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Location Maw of Lorkhaj
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 52831
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Doubting Monks (formerly)
Condition Dro-m'Athra
Projection of Kulan-dro

Kulan-dro was the Abbot of the Temple of Seven Riddles, before he was corrupted by Namiira's Bent Dance and turned into a Dro-m'Athra. He was once a lesser moon-bishop of the Doubting Monks, described by Adara'hai as a "sour cat with a heart made of flint and lemon-peel" who heard Namiira's music and desecrated the seals in the Temple that kept the Dro-m'Athra away.

Throughout the trial, he will appear to the party as a large projection of himself at various points. At the end of the dungeon, he will turn into Rakkhat inside the High Lunarium.

Related Quests[edit]


Adara'hai is confronted by Kulan-dro

At the first chamber:

Adara'hai: "Ziss ra'ham! This one feels Namiira's eyes on us already. The Lost Cats are nearby. Be wary."
Kulan-dro: "Ah―the Twilight Cantor arrives at last. And you brought allies! What a welcome surprise."
Adara'hai: "Shut your ears, friends. His words are poison!"
Kulan-dro: ""Friends?" Oh, come now. Friendship is for dogs and children. You are warriors, yes? And warriors deal in a single currency: power."
Adara'hai: (Begins singing and casting a spell to close a portal)
Kulan-dro: "And so, the yowling begins... I had hoped to avoid this farce, but I see now that it's inevitable. Sing, Cantor. Sing your throat dry. When you rasp out that last verse, I'll be waiting."
Adara'hai: "He is gone. Moons be praised. You will keep moving, yes? This one will follow as soon as she can."

Near the Riddle'Thar Stone Garden, he will appear and say:

Kulan-dro: "Ah, I see it now. You warriors come in search of a true challenge, yes? I can offer you that and so much more. Think on it. Zhaj'hassa, roll out the carpet, won't you?"

When the portal in the Stone Garden is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "Zhaj'hassa... He was once a great king of cats. Now...? What a waste."
Kulan-dro: "She's right you know. Zhaj'hassa was a ruler without peer―lord of a shining kingdom. It was Namiira who gave him this. Name your hearts' desire, warriors, and I will see that you have it!"
Adara'hai: "Silence, at last... Go on. This one just... just needs a moment."
Kulan-dro: "One of your companions will turn on you. I know because they told me so. Friendship is an illusion. A cruel joke. Let it go."

Throughout the Lattice Walk:

Kulan-dro: "We all have a vice, don't we? Is it greed? Lust ? Mmm... it's lust, isn't it? I can always tell."
Kulan-dro: "You still refuse to join our dance? It's the tempo, isn't it? Perhaps an allegro is more to your liking..."
Kulan-dro: "Your so-called friends conspire against you. They're jealous. And why shouldn't they be? You are obviously the strongest. They're holding you back."
Kulan-dro: "Why do you travel with these fools? Freeloaders and sycophants, the lot of them. Let them die and the glory will be yours alone!"
Kulan-dro: "Do you honestly think sanctifying those seals will matter? Are you really that naive?"
Kulan-dro: "And why feign concern for that wretched Cantor? You don't care about what happens to her―or this place. Why continue? You've had your inane adventure. Just move on."
Kulan-dro: "I offer you eternal glory, and still you flail like petulant children. Lured by promises of a few trinkets and a handful of coin, no doubt. Pitiful."

After getting through Suthay Sanctuary:

Kulan-dro: "There are only two ways out of this temple, warrior—as a servant or as a corpse."
Kulan-dro: "You still think me a doddering priest? I am so much more!"

When the portal outside the High Lunarium is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "This is... this is the last one, yes? Yes. Just a bit farther..."
Kulan-dro: "Your songs are powerless, Cantor. Do you hear me? Like the chirping of crickets in a howling tempest! Listen to me, cat! Listen to me!"
Adara'hai: "These seals... they are not enough. We must go to the High Lunarium. It is just a bit farther. Lead on, walker..."
Adara'hai: "Kulan-dro is just beyond this door. I can feel it. The drums... the drums are rattling my teeth."

Within the High Lunarium:

Adara'hai: "We must be quick, yes? Adara'hai will do what she can to protect you, but this dro-m'Athra is stronger than any I have faced before. Bright Moons protect you."
Kulan-dro: "If you value your pathetic mortal lives, you'll turn back now. You have been warned."
Adara'hai: "Jone's mercy... Kulan-dro, what's happened to you? Kulan-dro!"
Kulan-dro: "Have you not heard me? Have I not made your choice plain? You will listen, mortals... even if it means peeling the ears from your scalps and shouting Namiira's will into whatever's left of your broken skulls!"
Adara'hai: "We've drawn out the beast! Courage, friends!"
Rakkhat: "Ruin, pain, and shadow! Die, fools! Die!"