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Location Tomb of Lost Kings, Salas En, Qharroa Ruins, The Manor of Revelry, The Hollow City, Spurned Peak, Bal Fell, Sorrow, Stirk, Breagha-Fin, Glenbridge
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During What the Heart Wants

Stibbons is the Breton manservant of Lady Clarisse Laurent, and regularly suffers misfortune because of her adventures.

He is also available as a houseguest.

Related Quests[edit]


Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

The Jeweled Crown of Anton[edit]

You can meet Sibbons in the camp outside the Tomb of Lost Kings, he will be murmuring "Where has her ladyship gone to?"

Speaking to him:

"Good day to you. Have you come at the summons of her ladyship?"
No, I haven't. Who is her ladyship?
"Lady Laurent, a Daggerfall noble who collects ancient artifacts. She's come to the tombs in search of lost treasures.
I only hope she hasn't gotten into trouble again."
What do you mean?
"Well, supper is nearly ready. It's not like her ladyship to be late for dinner. Especially when she asked me to open a bottle of her finest wine.
Do you suppose something unpleasant might have befallen her in the tomb?"
I don't know. I can find out.

Speaking to him again:

"I do hope you find Lady Laurent quickly and let her know that supper is ready.
I found those little gherkins she likes so much."

If you retrieved the Jeweled Crown of King Anton, you'll witness the following:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Could you come and put this lovely crown away, please?"
Stibbons : "Of course, my lady."
Forgotten Seneschal : "Why? Why isn't he bound?"
Stibbons : "There we are, my lady. Safe and sound."
Forgotten Seneschal : "No! That's not the right crown!"
Forgotten Seneschal : "You betrayed me! Betrayed me!"
Stibbons : "I'll go see about more fish for the stew, my lady."

If you retrieved the Cursed Crown of King Anton, you'll witness the following:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Could you come and put this lovely crown away, please?"
Stibbons : "Of course, my lady."

Stibbons touches the crown, screams in agony, and falls to the ground.

Stibbons: "Oh, dear. I seem to be dead. How very inconvenient."
Stibbons: "I feel drawn to this place now … bound to it somehow."

Stibbons's spirit will enter the ruins.

Forgotten Seneschal: "I'm free! Er, now what?"
Forgotten Seneschal: "I … I only know how to be a servant. How pathetic."

Forgotten Seneschal possesses the body of Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Are you all right?"
Stibbons: "I … of course, my lady. Let me just put this away for you."
Stibbons: "There we are, my lady. Safe and sound."
Stibbons: "If you'll excuse me, my lady, I think this stew could use more fish."

The Emerald Chalice[edit]

Stibbons can be found at the camp outside Breagha-Fin. He will pace back and forth to from the entrance to the camp and comment:

Stibbons: "No sign of them yet, eh? Too bad. They were nice enough fellows."

He will recognize you if you previously helped out in Glenumbra.

Completed The Jeweled Crown of Anton:
If first time meeting:
"What a pleasant surprise, to see an acquaintance from Glenumbra. Good to see you still have your health.
It's such a shame, isn't it, that our looks are always the first to go."
"Ah, another visitor. You should probably speak to my lady. You can find her over by the cave entrance.
As usual, she could use a bit of assistance."
What are you doing out this way?
"Preparing a stew for Lady Laurent and her associates.
And worrying. I'm doing a lot of worrying."
Lady Laurent? (Option appears if you haven't encountered Stibbons before)
"Famous treasure hunter. I'm sure you've heard of her.
We travel throughout the land at the behest of the Mages Guild, ever-searching for hidden treasures, secret relics, and, er, other mystical things. Can't talk much about our work, you know."
What is this place? / So what is this place?
"Breagha-Fin. A Nord settlement, from what Lady Laurent told me.
Exiles, you know. Got into trouble for performing unnatural rituals back in Skyrim and were banished. Of course, I haven't seen a single Nord out here, so make of that what you will."
Stibbons … is that you? (Option appears if you encountered Stibbons before)
"Yes, of course it's me. Who were you expecting? Molag Bal?"
It's just ….
"I really wish people would stop bringing the matter up. It's clear I've recovered, isn't it?"
But after what happened at the Tomb of Lost Kings …? (Option appears if the Forgotten Seneschal replaced him during The Jeweled Crown of Anton)
"Oh, that. Things like that are always happening to me. An occupational hazard of working for Lady Laurent, don't you know.
No worries, though. I'm much better now."

If you accepted the quest, his dialogue changes slightly:

"So my lady convinced you to help her? Of course she did. She's ever so good at that.
Well, be careful in there. I'll save you some stew for when you get back."

After exploring Breagha-Fin and retrieving the chalice, you can return to the camp where Stibbons will be waiting with Lady Laurent:

"I do hope you found that blasted cup. Lady Laurent has been quite impossible while you were gone."
Stibbons as a goblin

If you tell Lady Laurent the truth about the Chalice and if you haven't turn in the quest yet:

"Why do I think this isn't going to end well—for me?"

If you tell Lady Laurent the truth about the Chalice, she will undo the enchantment on the Strange Goblin by using Stibbons' blood:

Stibbons: "Yes m'lady. Please try not to get any on my clothes. Blood is murder to get out."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now just hold still Stibbons …."
<She takes some blood and puts it in the Chalice.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now you, Goblin, drink from the chalice."

When the goblin takes a sip, he will transform back into Amberic. However, Laurent appears to have miscalculated:

Stibbons: "What? What's happening …?"

Stibbons will then transform into a goblin and will walk away to sulk.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, dear … that was an unexpected side effect."

Speaking to him after the quest:

"I don't understand …. How can I cook dinner now?"'

If you instead chose to lie about the chalice and haven't completed the quest yet:

"I have a bad feeling this isn't going to turn out well—for me."

If you lied to her ladyship and gave her the Emerald Chalice, you'll witness the following:

Stibbons: "As you wish, m'lady."
<Stibbons drinks from the cup>
Stibbons: "What? What's happening …?"
Stibbons: "What happened? No. No! I'm a Goblin!"
Amberic: "Har! Yes … revenge!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "What have you done? My manservant is a Goblin! It'll take me forever to undo this!"

If you speak with Stibbons after he is transformed, he'll complain:

"This is … ook … terrible! How ever am I going to serve my lady now?
Oh, bother! I guess I'd better start packing up the camp."

Lady Laurent's Favor[edit]

Stibbons in the Alik'r

While serving his lady in the Alik'r Desert, Stibbons has encountered numerous problems. Their dig site is overrun by Dominion soldiers, several tools have been lost and Lady Laurent appears to prefer the new hire. Stibbons can be found hiding in one of the tents and will recognize you if met previously.

"Oh, hello there! I remember you … from that tomb in Glenumbra? My memory is so foggy, but I remember your face.
You won't believe this, but Lady Laurent has fired me! Now, I don't know what to do."
Why did she fire you?
"Because it's all my fault—the Aldmeri. Lady Laurent sent me through the portal to investigate. When the Elves saw me, I ran … and led them to the portal.
So now she hates me. Please, I beg you. Will you help me get back in her good graces?"
Sure. What do you need me to do?
"Praise you! Praise you! I'm trying to gather all her things, but her tools are scattered out in the ruins, and those are her most important possessions.
If you'll get the tools for me, I just know she'll forgive me. I just know it."
All right. I'll go get the tools.
"There's one more thing you should know. Lady Laurent hired this thuggish Tamien fellow, and I believe she already asked him to recover her tools.
You should speak with him up on the ramparts and tell him we have it taken care of."

