Horns of the Reach


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Location Jerall Cleft, Bloodroot Forge
Species Hagraven
Health Normal1178790Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Bloodroot Flux
Other Information
Faction(s) Dreadhorn Clan

Caillaoife is a hagraven of the Dreadhorn Clan found in Bloodroot Forge. She initially summons Mathgamain to stop you, and then fights you herself at the entrance to the Sanguinary Veins.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Flame damage over time from fire-based attacks
Corrupted Grove
She shields herself with Nature's Preservation, bringing forth three trees from the ground and surrounding herself with an aura that does (?)
Scorch of Summer
Ranged travelling AoE that deals flame damage and causes weakness to fire, empowers Winter's Grasp
Wave of Earth
A traveling barrage of stones are flung in a direction, dealing damage to who it hits and knocking them back
Winter's Grasp
Ranged travelling AoE that deals frost damage and causes weakness to frost, empowers Scorch of Summer
Crow Swarm
Caillaoife disappears into a murder of crows and teleports to a different part of the grove
Summon Nirnblooded Animals
Cailloaife summons Nirnblooded Bears, Guars, and Senches to attack you at around 75%, 50%, and 25% of her health. Each wave increases in number.


Cailloaife summons Mathgamain

Initially she is encountered when her projection appears to summon Mathgamain, chanting:

Caillaoife: "Come to pluck the juicy worms from our nest. Yes, they have. Yes, they have."
Caillaoife: "But the earth here's hungry. Yes, it is."
Cailloaife arrives for battle

When you arrive at the entrance to the Forge, she will appear, annoyed at the trouble you have made.

Caillaoife: "Snatched the fat grubs from our hands. Yes, they have."
Caillaoife: "Never they mind, they're at the earth's hungry mouth. Yes, they are."

During combat:

"Pluck their eyes and watch them flail!"
"Ripe and plump!"

Summon Nirnblooded Animals:

"Hungry vines will knit your bones!!"
"Bare your throat for thirsty thorns!"
"Reap what they sow. Yes, they will."
"Bows they bend and bones they break, these branches of mine!"
"Hungry roots hear me crow! They do! They do!"

Crow Swarm:

"Fly away, fly away!"

Wave of Earth:

"Earth has fangs. Yes it does!"
"Rumble rubble, crash and tumble!"
"Mashed and mauled in rocky teeth!"
"Stoney talons gouge them deep!"

Corrupted Grove:

"Land's my kin. Yes, it is. Holds me close. Yes, it does!"
"Safe in our nest, yes we are."
"Bows they bend and bones they break, these branches of mine!"

Upon defeat:

Caillaoife: "Roost the worms … yes, we will …."