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Kireth Vanos
Location Bthanual
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Kireth Vanos

Kireth Vanos is a Dunmer adventurer. Along with her brother Raynor, she can be found exploring ruins in Deshaan, Eastmarch, the Rift, and Wrothgar. The siblings also form part of the Coldharbour invasion force. She is also the author of several books.

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Clockwork City[edit]

Family Feud[edit]

Sorry you had to hear that. Our family feuds aren't usually so dramatic.
Raynor always requires a delicate touch, but he's never stormed off before. He hates being on his own.
What were you two arguing about?
"That whole shadow business. I didn't like the way Raynore let that High Elf artificer with a Dwarven control rod up his arse order us around.
My brother didn't desert to be treated so poorly. I just wish he believed it too."
Raynor mentioned something about finishing your exploration?
"Before I wounded his pride, we were planning to explore this marvelous machine world. He charged off to prove he didn't need my help, and we know how that's going to turn out!
I'll let him cool off, but could you make sure he stays out of trouble?"
I'll go check on Raynor.
"What I said to Raynor was pretty harsh, but he can be so infuriating!
Look, he might be a brilliant artificer. Unfortunately, he's a terrible dungeon delver. Without me, he's going to get lost or hurt. Just don't mention me when you see him."
Where do you think Raynor is going?
"There are so many intriguing possibilities, I'm not sure which one he'd try to tackle first.
If I were my brother, I'd start by heading into the Radius. We talked about using that gulch with the outflow pipe as a base, so maybe begin there? "
Do you and your brother argue very often?
"Like Kwama Warriors fighting for the affection of their Queen.
We're siblings! Of course we have arguments. Raynor's a thinker and I'm all about action. Our differences make us a great team - when we're not engaged in a heated debate. "
You're sure you don't want to go after your brother?
"No, Raynor needs some alone time. We both do. No sense starting the same fight all over again.
You go talk to Raynor. Help him work things out so we can get back to our usual sibling rivalry. Just don't let him know I sent you."


Scarp Keep:

"If anyone asks, just tell them that you know us.
What? It's research! How often do we get to attend a king's funeral and coronation?"



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