You can ask him some questions before leaving:

Why not just let Tamien get the tools?
"Because he's a brute and I need to be the one to give her the tools.
If I can't make her forgive me, she'll just leave me here, and then, what will I do? This is my only chance!"
Did something happen after the Tomb of Kings?
"No. That expedition was quite a success, and I was the one who found you …
There's simply no explanation for why she's treating me this way."
However, if the Forgotten Seneschal took his body in the past, he'll say instead:
"Well … you and I both know I'm not really Stibbons, but I think I'm doing a good job of playing the part. This Tamien fellow is just complicating things.
I'll never forget what you did for me back at the tomb, by the way."

After speaking to Tamien Sellan and collecting the tools, you have a choice. You can either hand the tools back to Stibbons or to Tamien instead. Speak to Stibbons before deciding and he'll say:

"Well, I think I've gathered up all Lady Laurent's personal effects from the camp.
I just need those tools from out in the ruins. I don't suppose you beat Tamien to them, did you?"
I've got all the tools right here.
"Praise the Eight! You just saved my reputation, and my livelihood.
Can I have the tools then?"
Yes. Take them.
"Ha! That sneaky Tamien fellow sure will be surprised.
Hopefully now, Lady Laurent will forgive me and realize we don't need any hired help. A mercenary … what in Oblivion was she thinking?"
I'm not ready to give them to you.
"You're not? You don't mean to give them to Tamien, do you?
Because I'll … I'll be really disappointed if you do."

If you decide to give the tools to Stibbons and haven't turn in the quest yet, he will say:

"I can't wait to take these to Lady Laurent. She's going to be so pleased with me.
I am heavily in your debt, and I won't forget it."
I'm glad I could help. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

If you give the tools to Stibbons after all, he'll say:

"You are like a bottle of iced Collequiva in this dreary desert. Hopefully this will restore Lady Laurent's confidence in me.
I still can't understand—how could she doubt me after so many years' service?"

If you decided to give the tools to Tamien, Stibbons will be understandably annoyed with you.

"I can't believe it. You gave the tools to Tamien? How could you?
Now I'll never get back to Lady Laurent's good graces! I still can't understand—how can she just drop me after so many years' service?"

Tongues of Stone[edit]

Stibbons, turned to stone

When Lady Laurent uses her antidote to attempt to reverse the stoneflesh on Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now, if my calculations are correct…."
<She pours the antidote on Stibbons.>
"This should take effect almost immediately."
<Stibbons becomes flesh and falls to ground in a stupor.>
Stibbons freed from stone

Once he has been restored to flesh, Stibbons can be spoken with to ask how he is feeling.

"By Zenithar, I have an acute throbbing in my cranium. Could this be what a hangover is like?"
Are you all in one piece?
"Possibly, though I'd like to take time for a more detailed inspection.
How long was I asleep? Is Lady Laurent all right?"
You don't remember being a statue?
"A statue? Are you jesting? No, I can see you're serious.
I recall nothing. I seem to be intact, although perhaps a trifle stiff in the joints. I could certainly use a strong … that is, I believe I have a bottle of medicine that will help me."

After completing the quest, Stibbons will thank you for assisting his lady.

"Thank you for assisting Lady Laurent while I was indisposed.
I hope there are no lingering after-effects. She can be … rather demanding at times."


Stibbons on Stirk

Stibbons will be found tying up the bags in preparation for the journey to Coldharbour. He will ask you to let him concentrate on his work,

"Please don't distract me. If I don't finish packing, Lady Laurent will give me quite the talking to."

While waiting for Vanus Galerion to open the portal to Coldharbour, he will be primarily worried about how he can look after his mistress in the Daedric realm, in contrast for her own concerns about his survival.

"Coldharbour sounds dreadful. How am I ever going to keep my Lady safe in such a dangerous place?"


Saving Stibbons[edit]

After finding a Hastily Written Note, you will learn that Stibbons has been kept captive by a Winged Twilight in a nearby tower. After finding more notes and fighting through the tower, you can find him tied up on the top level. Once you have dealt with his besotted abductor, you can free Stibbons.

Stibbons: "Oh, thank you! Let's meet by the wayshrine, just east of this tower. I'll be fine. As long as the Daedra think I still belong to Drasilla, they won't harm me."

When you have left the tower, Stibbons will be found next to the Shrouded Plains Wayshrine.

"It's so good to see a familiar face in this dreadful wilderness. I appreciate that you climbed that tower to rescue me.
A little longer and who knows what Drasilla would have made me do!"
I'm glad I was able to help.
"I won't forget what you did for me. Even a loyal servant can withstand the charms of a beautiful, winged Daedra for only so long, you know.
I saw a city from the top of the tower. I'll head there and try to find my dear Lady Laurent."

Once you have completed Saving Stibbons, you have the opportunity to ask him some questions before you head off.

"Freedom is a wonderful thing. And I'm sure that dear Lady Laurent has missed me terribly. She really is lost when I'm not around to help her."
How did you end up in the tower?
"The Mages Guild hired Lady Laurent and a few other scholars and treasure hunters for some sort of mission. I was never really made privy to the finer details.
Anyway, Lady Laurent had me gather her equipment and follow her through a portal."
And then you were separated from the others?
"Quite so. I must have blacked out. When I opened my eyes, a winged beauty was hovering above me. She took me in her claws and carried me to the top of that tower."
That must have been terrible!
"Well, it wasn't that bad. Drasilla was very kind—for an evil Daedra. But she became infatuated. My natural charms, I suppose. But the more I refused her, the harder she pressed herself upon me.
I'd rather not talk about this, if you don't mind."
I met Lady Laurent. You should find her at the Hollow City. (Option appears if you have completed The Library of Dusk)
"That's excellent news! The poor dear really isn't cut out for taking care of herself. She depends on me for everything, you know."

What the Heart Wants[edit]

After speaking with Fatahala outside, Stibbons can be found chatting with some charming Redguard sisters.

"Fancy meeting you here, my friend! It's good to see you again."
You don't appear to be in mortal danger.
"Hardly. I haven't received this much adoration—well, ever! The sisters are even going to throw a celebration in my honor! Doesn't that sound exciting?
I'll be at the banquet tables with Rayyaima. Introduce yourself to Nuzara and Shayaifa, then join me.
As you wish.

When you reach the banquet, he will already be tucking in with the other Manor Guests.

"Rayyaima always sets out a wonderful spread. The food is excellent! Even better than my cooking, I must admit."

You will then get a series of replies, these appear depending on previous meetings with Stibbons.

