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This article is about the Bosmer canonreeve in Elden Hollow I. For the Bosmer from Deepwoods, see Oraneth.

Canonreeve Oraneth
Location Elden Hollow I
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health Normal1683986Veteran5702217
Veteran7127771 (hard mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Canonreeve's Scepter, The Thalmor Gavel
Other Information
Faction(s) Thalmor
Mages Guild (formerly)
Canonreeve Oraneth

Canonreeve Oraneth is a disgruntled Bosmer (see note below) member of the Thalmor. She is extremely unhappy with the number of Altmer dying on behalf of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Alliance War. As her proposal to abdicate the Altmer from the Dominion was strongly opposed, Oraneth started to search for other means to save her people. She has now come to the point where she is prepared to do something that might make her an enemy of her own people in order to end the war.

She is also a former member of the Mages Guild, but quit to take up a career in politics as she found manipulating people and policy to be more satisfying. After becoming frustrated with the amount of Altmer dying during the war, she started working on a secret project to end the war swiftly.

The Mages Guild discovered her plans but not the exact nature of the ritual she planned to perform, so they sent three mages, Bakkhara, Dracien Montue, and Speaks-With-Lights, to look into the situation and stop her if they could. They arrived at Elden Hollow but were unable to make any progress because of the Thalmor. They ask for your help to kill the enemies within, and they will follow and disrupt the ritual. By the third altar you will find and have to defeat the Canonreeve, but she managed to progress the ritual enough to release the evil in the cave.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Casting Rotting Bolt
Necrotic Burst
Necrotic Shield
Necrotic Circle
An aoe that sits on the ground and roots whoever falls into it in place. Looks like skeletons reaching out from a void.
Rotting Bolt
A projectile that deals poison damage over time. Must be dodged.
Phantasmal Bolt
Basic ranged attack that deals magic damage.
Summon Darkfern Skeleton
Summons several Darkfern Skeletons.


When she appears she will say:

Canonreeve Oraneth: "You won't stop me. My Prince is coming, with an army that will end this war for the Altmer."

If your group wipes, she says:

Canonreeve Oraneth: "What did you think you could do here?"
Canonreeve Oraneth: "Your bodies will feed the darkness. And the darkness will win this war for the Altmer."

Once she is defeated, she will ominously say:

Canonreeve Oraneth: "Death … is not the end!"


  • Her model is that of a Bosmer, this is likely erroneous as her dialogue and her actions intend her to be an Altmer.