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In the mortal realms, libraries are known as places of learning and scholarship, where those who seek truth may be able to find it. A library in Coldharbour is a place of indoctrination, where one will find only the truth according to Molag Bal.
Elven Ruin:
Library of Dusk
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Cold-Flame Atronach, Dremora Churl, Dremora Kyngald, Seducer Brute
Shrouded PlainColdharbour
West of the Hollow City
The Library of Dusk

The Library of Dusk is an Ayleid ruin in southern Coldharbour, west of the Hollow City. Cold-Flame Atronachs patrol the exterior.


Related Quests[edit]

  • Library of Dusk Objective: Discover the fate of the lost scholars.


Library of Dusk Wayshrine

The Library of Dusk Wayshrine is located to the northwest of the ruin, near the scholars' campsite. This wayshrine is merely comprised of a brazier, and does not have a canopy.


A map of the Library of Dusk
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