How did you end up in the Manor of Revelry?
"I'm not really sure. I must have wandered here after I was separated from my dear Lady Laurent, but I really don't remember.
That said, the sisters have been very good to me. They're attentive and they listen. And they seem to care about what I say."
What happened after you escaped the Spurned Peak? (If you've completed Saving Stibbons)
"Well, I started to make my way toward the Hollow City, just as we discussed. And then … and then … and then I wound up here.
The rest is all just a blank, I'm afraid."
What happened after I helped Lady Laurent recover the crown?
"The Crown of Anton? Oh, my lady went about her usual business until the Mages Guild approached her.
She was conscripted for a mission, and the next thing I know we're stepping through a portal. I still have no idea what we're doing here."
What happened after I returned the lost tools?
"Oh, you know, this and that. My lady always has a project or two in the works, but she rarely provides me with any details. I'm only the help, after all.
At some point the Mages Guild hired her, and I dutifully followed her through a portal."

After you eat a Meringue Tart and get a glimpse of something strange, Stibbons will be finished.

Stibbons: "Ah, that was delicious! Why don't we head over to the pools and take a nice, relaxing soak?"

You can ask Stibbons if he experienced anything odd just then.

"I could really use a good soak. Let's go over to the pools and wash up."
What happened when we were eating?
"I don't know about you, but I just about ate until I burst! It was so delicious!"

When you reach the Manor Pools, Stibbons will greet Shayaifa.

Stibbons: "Ah, my dear Shayaifa. You've grown lovelier in my absence."

If you talk to him, Stibbons will compliment Shayaifa.

"Have you met Shayaifa? She's an excellent host. Made me feel very welcome."

Before you speak to Fatahala:

"Go on and start without me. I must catch up with this beautiful woman! We have so much to discuss.
I'll meet up at the manor house after you've had a good soak."

Before you pour the reagents in the basin:

"Enjoy your bath. We'll meet you at the manor when you're finished here."

While you go to the pools and break the illusion, Shayaifa will have taken Stibbons to the Manor House. When you enter the building, you can find him naked and locked in a cage on the top floor.

Stibbons: "Look what they did to me! Shayaifa has the key. She took it downstairs. Please, get that key!"

If you talk to him he will say:

"It was all a trap! Who does things like that? I took off my clothes to get ready for the celebration and the sisters attacked me! They threw me in this cage and walked off with the key.
And I'm naked!"

After you have found the key and returned, he will say:

"Did you get the key? Please, you must let me out of here. I'm freezing to death!"

Once the cage is unlocked, Stibbons will walk out and look for his clothes in the nearby chest.

Stibbons: "Thank you. Now just give me a moment to deal with my nakedness situation."

By the time he is dressed, Fatahala will enter the room, relieved to see him alive.

Fatahala: "Stibbons! Thank the Radiant Mother you're all right. When I saw Rayyaima with your jewels, I feared the worst!"
Stibbons: "All right? How can you say that? They have my dear Lady Laurent's jewels! She will be quite distraught if I don't retrieve them."
Fatahala: "At least you're alive. That's something! I know a secret tunnel by the pools. I can lead you there while our friend fetches your lady's jewelry. What do you think?"

He will then ask you to retrieve Lady Laurent's jewels for him.

"Thanks for the help, friend. They stole my clothes, my lady's jewels, and … and my dignity. But at least we can recover Lady Laurent's jewels.
Will you help me?"
Can you make it to the cave without my protection?
"I've been trying to become more of a help to Lady Laurent, so I've been taking dueling lessons. I think I can keep us safe until you return.
Find my lady's missing jewels and meet us at the secret tunnel near the pools."
I'll get the jewels back.

If you talk to him again, he will remind you:

"Collect my lady's lost jewels and meet us at the secret cave entrance."
Stibbons has had enough!

After these assurances of his safety, you can look for the missing jewels. When you have them, Stibbons and Fatahala will be at the tunnel entrance to the southeast.

"My dueling lessons have finally paid off. We made it down here with almost no trouble. Well, Fatahala helped a little.
Did you find Lady Laurent's jewels?"
Here are your lady's jewels.
"Oh, that's wonderful! Thank you so much!
The secret exit that Fatahala showed me is behind this rock. Give me a second to equip a weapon and we can head out."
I'm ready when you are.

Stibbons will then equip a Maul and become your follower, he will be righteously angry and woe betide anything that gets in his way.

Stibbons: "These Daedra tried to keep me from my dear Lady Laurent. It's time to make them to pay!"

After you assist him in fighting through skeletons and a Bone Colossus, you can find him with Fatahala on the road outside.

"Why do these things keep happening to me, I wonder?"
Will you be all right now?
"I think so. Thanks to you. I need to find Lady Laurent and make sure she's all right. She can get so flustered without me.
I'll lead Fatahala to the Hollow City. Those dueling lessons were certainly worth the gold!"

After you have received your reward, he and Fatahala will walk away.

The Hollow City[edit]

Stibbons reunited with his Lady Laurent after his adventures

Once Stibbons has finally made it back to the Hollow City, he can be found by Lady Laurent's side in the Consultants' House.

"Freedom is a wonderful thing. And I'm sure that dear Lady Laurent has missed me terribly. She really is lost when I'm not around to help her." [verification needed — seems to be repeat of Spurned Peak dialogue, is this a bug?]


Sorrow's Kiss[edit]

Stibbons at Sorrow

If this is your first meeting:


If you've met before:

"You, again! You make a habit of showing up when my lady needs you. I suppose that means we're going to make another attempt to reach that wretched summit after all.
Go present yourself to my lady. She should be coming down the trail at any moment."
What's that about reaching the summit?
"This is Sorrow. Apt name, don't you think? The House of Orsimer Glories in Orsinium engaged my lady's services to find the shrine of Torug gro-Igron. It supposedly waits at the snowy top.
No one's attempted to climb it in years, yet here we are."
Is there a problem with the climb?
"Only if you consider vile beasts, freezing winds, and falling ice to be a problem.
We tried to climb the mountain three times now, and each failure was more spectacular than the last. If you're interested, Lady Laurent could really use the help."
I'll talk to Lady Laurent.
"This expedition has really proved to be more troublesome than Lady Laurent anticipated. I hate to say it, but I think this time Sorrow might be more than she bargained for."
Who's Lady Laurent?
"Famous treasure hunter. I'm sure you've heard of her.
We travel the land, searching for hidden treasures, secret relics, and, er, other mystical things. I'm not at liberty to tell you much about our work, but it's very important."
Who hired her to lead this expedition?
"The House of Orsimer Glories.
It's Orsinium's fledgling museum. They hired experts like my lady to scour the countryside for ancient relics related to Wrothgar's history. To display them. Instant culture for the tourists, you see."
Are you looking for a particular relic?
"Legends claim that a powerful relic was buried with Orsinium's founder. At Torug's shrine, my lady hopes to find the Armlet of Torug, the bracelet that gave him the power to tame the wilderness.
Now if only Kharsthun would stop arguing with her."
Who's Kharsthun?
"Kharsthun works for the museum and has been serving as our liaison and cultural expert. It has become clear that he and my lady disagree about a great many things.
He's really beginning to try Lady Laurent's patience, I'm afraid to say."

Finish speaking to Kharsthun and Lady Laurent will enter with Stibbons in tow:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, don't you dare put down that firewood! It won't do us any good if it gets wet."
Stibbons: "You make a sound point, my lady."

Speak to Stibbons and he'll say:

"I never could stand cold weather. Chills me to the bone! I feel like a frozen icicle!"

