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Break the illusory effects of the library's magicka matrix.
Zone: Coldharbour
Objective: Library of Dusk — Discover the fate of the lost scholars.
Quest Giver: Kireth Vanos
Location(s): Library of Dusk
Prerequisite Quest: Through the Daedric Lens
Concurrent Quest: The Army of Meridia
Reward: Dungeon-Delving Mantle
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 4352
Rescue some scholars from an insidious spell
The Mages Guild hired dungeon-delvers and scholars to bolster their expedition force. A group of these treasure hunters are trapped in the Library of Dusk, including Kireth Vanos' brother, Raynor.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Kireth Vanos.
  2. Observe the library's prisoners.
  3. Find Raynor Vanos.
  4. Find Lady Clarisse Laurent.
  5. Find Telenger the Artificer.
  6. Enter the portal.
  7. Take the Light of Meridia.
  8. Talk to Telenger.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Observing the Prisoners[edit]

After sabotaging Daedric surveillance and unlocking the library, your work is not over as the scholars who entered the library seem to have fallen under an enchantment which makes them want to stay despite the dangers. Kireth hasn't been affected yet and needs your help to rescue the others. Speak with her to find out her opinion on the nature of the spell and what you should do first to start freeing them.

"The spell seems to be a combination of glamours and illusions. It snared my brother and the other scholarly types.
Anyway, we can't leave them like that. We have to snap them out of it."
Do you have a plan?
"I always have a plan! It requires you to get down there and talk some sense into them. I'll make sure the Daedra don't lock us in here again. Just find me if Raynor gives you any trouble.
And be careful. Illusion magic can be tricky."
I thought the spell only affects scholars.
"Sure, but there may be other spells active down there. Take a look at the observation windows and remember the details of each holding cell.
The Daedra must be keeping those notes for some reason, and I believe in always being prepared."

There will be three observation windows you can look down to see what the trapped scholars doing. Each window will have a board with a note pinned to it, read these observation notes for Raynor, Lady Laurent and Telenger. They will mention the unique details about the chamber each enscorcelled individual is being held in, which are as follows:

Prisoner Crystal Color Banner
Raynor Vanos Yellow Hermaeus Mora
Lady Clarisse Laurent Blue Meridia
Telenger the Artificer Blue Azura

After you have read all of the available notes and are sure you remember the rooms' details, head down the stairs into the main part of the library.

Raynor Vanos[edit]

Raynor Vanos' chamber (Note the crystals and banner)

When you enter the actual library, Kireth will already be down there, hiding by the archway away from the various Dusk Scholars (Battlemages, Chargers and Illusionists) that are wandering the halls. Either avoid or fight your way through them to the set of three rooms on the western side of the library, each room will be near identical, right down to a Raynor Vanos who is enthralled in a book. The only differences will be the color of the crystal lights and the which Daedric Princes' banner hangs on the walls. If you enter the wrong room and speak with the Raynor in there, he will proceed to mock you for being tricked and then drop the illusion—revealing themselves to be a Dusk Scholar who will then do their best to kill you.

As mentioned in the observation notes and the table above, the correct room will have yellow crystals and banner showing the emblem of Hermaeus Mora, an eye. When you reach him, he will be reading a book and will quickly become snide with you as you talk to him.

<Raynor Vanos ignores you.>
Can you hear me?
"Hmm? Oh, sorry. This book is so engrossing. Could we talk later?"
You need to get out of here.
"I said I'm reading. Go bother someone with an intellect closer to your own level. I'm sure Lady Clarisse and that Altmer artificer would be happy to listen to your inane ramblings."

At this point you will have two options, you can either appeal to his sense of judgment:

[Persuade] Look around. This isn't a normal library. It's affecting your mind.
"I don't know what … wait! You're right. This place radiates Daedric magic. I can feel it in the back of my skull. We need to free the others!
Find Lady Clarisse. I remember. She realized something important before we were drawn into the spell."
(He will then leave and the quest will move to the next stage. [verification needed — verify if this is what happens])

Or threaten to involve his sister, to which he is unmoved:

Do I need to go get your sister?
"Whatever. Just go away so I can finish this interesting treatise on Dwemer displacement theories."

If you decided not to or are unable to Persuade him with your words, you will need to bring in the big guns—his sister. Find Kireth at the archway and ask for her help.

"You're back, but I don't see Raynor. What's going on?"
"That does it! Remember, Raynor, you asked for this!"
I found your brother, but he's engrossed in a book.
"I'll handle this. I know just what to do when Raynor gets too absorbed in his work. We developed a system for just this sort of situation.
Let's go."

Kireth will then become your follower and you can lead her back to Raynor who will be back to his reading. Then just stand back and let Kireth work her magic.

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Get your head out of that book! It's time to leave this horrible place."
Raynor Vanos: "Leave me alone, sister. I'm busy."
Kireth Vanos: "That does it! Remember, Raynor, you asked for this!"
<Kireth punches her brother so hard that he falls down.>
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth! What was that for? I—wait, where am I?"
Kireth Vanos: "Works every time."

Once you have used blunt force trauma to break Raynor out of the spell, you can then speak with him to ask him what he knows.

