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Projection of Kireth Vanos
Location Outside the Library of Dusk in Coldharbour
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
Kireth Vanos

The Projection of Kireth Vanos is a magical projection of Kireth Vanos which will appear as you walk near the Library of Dusk. Once she and her companions were locked in the library by Daedra, using a projection device was the only way for her to contact someone outside. Once you agree to help, the projection will appear as you dismantle lenses and Kireth will attempt work through it to show what is happening inside.

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Through the Daedric Lens[edit]

When the ghostly projection walks up to you, you can speak with it to see what is going on.

"You're a real live person, aren't you? I thought I was all alone out here. I bet you came from that city over there.
Could you help me, please?"
Why can I see through you?
"I'm a projection, silly! My brother and I are part of the Mages Guild expedition. Well, freelancers, really. We got separated from the others as soon as we arrived in Coldharbour.
But we're not slacking off. We're investigating this old library."
So what's the problem?
"We drew straws and I wound up on watch duty. When I saw Daedra seal the entrance, I found another way inside. To rescue my brother, you know? But now I'm trapped, too.
There's a lot of magical projection stuff in here. That's how I'm talking to you."
How can I help?
"The Mages Guild gathered a team of the best dungeon-delvers from across the three alliances, members of the Undaunted, just in case they ran into any ruins or relics. My brother went into the old library with a couple of other treasure-hunters."
And that's when the Daedra showed up?
"You got it. Look, my brother's the expert, but I think the Daedra are using the projection lenses to spy on the people trapped in the library. As long as the lenses are active, the doors won't open.
I'm thinking sabotage is in order."
So I should destroy the lenses?
"That's my thought! I'll provide whatever help I can from in here. I can tell you this: one of the other scholars, she called this place the Library of Dusk. Couldn't wait to start exploring.
Please hurry. Whatever the Daedra want, it can't be good."

If you try and speak with the projection again, Kireth will insist that it isn't safe. "I'd much rather speak to you in person. I just don't trust these magical projections. Any number of Daedra could be watching."

When you destroy the first lens, the projection will appear and Kireth will attempt to work through it to show you what is happening inside.

Projection of Kireth Vanos: "Is it working? Can you see me? I'll try to show you what's going on inside the library while you smash those lenses. Here goes …."

As she channels, projections of Ayleid scholars appear then fade away.

Projection of Kireth Vanos: "Did you see that? I'll make some adjustments while you search for the next lens."

After destroying the second lens the projection will once again appear, with Kireth being confident that her adjustment have fixed the problem.

Projection of Kireth Vanos: "It's working! I switched the widgets with the gadgets and that seemed to do the trick. Now let's see if I can get a view into the other part of the library …."

Instead of what she wants, the projections show a bunch of dancing Dremora.

Projection of Kireth Vanos: "That was … unexpected. I must be doing something wrong. I'll give it one more try while you hunt down the last lens."

Once you you destroy the third and final lens, the projection will walk up the broken lens.

Projection of Kireth Vanos: "All right, I think I made the proper adjustments. Now let's see if I can spot my brother …."

The resulting projection may not be her brother but it does show Telenger the Artificer and Lady Clarisse Laurent who are also trapped in the library.

Telenger the Artificer: "Lady Laurent, we need to get out of here. This place is a trap. Young Raynor has already been caught in its spell."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Telenger, let's just stay here. You and I. Forever."
Telenger the Artificer: "No, the glamour has taken you as well!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come, my dear. Let us find a quiet corner among all these beautiful books."
Telenger the Artificer: "She's lost. Damn! I need to escape before I also succumb to the spell. I'll leave them a note in case the effects wear off."
<The projections of Telenger and Lady Laurent fade.>
Projection of Kireth Vanos: "A spell? Why haven't I been affected? Wait, I just heard the door unlock! It should be safe now. Come meet me in the gallery at the top of the ruins."

The projection will fade away for the final time and you are free to enter the Galley and speak with Kireth in the flesh.