Go in search of the missing members of the party and you'll come across a cave with the dead orcs; the missing party. As you turn to leave, Lady Laurent will appear with Stibbons. Lady Laurent will command Stibbons to bury the bodies, but Kharsthun wants them left in peace:

"Between you and me, I'm glad Kharsthun decided to leave the dead Orcs where they fell. I have no idea how I would have dug proper graves in this ground. It's frozen solid!"

Find the second inscription and the trio will follow.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come now, Stibbons, keep up!"
Stibbons: "Right behind you, m'lady. As always."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Brr! This cold is unbearable! Stibbons, the firewood!"
Stibbons: "A fire! Splendid idea, m'lady! I'll just—oh my!"

Stibbons goes over to a dead Ogre. Lady Laurent fails to notice.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "If this is Torug's shrine, where's his body?"
Stibbons: "M'lady … you need to see this."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Build the fire here. I need more light! Maybe there's a hidden door."

Stibbons, for once, speaks forcefully to her ladyship:

Stibbons: "Lady Clarisse Laurent, I insist you listen to me!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "What are you going on about, Stibbons? Can't you see I'm trying to—oh. I suggest a strategic retreat."
Stibbons: "I wholeheartedly agree, m'lady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Let's stand back here and let Kharsthun and our friend work in peace, Stibbons."

The two make a hasty retreat as Kharsthun continues his note taking. Speak to him:

"Ogres! Even the dead ones make my knees shake with uncontrollable fright!
Do m'lady a favor and get rid of the foul creatures before one of them decides that chilled Stibbons is an ogre delicacy."

At the third inscription, you're friends will arrive with anticipation:

Stibbons: "I think they found the third stanza, m'lady!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Quiet, Stibbons! There might still be ogres about! Quickly, Kharsthun. What does it say?"
Kharsthun: "Let me take a look."
Kharsthun: "Torug wasn't pleased that they built his shrine below the summit. He wanted to rest at the top."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Does it say anything about the Armlet of Torug?"
Kharsthun: "He carried it to the summit. It says he 'laid Sorrow's … kiss upon it.' Yes, 'zugka.' I'm certain it's "kiss.""
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Sorrow's kiss? The same phrase from the fragment! Doesn't that sound so romantic, Stibbons?"
Stibbons: "Very sentimental, m'lady. But are you sure that doesn't say 'zugra?'"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now, Stibbons, really! Leave the translating to the experts. In the meantime, I must speak to our friend."

Speak to him before speaking to Laurent:

"You should talk to Lady Laurent. She has that gleam in her eye. You know, the one that usually results in some catastrophe befalling her faithful man-servant—me."

After speaking to Laurent:

"I must say, I'm relieved that you volunteered to ascend to the summit. I was certain my lady was going to make me do it.
Now I might actually get off this mountain without getting frozen into a block of ice!"
Stibbons, turned to ice

Trek up to the summit and retrieve the armlet. Start to make your way back down and the world will go white. You'll awake to find yourself on a lower ledge with your three friends… who are deep in discussion. Lady Laurent will instruct you to speak to Stibbons:

"You missed all the drama! While you were unconscious, Lady Laurent and our helpful Orc had a dreadfully intense argument about the Armlet of Torug.
It was wonderful to watch!"
I was unconscious?
"It's the thin air up here. But whatever you did made the weather calm down, so we followed you up. That's when Kharsthun and Lady Laurent started arguing.
Kharsthun thinks the shrine would be a better location to display the Armlet than the museum."
And Lady Laurent disagrees?
"Oh, most indubitably! The museum hired her to acquire relics and she hates to disappoint. Perhaps you could talk to them. Help them reach a decision that gets us someplace warm.
You better let me hold onto the Armlet, just to be on the safe side."
If you insist.

Speak to the two historians and agree on where the relic should lay. Regardless of what you decide, Stibbons will don the armlet and freeze solid. Lady Laurent will eventually open a portal and the two will carry Stibbons through. On the other side, Kharsthun drops Stibbons and is chastised by Lady Laurent. As you leave the camp, Stibbons appears to remain in one piece.


A Web of Troubles[edit]

Lady Laurent has asked you to head into the ruins of Bal Fell to locate Stibbons and their missing mage hirelings. After you find the last of the dropped items, you will hear Stibbons nearby.

Stibbons: "I dare say, help! Help!"

He is crouched in front of Dralane Elarven who is sitting against a tree.

First meeting:
Met before:
"Merciful Stendarr! That creature was positively terrifying! But at least I found one of my lady's hirelings …."
"Merciful Stendarr! That creature was positively terrifying! I did manage to find one of Lady Laurent's hirelings, though.
But it's good to see you again, my friend. You'll save my lady's expedition, just as you've done in the past."
What creature are you talking about?
"That horrific spider! I was using several of the inquisitive techniques employed by Investigator Vale in her fabulous stories when the largest, most terrifying spider I ever laid eyes upon sprang at me with evil intent.
Even spooked the mage!"
That's one of the mages working for Lady Laurent?
"It is, though she's not making much sense. Perhaps you could talk to her?
Lady Laurent believed the mages absconded with her hard-earned gold. So I followed them to these ruins and—well, I encountered the spider and then everything went dark."
Dark? So the spider attacked you?
"I, um, no. This is embarrassing. It started … talking to me. Then I swooned and passed out. Spiders have that effect on me.
Oh, I must return to Lady Laurent. It's well past her tea time and she's going to be extremely displeased with me."
Don't leave yet. Let me talk to this mage, first.
"Please, do get on with it. I'm afraid Lady Laurent will be dreadfully cross at my tardiness."

After have spoken with Dralane Elarven‎‎, she will run away once the voices get the best of her. Stibbons will be unsure of what to do.

"Should we follow her? Oh dear. What would Investigator Vale do in this situation?
I know! I'll just wait here and let you see where she's rushing off to."

You can then signal Lady Laurent and tell her what happened, she will then ask you to find a Mind Spider while she brews some special tea for Stibbons back at camp. As you leave you can overhear Stibbons as he apologizes.

Stibbons: "I beg m'lady's pardon. I really thought I could solve the case of the missing mages."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Whatever gave you that idea? You can barely manage not to lose my collection of combs and brushes every time you pack them!"
Stibbons: "But … but … Investigator Vale …. I mean, would m'lady like her tea now?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "And some of those sweet biscuits I like. Let's return to camp so you can start cooking!"
Stibbons: "Of course, m'lady. Right away."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "And Stibbons, I want my book back. I must find out what happens when Investigator Vale meets the innkeeper's daughter in the wine cellar. I'm sure it will be scandalous!"

With spider in hand, you can return to the camp. Speaking with him before releasing the spider, he will be unsure about the plan.

"Lady Laurent's tea was actually quite delicious, but the thought of listening to that spider and walking into a mysterious ruin just scares the pudding out of me!
Still, if that's what my lady thinks is best …."

Once you put the Mind Spider on the ground, you will see if her calming tea worked or not.

Stibbons: "Ahh! A spider!"
Stibbons: "I'm … still conscious?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My tea worked! Head for the ruins and find the spider that talked to you, Stibbons!"
Stibbons: "As you command, m'lady."

