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Foot Soldiers (also called Bravos, Recruits, and Warriors) are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using a mix of melee and ranged abilities. They are usually equipped with a one-handed sword. They are one of the most basic and common classes in the game.

Types of Foot Soldiers[edit]

Location Name Race Gender Health
Muth Gnaar Vereansu Warrior Dunmer Varies 31364
Silent Mire Renrijra Deckhand Khajiit Varies 31364
Northwind Mine Stonetalon Clanslayer Breton Varies 31364
Clearwater Camp Clearwater Corsair Bosmer Varies 42677
Hatching Pools Dominion Recruit Bosmer Varies 31364

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Quick Strike[edit]

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.

Heavy Attack[edit]

A heavy melee attack that does moderate physical damage. It can be blocked to set the enemy off balance.

Throw Dagger[edit]

The enemy backs away from the player and throws a dagger at the player. This attack Causes snare and bleed if it connects. This attack can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance. The dagger can be blocked to prevent the snare and bleed and reduce the damage done.


A combo move that is only performed if Archers, Fire Mages or other fire using enemies (Flame Atronachs, Scamps etc.) are around. The enemy throws a glob of tar under the player's feet as indicated by a red circle. While this does no damage, standing in it will snare the player. The Soldier will call for the other enemy to light the tar (usually accompanied by a voice clip) and the red circle will burn, doing moderate flame damage over time to enemies within the red circle.