"I'm a little disoriented. But … did my sister just hit me?" (Appears if you went with the Kireth Option)
Will you be all right?
"I think so. I can still feel the spell tugging at my mind, though. Just in case, Kireth and I are going to our camp outside of the ruins.
But I'm worried about the others. Since the spell doesn't seem to affect you, can you look for Lady Laurent?"
You should get to safety. (This option will advance the quest.)
"Thanks! Kireth and I will head for our camp outside the ruins. Meet us there after you find Lady Laurent and the artificer."

Raynor will then leave with his sister and escape outside.

Lady Clarisse Laurent[edit]

Lady Laurent's chamber (Note crystals and banner)

The next person to find is Lady Laurent, her chamber is on the south[verification needed — see talk page] side of the library. Much like with Raynor, there will be three rooms which each contain a possible Lady Laurent and if you pick the wrong one that Dusk Scholar will try to kill you. The room you will be looking for will have blue crystals and banners displaying the Cross of Meridia. Once you find the correct room, walk up to Lady Laurent and convince her. Unlike with Raynor, it will not take much effort to break her out of the spell.

<Lady Laurent doesn't seem to hear you.>
Raynor sent me to find you.
"Raynor sent you? But why? I just found the most fascinating … wait, where am I?"
You were caught in a Daedric spell.
"I see. I suppose I should ask whether or not you're part of this elaborate trap, but I sense that you're not an illusion.
I can feel the spell, however, crawling back, trying to slip into my mind. What an odd sensation!"
Do you know anything about these ruins?
"Hmm … I remember that we discovered something or another, but the details elude me. Perhaps if I had more time to recover from the effects of the spell.
Wait a moment, Telenger said something important just before I became engrossed in this relic."
Where's Telenger now?
"I wouldn't know exactly, but I'm sure Telenger's around here somewhere. He's really quite clever. And dashing, to boot! He reminds me of my … my good friend, Stibbons."
You should head for safety. I'll find Telenger. (This option advances the quest.)
"Thank you. I'm going to get out of here. I need to … find someone."

Lady Laurent will then leave the library to search for her manservant.

Telenger the Artificer[edit]

Telenger the Artificer's chamber (Note crystals and banner)

After freeing two scholars, you need to find the third. Fight your way to the east side[verification needed — verify] of the library to the chambers where Telenger is being kept. The chamber you will need to find will have blue crystals and banners showing the Star of Azura, much like the previous times the wrong room contains a glamoured Dusk Scholar. But unlike the other times, when you enter the correct chamber, Telenger will be nowhere to be found. However, he did leave a note on a table to the side which he titled If You Can Read This, Open It. Take the letter's advice and read it, in it Telenger will say that the magic in the library is very strong and that he has decided to lock himself in the vault downstairs in an attempt to buy time to come up with an escape plan.

With these directions to Telenger head downstairs into the main shelving area, you may find a Ripped and Discarded Page which can shed some insight on things in the library's past. Then head down the northern passage to another room, the entrance to the vault will be on the eastern wall and you will be able to see Telenger watching through the bars. Talk to Telenger to see if the library's spells have effected him yet.

"I take it that you are the one who read my note? The spells I placed upon it alerted me that non-Daedra eyes examined the writing.
I do hope that you are a member of the force from Tamriel. If so, I have something to show you."
What have you discovered?
"This vault contains a portal, and the power emanating from it is overwhelming. Something on the other side seeks to pierce the veil of illusion that hangs over this ruined library."
Do you think it's dangerous?
"Hmm. That's inconsequential. Whatever it is, it may serve a purpose in our battle against the lord of Coldharbour. If we can acquire it, then this excursion will not have been a complete waste of time."
You must have some idea what this source of power is.
"I have my suspicions, but I hate to speculate. If you must know, I think it might be one of the fabled Lights of Meridia—the sources of power she used to hurl the Hollow City into Coldharbour.
Come in and we shall investigate further"
Enter the Library Vault Portal

After speaking with him, he will unlock the vault door. Interact with the door and enter the vault where Telenger will tell you about the portal and then ask you to enter it.

"Enter the portal and find the source of the power I sense emanating from the other side."
Why do you want me to do this?
"Because I don't completely trust myself. While I have avoided the illusions that trapped the others, I can still feel the pull of the Daedric spell.
Find the power source and meet me at our camp outside the ruins. And take this token, just in case."
What does the token do?
"Once you go through the portal, the token will attune itself to the access point. If you get lost, use the token and it will return you to the portal.
What was once a curiosity that won me fortune and acclaim is now a vital tool in our mission."

As Telenger doesn't trust himself at the moment, he wants you to enter the portal and discover what the power source is. If it is indeed a Light of Meridia then its recovery would make their disastrous expedition worth it. You will also be given Telenger's Teleportation Trajectory Token which should bring you back to the portal if you get lost.[verification needed — needs exact effects] With nothing else to do, you can enter the portal.