He will then run towards the ruins and Lady Laurent will follow. As you get closer to the ruins, the pair will stop as Stibbons hears something.

Stibbons: "Another spider! And it's talking to me!"
<A blue spiral of light surrounds his head as he following the voice.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Follow my man-servant!"
<Both will run into Bal Fel.>

After find notes about the spiders in the ruins, you and Lady Laurent can go further in to stop the ritual. Soon you'll come across Stibbons and the Mages dancing for some Infernal Performers and Mad Griskild.

While you fight the Nord, lady Laurent will sneak by and free the dancers:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You look ridiculous! Stop dancing this instant!"
Stibbons: "Why do my feet hurt? Oh, never mind. Run!"

Once back at the camp, Stibbons will shudder at his captors lack of musical ability.

"How Dreadful! Spiders are bad enough, but that melody … Daedra have no ability to follow a sheet of music!"

After speaking with Lady Laurent and completing the quest, she'll have Stibbons test one of the scrolls she found. Stibbons will have been reading another book when she calls him over to test the scroll.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, I have something I'd like you to read."
Stibbons: "What's this? The newest Investigator Vale mystery?"
<Lady Laurent hands over the scroll.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Just read it out loud and tell me what it says."
Stibbons: "A read-aloud? What fun!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Just enunciate, Stibbons. And speak loudly."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Any time now, Stibbons."
Stibbons: "This isn't the newest Investigator Vale mystery …."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Read the scroll, Stibbons!"
<Muttering as he reads through.>
Stibbons: "Something, something … Mad God flows and ebbs. Something, something … call forth the tangled webs …. Oh no, that doesn't sound good …."
<There is a popping noise and Stibbons becomes cocooned in webs.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Really, Stibbons? You do manage to complicate the simplest tasks."

Divine Blessings[edit]

If you helped Lady Laurent and her team at Bal Fell, Stibbons can be found with her at the award ceremony in Vivec City:

"Pity there was nothing in that sack of blessings for me. At least that rock hanging in the sky didn't fall and bop me on the head.
Oh, what am I saying? The night is still young. You might not want to stand so close. Just in case."


Something About Stibbons[edit]

You can encounter Stibbons and Lady Laurent in Murkmire, while he searches the swamps near the Ruined Guardhouse for something. He will be waist-deep in a muddy pool while Lady Laurent pokes him with her staff. If you have met him before, he will greet you.

"Good to see you, friend! Just mind where you step. I'd rather not have to start my search all over again."

Otherwise he will say:

"Mind your step, please. If you disturb the mud, I'll have to start my search all over again."

When you speak with Lady Laurent, she will explain why the Stibbons is searching through the mud. She is looking for a Charm of Renewal, used in particular Argonian reproduction rites for her research on the subject. Additionally, she will ask you to find her missing hand mirror. If you speak to Stibbons after this he will give you a warning about the dangerous creatures in the area.

"I heard my lady ask you to recover her favorite hand-mirror. I'll have you know I only dropped it because that wild beast frightened the hair right off my head! It's a monster!
Be ever so careful or it will tear you to ribbons."

After finding the mirror nearby, you will be called back to help Stibbons out of the mud. Once you do this you can ask if he is all right.

"I think I swallowed … enough mud to fill … a pitcher!"
Are you all right?
"I'll be … fine. I just need a strong cup of tea. Or maybe a good bottle of wine.
After I attend to Lady Laurent, of course."
It's good to see you again, Stibbons. (Appears if you have met him previously.)
"And you as well, my friend. I appreciate how you always seem to show up when m'lady needs you the most.
If you would be kind enough to lend your assistance again, she'd be most appreciative."

Once you speak with Lady Laurent, she will have become more determined to find a renewal charm, asking you to assist Stibbons in tracking down Many-Whispers—the Argonian who originally gave her the tip in the Swallowed Grove. As you leave for the Grove, she will send Stibbons off.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Get going, Stibbons. And do try to redeem yourself this time."
Stibbons: "Right away, m'lady. Just let me … catch my breath …."

Before you leave, you can speak with Stibbons.

"I'm glad you agreed to accompany me. I had a bad feeling about Many-Whispers from the first moment we met."
You don't trust Many-Whispers?
"Trust isn't something that comes naturally to well-trained manservants. As far as Many-Whispers is concerned, he's taken an aggressive interest in visitors investigating objects of historical significance."
And that's bad?
"It is when one of those interested parties happens to be m'lady Clarisse Laurent!
But you'll see what I mean when we get to the Swallowed Grove. Just head north and I'll meet you there."

After arriving in the Swallowed grove, you can find Stibbons confronting Many-Whispers just down the main passage in an alcove.

Stibbons: "Lady Laurent demands restitution you … you … jackanapes!"
Many-Whispers: "Jackanapes? You must have me confused with an Argonian of another tribe."

If you speak with Stibbons, he will explain how he felt Many-Whispers was untrustworthy.

"I'm glad you agreed to accompany me. I had a bad feeling about Many-Whispers from the first moment we met."
You don't trust Many-Whispers?
"Trust isn't something that comes naturally to well-trained manservants. As far as Many-Whispers is concerned, he's taken an aggressive interest in visitors investigating objects of historical significance."
How did you get past all the monsters?
"A good manservant learns how to avoid even the most unpleasant situations. It's what we do."

Once you have spoke with Many-Whispers and hashed out an agreement for the charm, through trade or intimation, you can speak with Stibbons who will assure you that he is keeping an eye on Many-Whispers.

"I'll stay here and keep an eye on Many-Whispers while you go and get the key. We wouldn't want him running off before he turns over the charm, now would we?"

After have returned with the key, he will be adamant that he did not look away.

"I have not shirked from my duty! Never has a more steadfast gaze been fixed upon a scoundrel such as Many-Whispers.
Finish this business so that we may return to m'lady with all due haste."

Once you have the charm, Stibbons will tell you to head off and that he will meet you there.

"Lady Laurent awaits us at the Renewal Lodge. You leave the cave first. I'm much more stealthy when I'm on my own
Besides, I need another moment to recover. The thick air down here has left me rather peaked."

Once you arrive at the Renewal Lodge Lady Laurent will ask you to speak with Ux-Deelith Mezatil and convince her to allow an observer. Stibbons will hope that you can get her to agree.

"I have a deep aversion to conflict of any kind. I do hope the Argonians agree to m'lady's request sooner rather than later.
They must realize that Lady Laurent always gets her way."

After speaking with Ux-Deelith, she will stipulate that the observer first "align their body fluids" before observing the ritual, Lady Laurent will immediately volunteer Stibbons.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, go with our friend and align your bodily fluids. I want you to attend the renewal rite in my place!"
Stibbons: "I, m'lady? Er … why me?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "So that you can tell me all about it and I can write it in my book! Now get going!"

You can then ask him if he is okay with being volunteered.

"I appreciate you accompanying me, but I must admit I have something of an aversion to insects. And snakes. And waterfalls.
Still, Lady Laurent does know best when it comes to situations such as this. I'll meet you out in the swamp, my friend."
Are you sure you want to go through with this?
"I am as sure as I ever am when it comes to fulfilling my duty to Lady Laurent. And with you at my side, how can anything possibly go wrong?
I do wish I had a bottle of something strong and medicinal on hand. Two would be better, of course."

