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A Sea Giant

Sea Giants are Giants with silvery blue skin. They are more intelligent than normal Giants, and are seen so rarely, they are considered no more than fanciful stories spun by sailors by the common Nords of Western Skyrim. High King Svargrim's army has combated Sea Giants in the past.

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Types of Sea Giants[edit]

Two kinds of Sea Giants can be found in Western Skyrim: Half-Giants and full-blooded Sea Giants.

Unique Sea Giants
Captain Vrol
Chief Gruthar
Yandir the Butcher
Generic Sea Giants
Storm Twin
Vrolsworn Conjurer
Generic Half-Giants
Half-Giant Apothecary
Half-Giant Bulwark
Half-Giant Butcher
Half-Giant Harpooner
Half-Giant Marauder
Half-Giant Raider
Half-Giant Savage
Half-Giant Sea Shaman
Half-Giant Storm Caller
Half-Giant Tidebreaker

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