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Isle of Balfiera
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Stone Golem, Animated Armor, Golem Invoker, Golem Champion, Sabre Cat
Center of Iliac Bay, between Glenumbra, Stormhaven, and the Alik'r Desert
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"No one can say precisely how old the Adamantine Tower is. Or how deep it goes. But those who sought to plumb its secrets often left mysteries of their own."—Tessurian Direnni
Isle of Balfiera

The Isle of Balfiera (also called Balfiera Island) is an island found off the coast of the Iliac Bay. All characters created after the release of Blackwood will be placed in this zone to go through a quest that serves as a tutorial over the game's systems.

It is the home of the Adamantine Tower, the oldest structure in Tamrielic history, as well as the Direnni Clan.

For more information, see the main lore article.

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Balfiera Island[edit]

Balfiera Isle Graveyard[edit]

Balfiera Prison[edit]

Balfiera Armory[edit]

Balfiera Ruins[edit]

Balfiera Ruins Graveyard[edit]

Keywright's Gallery[edit]





The Stormhaven version is usually more visible due to its tropical weather and standard lighting. It features sandy/grassy terrain and desert rocks on its landscape, coupled with a few tropical trees on the north side. This version of the island extends farther east, having some untextured land that stretches towards Glenumbra. The tower is surrounded by hills, and there is a small body of water (also filled with slaughterfish) at the base of the tower. The following are pictures of the Stormhaven instance of Balfiera:

The Glenumbra version is often shrouded by rainy weather and dim lighting. It has a very rocky terrain, making it very hard to traverse, but does have a cove on the north side and some beaches. The island is also seen on the map of Glenumbra, where it is rather circular. The following are pictures of the Glenumbra instance of Balfiera:

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