Stibbons will then meet you at various spots around Murkmire as you help him perform the rituals.

On the coast east of the lodge, you will find a large nest of hummerwings. Stibbons will meet you there but he will first request that you kill the larger insects hanging around first.

"Could you deal with that rather large insect? My blood needs to be aligned, not siphoned completely from my body!"

Once this is done he will ask you to agitate the hummerwing nest.

Stibbons "That looks like a hummerwing hive. Could you give it a little kick? Gently!"

After kicking the hive, Stibbons will approach it cautiously.

Stibbons "Well, that's bigger than I expected."
<A swarm appears and starts attacking Stibbons.>
Stibbons "Argh! One bite, I said! One bite!"

He will then run into the nearby ocean and sit down till they leave.

When you arrive in the Deep Swamp area, Stibbons will show up ask you to help find a snake den.

Stibbons "Snake venom. If I must drink the vile stuff, we'll need to find a den. Let's split up and look around."

After you find a den and signal him, Stibbons will run down the path to you.

Stibbons "Ah, you located a snake den."
<Stibbons reaches down and starts milking a snake.>
Stibbons "Now… carefully … like milking a very small, elongated goat …."
<Stibbons raises mug of snake venom.>
Stibbons "Here goes nothing. Bottoms up."

After drinking it, he will run off to vomit in a nearby bush.

You can find a half naked Stibbons beneath a waterfall near the Teeth of Sithis. You can then speak with him to see how he is doing.

"It's … it's freezing under here … but I think I can feel … feel my mind aligning quite nicely …."
How long do you think you need to stay under there?
"I … I don't exactly know. I can't … can't feel my extremities … but I think I'll stay under … for a few more moments …."
Good luck.
"I suggest you return to the Renewal Lodge. I'll meet you there."

Once you have helped Stibbons perform the alignment rituals, you can return to the lodge. Stibbons will have arrived just before you and the renewal ritual will be about to begin.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You smell like a swamp. Stand over there this instant."
Stibbons: "As you wish, m'lady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My manservant did as you asked. Will you allow him to observe your ritual?"
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "If you insist. Come, dryskin. Join us in the lodge."
<Stibbons and the Argonians walk into the lodge.>
Sitbbons as an egg

While Stibbons is in the lodge you will be able to overhear what is said. The results are unexpected.

Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "The ux starts now. Breathe deep the arousing fumes. Take it all in. Let your aligned essences guide you. When you feel totally filled, relax your cloaca and let it all out …."
Stibbons: "Ah … I don't think I have a cloaca …."
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "Don't have a—oh no! You must exit the lodge right now, dryskin!"
<Stibbons stumbles out.>
Stibbons: "That was … most peculiar …."
<Stibbons suddenly turns into an egg. Lady Laurent walks up to the egg.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Oh, not again."

Root-Whisper Village[edit]

Stibbons will be alongside Lady Laurent while visiting Root-Whisper Village and witnessing the rebirth of the Hist and Village if you completed their quest. He will be in egg form.

Appears only with Blackwood


An Abundance of Stibbons[edit]

Stibbons trapped within Sorcerer Rectavius
Stibbons, cornered by Voriplasms

Stibbons will be trapped in the voriplasm by Rectavius and you need to pull him out with the vines after you remove the two duplicates. Eventually, once you get him out, Lady Laurent quickly checks up on him before she conjures up a portal to get everyone to the first hall:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons? Tell me you're unharmed."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Not here. Let's return to the first hall."
Stibbons: "As you say, m'lady."

In the first hall, Stibbons will apologize to Lady Laurent, but she doesn't treat it as a big deal:

Stibbons: "My lady, I must apologize. I seem to have mucked everything up again."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Yes, but I've grown accustomed to your antics. Besides, I had a very capable assistant."

Speaking to Stibbons before you talk to Lady Laurent (If you met him in past quests):

"My friend, I see you have once again come to the aid of my lady. I thank you for that. And for rescuing me."

Once the quest is completed, Nisswo Somarz will congratulate you and Lady Laurent for ending the curse and an entertaining display of Stibbons being chased by blobs ensues:

Nisswo Somarz: "Well done, Lady Laurent! I sense the curse has been broken. Even now, I feel the last vestiges of the sorcerer slipping away. Except for what remains in the shiny-headed one, of course."
Stibbons: "What? That's ridiculous! I'm fine! My lady safely extracted me from the...blob of sorcerer."
Nisswo Somarz: "The sorcerer's good lingers, like nose slime on a hatchling's claw."
Stibbons: "Ah! Goo! Shoo, shoo!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, I won't tolerate muck in my manor house!"

Stibbons will lament having to be the "parent" of the blobs while he's being cornered by his "children":

"Go away, little blobs! I am not your mother!
Oh bother, but how will I ever see to my many duties with these slime balls underfoot?

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Stibbons in Gideon

If you have completed the quest An Abundance of Stibbons prior to Heroes of Blackwood, Stibbons and Lady Laurent will be present at the party in Gideon. Three Voriplasms will still be accompanying Stibbons as he can't seem to get rid of them.

"A party was just what I needed to calm my nerves after what happened at the xanmeer.
It's sort of refreshing to attend a function where I am not the primary servant doting on the crowd."
So, no lingering effects concerning the voriplasm or your duplicates?
"No, unless you count these tiny balls of goo that keep following me around.
Lady Laurent says she catches glimpses of other me's in the crowd, but I think that just her nerves. She can be quite tense and irritable if she skips her afternoon tea."
Appears only with High Isle

High Isle[edit]

The All Flags Curse[edit]

Stibbons will be found at the docks of Steadfast Manor. Something is bothering him regarding with Lady Laurent.

Stibbons: "Oh bother! M'lady's gotten herself into terrible trouble!"

Speaking to him find about what trouble Lady Laurent gotten herself into this time, if you met him before:

"Oh, what a fortuitous turn of fortune! Once again, you appear when Lady Laurent and I need you most.
You see, I find myself in something of a pickle and could use a modicum of assistance. Tell me, friend. How good are you at breaking ancient curses?"
Ancient curses? I think you better explain.
"Yes, yes, of course. M'lady always says I'd misplaced my head if it wasn't attached. Now where was I? Oh yes, the curse!
My mistress, Lady Laurent, was hired to help prepare this site for some important meeting or another. Then disaster struck!"
What sort of disaster?
"Well, usually I'm the one who stumbles into trouble, but this time m'lady found the old chest. It was so unlike her to open it herself. That's when she activated the curse!
I'll gladly give you my annual stipend if you help me save Lady Laurent!"
I'll help you save Lady Laurent.