Finding the Power Source[edit]

The floating island above the Library of Dusk
Some unexpected assistance in the form of King Laloriaran Dynar

After entering the portal you will find yourself outside, high above the library and the surrounding landscape. There will be one winding path heading upwards which leads to another floating island which houses some Ayleid ruins. Follow the path and enter the structure, inside will be one of the Lights of Meridia, contained in a metal frame. Once you have taken the Light of Meridia a spectral form will appear.

Projection of King Laloriaran Dynar: "These Lights of Meridia can free me from Molag Bal's bondage. Find them and bring them to me."

After this, the projection of King Laloriaran Dynar will walk to the ledge while he offers some assistance.

Projection of King Laloriaran Dynar: "Know that you may jump from here and rejoin your friends below. What power I still possess shall keep you safe."

Once you take the leap, a bubble will form around you as you fall slowly. The path this bubble will take will be at an angle, meaning you will land near to the scholars' camp on the northern outskirts of the ruins.

Reunion at the Camp[edit]

The rescued scholars take a break

When you reach the camp, everyone you rescued will already be there. While Raynor sleeps and Kireth and Lady Laurent walk around, Telenger will be on the look out for you. Speak with him and show him what you recovered.

"Welcome back, my friend. Did you find it? Was I right? Was the source of power I sensed one of the fabled Lights of Meridia?"
You were right. I found this on the other side of the portal.
"By the Eight! That crystal! It is a Light of Meridia! It is said that these orbs of power once allowed Meridia to transport an entire city into Coldharbour.
If an agent of Meridia harnesses this power for us, we shall gain a distinct advantage."

Telenger will then present you with some gold and the Dungeon-Delving Mantle. Afterwards, Cadwell will appear out of a portal, ready to ferry these people back to the Hollow City.


  • After completing this quest, the Consultants' House in the Hollow City will unlock, and Kireth, Raynor, Clarisse, and Telenger may all be found there.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Library of Dusk
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Kireth is worried that there may be illusions or other spells at work in the library. She suggested that I examine the prisoner notes and look through the windows to determine where the Daedra are holding the scholars.
Objective: Examine the Prisoner Notes: 0/3
Now that I've studied the holding cells and reviewed the prisoner notes, I'm ready to leave the gallery and enter the Library of Dusk.
Objective: Enter the Library of Dusk
I should try to find Raynor Vanos first. I need to be on my guard, however, as Kireth thinks there may be illusions or other spells active in the library.
Objective: Find Raynor Vanos
Objective Hint: Remember the Details of Raynor's Room
I found the real Raynor Vanos. Now I need to convince him to leave the library.
Objective: Talk to Raynor Vanos
(If you do not manage to Persuade Raynor)

Raynor won't listen to me and I can't convince him to leave. Kireth told me to find her if he gave me any trouble. maybe she has an idea about how to snap him out of the spell.

Objective: Talk to Kireth Vanos
Kireth wants me to lead her to Raynor. She claims to have a method for freeing her brother from the spell.
Objective: Return to to Raynor Vanos
(Stage appears once Raynor has been freed either way.)

Now that Raynor has been freed from the Daedric spell, I should talk to him.

Objective: Talk to Raynor Vanos
Raynor Vanos asked me to find Lady Clarisse Laurent. He's worried about her and figures I have the best chance of resisting the entrapment spell.
Objective: Find Lady Clarisse Laurent
Objective Hint: Remember the Details of Lady Laurent's Room
Lady Clarisse Laurent told me that Telenger the Artificer discovered something important, but she couldn't remember what it was. I need to find Telenger.
Objective: Find Telenger the Artificer
Objective Hint: Remember the Details of Telenger's Room
Telenger's chamber is empty, but there's a note on the table. I should read the note and see what it says.
Objective: Read Telenger's Note
Telenger the Artificer locked himself inside a vault on the lower level of the library in an attempt to slow the effects of the spell assaulting his mind. I should look for him there.
Objective: Find Telenger the Artificer
I found Telenger the Artificer locked inside a vault on the library's lowest level. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Telenger the Artificer
Telenger the Artificer discovered a portal inside the library vault. There's something powerful and potentially useful on the other side. Telenger has unlocked the vault and asked me to join him inside.
Objective: Enter the Vault
Objective Hint: Use the Vault Door
I entered the vault. I should talk to Telenger and see what he wants to do next.
Objective: Talk to Telenger the Artificer
Telenger the Artificer doesn't trust himself due to the Daedric spell that continues to asault his mind. He wants me to enter the portal and find the source of the power he detected on the other side.
Objective: Enter the Library Vault Portal
I stepped through the library vault portal and find myself on a floating rock high above the Library of Dusk. I should investigate the area and find the source of the power Telenger detected.
Objective: Find the Source of Power
I came across a pedestal that holds a bright crystal of light. I think Telenger was right. I think that is one of the fabled Lights of Meridia.
Objective: Take the Light of Meridia
I obtained the Light of Meridia and need to get back to the surface. An image of King Laloriaran Dynar appeared before me and said that he will protect me if I choose to jump off the floating rock.
Objective: Leave the Floating Rock
☑Finishes quest I returned from the floating rock with a Light of Meridia. I should speak with Telenger the Artificer at their camp outside the library ruins.
Objective: Talk to Telenger the Artificer