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Location Bleakridge Barrow, Hall of the Dead
Race Draugr Gender Varies
Health Varies
Reaction Varies
A Draugr Scourge
Draugr Polymorph (female)
Draugr Polymorph (male)

Draugr are Nordic undead most often found in the ancient tombs of Skyrim. They are also encountered at Dark Anchors and in Upper Craglorn.

Undead Dragon Priests
Other Unique Draugr
Calix Thorntongue
Deathknight Stormcrag
Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor Horns of the Reach
Drodda's Dreadlord
Garmath the Bold
Gefvid Lodorrsbane
Guardian of the Flame
Haman Forgefire
Hlaki Lodorrsbane
Hrerik Lodorrsbane
Jalfrid Lodorrsbane
Kraig the Graveborn
Lord Agomar
Odanach the Graveborn
Orva Direfrost
Reynir the Destroyer
Sorgild Lodorrsbane
Thane Icehammer
Ulfnir Ice-Blood
Uracaile the Graveborn
Generic Draugr
Draugr Archer
Draugr Bane
Draugr Berserker
Draugr Champion
Draugr Corpse
Draugr Deathlord
Draugr Footsoldier
Draugr Frost Mage
Draugr Knight
Draugr Mender
Draugr Overlord
Draugr Savage
Draugr Shaman
Draugr Scourge
Draugr Soldier
Draugr Stormlord
Draugr Warrior
Draugr Wight
Exalted Crusader
Exalted Knight
Exalted Soldier
Graveborn Beheader
Graveborn Fleshripper
Graveborn Soulrender
Risen Bonelord


  • A draugr polymorph is available in the Crown Store.
  • Most Dragon Priests are technically draugr.
  • Not every draugr encountered is part of the technical draugr race; many of them have the a Nord base race with a draugr skin applied. The only true members of the technical race would be the models used in polymorphs, distinguished by the glowing blue eyes. The draugr skin is also used by some non-draugr, like the desiccated zombies fought at Abyssal Geysers.
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