Asking further questions about this situation:

"Oh, thank you! You've lifted a great weight off my shoulders. Come along. Lady Laurent is along the southern coast. Do prepare yourself. The curse has made m'lady a different person. Literally. She's been possessed by an ancient sea captain!"
Tell me about this curse, Stibbons.
"Well, I'm far from an expert in such matters, but it started as soon as m'lady opened that old chest. Lady Laurent immediately changed and started acting like an ancient sea captain!
She's certainly not her usual, demanding self."
Why do you think Lady Laurent's possessed by an ancient sea captain?
"Because as soon as she opened the old sea chest, her posture changed. She started to swear like a sailor! Claimed she was the captain of a great sailing vessel and ordered me around like a lowly deckhand.
It was even more degrading than usual."
And why do you think this is related to a curse?
"Mostly because the sea captain rambled about the curse of the islet and the curse that binds his spirit, etcetera, etcetera. Made the hair on my neck stand on end.
To think there's someone in there with m'lady…it's very troublesome!"
Tell me more about this island.
"Technically, it's an islet. All Flags Islet, to be precise. It has some historical significance, but that's more m'lady's area of expertise than mine.
I believe it used to be some sort of monument or museum."
What do you mean, a monument or museum?
"Just that. I noticed a lot of historical plaques scattered about. They talk about the All Flags Navy, which I think was rather famous in its day.
The Society of the Steadfast hired Lady Laurent to preserve the site prior to their big meeting."
Big meeting? You mean the upcoming peace talks?
"Oh, I'm just a meager, put upon manservant. I wouldn't know anything about such monumental events. Well, I may have heard a mention or two. So, yes, I suppose ending the Three Banners War is the purpose of the big meeting.
Confidentially speaking."
So what exactly are you and Lady Laurent doing here?
"Lady Laurent was hired to preserve any items and structures of historical import and make the islet safe for the upcoming meeting. They knew they had a problem with undead, but they never mentioned anything about an ancient curse!"
It's good to see you again, Stibbons.
"And you as well, my friend. I just wish that one of your visits didn't involve the imminent demise of either me or my honored employer.
Lady Laurent will be happy to see you…especially if you manage to remove the captain's spirit from her body."
What can you tell me about this sea captain?
"Not very much, I'm afraid. He's boisterous, confident, and rather bawdy, if I'm being honest. I detest him. And I can't abide such a depraved individual taking up residence in my mistress. It's…unseemly!
Come along and you'll see for yourself."

Once you get to the islet, you will find Lady Laurent struggling to remain control of her body while opening a chest:

Janne Emarie: "You opened my old hope chest? Oh, that's not good."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Lady Clarisse Laurent…I'm Lady—"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "No. I am…someone else…."
Janne Emarie: "Captain? Is that you in there, my love?"
Stibbons: "Ahh! First a curse, now a ghost! Oh, talk to Lady Laurent, please. I'm too much upset for rational discourse."

Speaking to him before Lady Laurent:

"Please, my friend. You talk to m'lady. I'm much too discombobulated to carry on a meaningful conversation.
Just make sure you know who you're dealing with—Lady Laurent or that obnoxious sea captain."

After speaking to the possessed-lady, she will run off to the big tree:

Stibbons: "Oh dear! Follow Lady Laurent! She's in no condition to wander off on her own!"

Speaking to him again:

"Quickly! After her! Lady Laurent can't be left alone with that…that…infiltrator!"

Lady Laurent will soon run off to this big tree, and you resume pursuit, which Stibbons suggest speaking to her to find about more about the curse:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Begone, brother. I plan to dock with my lady love and this boat has no need of a third oar."
Stibbons: "Brother? Third oar? M'lady, you're confused…."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, there you are, my turtle dove! Come to me, my darling! I've missed you so!"
Stibbons: "The ghost woman. She's inside you, friend. The captain thinks you're her. Talk to m'lady and play along. See what you can learn."

Speaking to him before Lady Laurent to get more answers:

"The ancient sea captain has brought you and I into his fancies. He thinks I'm his brother. And he's given you the role of his long-lost love. I suppose her ghost did flow into you.
Talk to m'lady and play along. Try to learn more about this case."

Once Lady Laurent suggested you should learn more about the All-Flags Navy and to read from the plaques:

Stibbons: "Oh yes, the lighthouse! It's full of historical information. What a good idea, m'lady!"

Speaking to him again:

"I knew m'lady was still in there, ready to order me about!
The lighthouse is on the eastern shore of the islet. It's part of the old museum I mentioned. I remember polishing its historical plaques quite clearly. Let's go see what they contain."

When you're inside the lighthouse:

Stibbons: "Examine the historical plaques and see what you make of them."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, the old lighthouse! I remember it well."

Speaking to him before examining the plaques:

"While we know it as All Flags Islet, it was originally referred to as Monument Islet. Intended to serve as a memorial, the place was abandoned when the undead claimed the island.
The plaques in this lighthouse tell some of the story."

After reading about the creation of Monument Islet, memories are starting to come back to the sea captain and Janne:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Tobin Moorcroft? I know that name…my brother—yes! Yes, the master builder was my brother!"
Janne Emarie: "Tobin Moorcroft? Oh, this is all that wretched scoundrel's fault!"
Stibbons: "Ah! The ghost woman! At least she's no longer inside you, my friend. See what she wants. I am much too frightened to approach such an apparition."

Speaking to him before Janne:

"M'lady has always found history more fascinating than me, I admit. At least that forgetful sea captain remembered that Tobin Moorcroft, the memorial's master builder, was his brother.
You should talk to that ghost woman. She seems to know something."

Once you have to go to the inn to find more about what Tobin did to Janne:

Stibbons: "The inn? The building in the center of the islet? I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go look…."

Speaking to him about this:

"Oh dear, this is the beginning to sound like some lurid romance novel. Not that I would know anything about such things. Or that Lady Laurent would.
Um, perhaps we should investigate Monument Inn and see if we can learn anything there."

When you're inside the Monument Inn:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I remember this place! Janne and I shared many pleasant encounters beneath this roof before I set sail with the fleet."
Janne Emarie: "Oh no, sir! Absolutely not!"
Stibbons: "Lady Janne seems to think one of us is someone untoward. Talk to her, my friend."

Speaking to Stibbons who suggest that this is a replay of previous memories that Janne is experiencing:

"Janne's ghost implies that one of us has done her some wrong. Why don't you talk to her and see if this is another replication of a past event. Perhaps we'll learn something new.
Just remember to play along so as not to shatter the illusion."

After finding out that Tobin made advances to Janne in the inn, you would find a lead at Port Sargo:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Janne is mine, little brother! Go play with your hammer and chisels. My sweet deserves a night to remember before I set sail from Port Sargo."
Stibbons: "A night to remember? But…but….Anyway, Port Sargo, that's the old dock on the eastern shore of this very islet!"

Speaking to him who will state where the location of the port again:

"Port Sargo is located on the eastern shore of the All-Flags Islet. Let's see what we can find there."

Once you reach Port Sargo, Stibbons will ask you to read the plaque:

Stibbons: "The ruins of Port Sargo. Somewhat disconcerting, as long-deserted places tend to be. But there's a plaque. See what it says."

Speaking to him before reading the plaque:

"Go on. You read the Plaque. I'm so nervous I can barely see straight."

Once you find out the name of the captain of the Pristine Halberd has been scratched out, Stibbons suggests that you should play as the Baron-Admiral Bendu to find out the name of the sea captain:

Stibbons: "Hmm, the Pristine Halberd. The captain's name has been scratched off the plaques on the pedestal and on the wall."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Here to see me off, little brother? How touching!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Baron-Admiral Bendu, my vessel is ready to set sail as soon as you give the word."
Stibbons: "Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo was in charge of the All Flags Navy! Pretend to be the admiral and perhaps the captain will reveal his name."

