death experience at the hands of another organization who didn't want their name tarnished; this is implied to be the work of the Ring of Daggers.

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins with holdings all over Tamriel. A DLC pack focused on the faction's activities in the Gold Coast region and across the rest of Tamriel was released in the second quarter of 2016. Purchase of the DLC is required to participate in any Dark Brotherhood Questlines.

Dark Witnesses[edit]

The Dark Witnesses are a clan of Reachmen in Mournoth. They are intent on reclaiming the area for the Reach.

Darkfern Clan[edit]

The Darkfern Clan is a clan of Wood Orcs hired by the Thalmor to help them in their excavation of the Elden Hollow.

The Darklings[edit]

The Darklings are a group of hostile Nocturnal worshipers who have settled in the ruined fort of Faldar's Tooth.

Dawnmead Bandits[edit]

The Dawnmead Bandits are a group of Khajiit skooma peddlers led by Fishbreath who have small camps set up all over the Dawnmead region of Reaper's March. One of their main bases however is Claw's Strike, a ruined temple located in the Jodewood region.

Dead-Water Tribe[edit]

The Dead-Water Tribe, or the Naga-Kur, as they refer to themselves, are a tribe of Naga Argonians residing in a village in western Murkmire. Unlike the tribeless Nagas that inhabit the region, the Naga-Kur are proud warriors, deeply entrenched in tradition. They are feared by neighboring tribes due to their brutal ways and are considered hostile to outsiders.

Deathbringer Clan[edit]

The Deathbringer Clan is a clan of Dremora that serves Molag Bal. It is led by Valkynaz Seris, and rose to prominence through its betrayal of the Foolkillers Clan.

Death Hunters[edit]

The Death Hunters are a group of like-minded individuals who can be found around Tamriel, hunting and bringing down the most dangerous of quarry. In particular, they have a taste for hunting down vampires and werewolves and will attack any that approach them.

Sometimes the vampire or werewolf will win the fight and you can find the bodies of the group which tried to kill them.


The Direnni were a prominent clan of Altmer merchants who became a powerful dynasty that ruled High Rock during the First Era. They faced the Alessian Order at the Glenumbra Moors. The Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera can be sighted from the shores of Glenumbra and Stormhaven, and the reportedly haunted family acropolis can be visited on Summerset Isle.

Dogeater Tribe[edit]

The Dogeater Tribe is a tribe of Goblins. They are located in Stros M'Kai.

Dragonclaw Clan[edit]

The Dragonclaw are a clan of Reachmen competing in the tournament taking place at the Dragonstar Arena. They are encountered in Round 3: The Marsh.


ON-banner-Dragonguard (small).png

The Dragonguard are the predecessors of the Blades. Originally from Akavir, the Dragonguard came to Tamriel to serve the Dragonborn, Reman I. Although officially disbanded at the end of the First Era, the Dragonguard continue to wait for the next Dragonborn to claim the Ruby Throne. They are seemingly unrelated to Clivia Tharn's Elite Guard.

Dragonstar Caravan Company[edit]

The Dragonstar Caravan Company are caravan outfit based out of the town of Ska'vyn. They also have offices in the towns of Dragonstar, Evermore, and Lilmoth. They transport various things, including civilians if need be.

Dreadhorn Clan[edit]

The Dreadhorn Clan is a clan of Reachmen who have allied with minotaurs to capture Falkreath. Their shamans wear gray and red paint mixed with nirncrux and blood, and many of their members have undergone an infusion of nirncrux at the Bloodroot Forge to be become powerful Blood-Forged warriors. Their leader is the patriarch Gherig Bullblood, and they take counsel from the hag mother Caillaoife, while the minotaurs are led by Domihaus the Bloody-Horned.

Driladan Clan[edit]

The Driladan Clan are a clan of Bosmer that originally lived in the Driladan Pass. Their homes and families were devastated when the Veiled Heritance raised the dead all around them. A few of them managed to flee. They found refuge in the Shadows Crawl, a ruin located near the settlement of Bramblebreach. There, they met with the Hollow, stone constructs built by the Wilderking.


The dro-m'Athra are former Khajiit whose spirits were corrupted by the Doom Drum, and serve Namiira, the Great Darkness. They reside within the Dark Behind the World. It is considered bad for the humors to even think about the dro-m'Athra for too long, lest these dark spirits have a foothold from which to corrupt an individual. The Twilight Cantors usually arrive in their wake to drive them back. For more information, see the Lore Page.

Drowned Dogs[edit]

Drowned Dogs are a group of pirates that can be found throughout Hew's Bane, usually on the southern coast. A small group of them are hunting for long-lost treasure near Tava's Beak. Another contingent is hanging out in front of Shark's Teeth Grotto

Drowned Horde[edit]

The Drowned Horde is a group of undead Nord pirates found at Bitterpoint Strand. The opening of a cursed chest on the island causes the skeletal crew to awaken.


The Drublog are a clan of Wood Orcs in Malabal Tor. For many years they lived peacefully near the Bosmer, but recently they have become aggressive and started attacking cities and towns.

Duneraider Bandits[edit]

The Duneraider Bandits are a group of Khajiit bandits settled in the ruins of the Lost City of the Na-Totambu. They have captured a Redguard historian named Paldeen in order to gain access to the treasures found within.

Dusteater Tribe[edit]

The Dusteater Tribe is a tribe of goblins found in lower western Craglorn. They can be found in great numbers at Taborra's Camp and outside Shada's Tear. Durzogs and Ogres accompany the tribe. They appear to be on good terms with an exceptionally powerful ogre named Taborra.