Speaking to him before the sea captain:

"The ancient sea captain thinks you're Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo. Talk to him. Er, her. Whoever. And see if you can get them to reveal their name. Or at least find out if the Pristine Halberd was his ship."

Once you find out the name of her beloved is Renwic, she will urge you to put the name on the garden monument but Stibbons was taken over by Tobin's ghost who state he hid the tools to do so.

Janne Emarie: "Captain Renwic Moorcroft! My beloved's true name! You must add my beloved name's to the main garden monument before we forget it again!"
Stibbons: "That's not going to happen! Only the hammer and chisels of I, Tobin Moorcroft, can carve those tablets! I hid them where they will never be found!"

Speaking to the possessed Stibbons:

"My big brother. So proud, so famous. But not anymore! I made sure he'll never be remembered!"
Stibbons? That's not you, is it?
"Stibbons? What a ridiculous name!
I'm Tobin Moorcroft. Master Builder of the All Flags Navy monuments. My work, unlike my brother's, will be remembered forever!"
Right, right. So you built all of this?
"Everything on Monument Islet! Well, I had help. Apprentices, assistants, laborers. But the design and fine detail work? That's all mine."
Impressive. And you carved the plaques with a hammer and chisel?
"The finest hammer and chisel in the world! I paid a small fortune for the enchantments, but you'll never discover where I hid—Ugh!"
Where did you hide your hammer and chisel?
"Out, you vile creature!
Never fear. I'm myself again. And better yet, I know where this Tobin hid his tools. I saw it while he was inside my head. To the graveyard, my friend!"

Speaking to him again before going to the graveyard:

"Poor Lady Laurent! I was only possessed by that foul Tobin for the briefest of instants, but Captain Renwic has been inside m'lady for ages!
I saw where Tobin hid his tools, though. They're buried in the graveyard, right here on the islet."

Once you reached the graveyard, Stibbons will spot the area where the tools are buried and Tobin got out of his body, urging you not to touch his tools:

Stibbons: "That gravestone! That's what I saw in Tobin's mind! Dig there!"
Tobin Moorcroft: "No! Not my tools! Dig somewhere else!"

Before you dig up the spot:

"This is the spot, I'm sure of it! The tools are buried here!"

Speaking to Stibbons after digging up the tools:

"The Memorial Garden is just over there. We need to aid Captain Renwic's name to the monument before the curse reasserts itself and we forget everything again."

When you have the tools and reach the garden memorial; Lady Laurent, Captain Renwic, Janne, and Tobin will be there to wait for Renwic's name to engraved:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A dedication ceremony? For me? How exciting!"
Janne Emarie: "Captain Renwic Moorcroft of the Pristine Halberd. Place my beloved's name where it belongs."
Stibbons: "Oh, you do it, my friend. My hands are shaking, I'm so nervous!"

Speaking to Stibbons before putting Renwic's name:

"Oh, do be sure to spell his name correctly. R-E-N-W-I-C.
Who knows what could happen if we mispelled that body-thief's name."

Once the curse has been broken, you can speak to him before Lady Laurent:

"Did it work? Did we break the curse? Lady Laurent sounds like her old self, but….
You talk to her. I couldn't take it if that foul captain's voice came out of her perfect mouth again."

Speaking to him and he expresses his thanks to you for breaking the curse:

"Oh, thank you, my friend! I never would have been able to save Lady Laurent without your help."
Do you think the curse is really broken?
"Oh, yes. Of course, the effect may linger for a time, but the worst of it is over. And we righted a wrong of history. Captain Renwic Moorcroft's role in the All Flags Navy has been restored.
But how is Lady Laurent? Is she all right?"
'I think so. She said she had a task for you. It seemed rather urgent."
"An urgent task? Ah, well. Nothing ever changes. But I live to serve!
Here, my annual stipend, just as I promised. Thanks again for saving Lady Laurent, ending the curse, and restoring a piece of the archipelago's history. Now I must see to m'lady."

If you exit out of the conversation with him before completing the quest, he will alternatively say:

"What a trying day! And it was so much worse for poor Lady Laurent! I'm glad you came along to help when you did, my friend. I don't know what I would have done on my own."
You mentioned a reward, Stibbons. And Lady Laurent said she had an urgent task for you. (Leads to quest completion)

After the quest, Lady Laurents wants Stibbons to give her "a good scratch":

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Come here, my manservant. All this foolishness about forgotten love has given me an itch. I am in need of a good scratch."
Stibbons: "M'lady! I could never—well, if you insist…."

Speaking to him to hear his thoughts of his new "urgent task" (If you helped him before):

"You, my friend, are a true hero. You always seem to ride to the rescue when Lady Laurent and I need you the most. If there's ever anything a humble manservant can do for you, you only have to ask.
Now if you'll excuse me, m'lady has need of me!"

A Chance for Peace[edit]

Stibbons and Lady Laurent will be at the celebration at the Gonfalon Palace if you helped them in High Isle. You can use this chance to speak to him before the ceremony begins:

"Thank you again for freeing Lady Laurent from the clutches of that lascivious sea captain. It mortified me to think of him stomping around inside m'lady's perfectly coiffed head.
And, truth be told, I was a bit envious, too. No, forget I said that!"
You have feelings for Lady Laurent, don't you, Stibbons?
"What! Well, yes. Everyone does. She's a fine and noble woman! Quite personable…when she isn't calling for tea or ordering me to do some fool thing or other.
But I do not appreciate what you are implying, my friend."
I meant no offense, Stibbons, but what happened after the curse was lifted on All Flags Islet?
"After the…you saw—? Well, nothing happened. Not really. Nothing I want to discuss, anyway. Lady Laurent wasn't herself. She was still caught up in the stifled emotions of a sea captain who had been alone for—
Must we talk about this?"
Sorry, sorry. So what's next for Lady Laurent's faithful manservant?
"Nothing too exciting. I have lists to make, crates to pack…and Lady Laurent's collection of combs, brushes, and Reach fetishes won't sort themselves.
I'm sure we'll see you again. M'lady appreciates your help, even if she doesn't say so."

After the ceremony, he admires how you have the opportunity to adventure:

"Well, that was quite something to see! I envy your life of adventure and derring-do, my friend.
Sometimes I imagine striking out with nothing but a sword and a good pair of boots…but what would become of Lady Laurent? She'd be lost without me."
You have feelings for Lady Laurent, don't you, Stibbons? (See the dialogue above.)


Although Stibbons does not appear in this quest, you receive the reward from Cirmo, an Altmer and Dominon soldier. The sash in question has evidently become misplaced when Stibbons and Laurent opened the portal between Salas En (in the Alik'r Desert) and Ne Salas (in Grahtwood), causing an inadvertent encounter between Covenant and Dominion troops which has resulted in attempts to gain control of the portal. Stibbons and Laurent themselves appear in the Alik'r version of events - the quest pair Lady Laurent's Favor and Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion - for which the reward is the Greaves of Firsthold, apparently an item from the Dominion: evidently Stibbons is not the only person to have lost an item on the wrong side of the portal while it was open...