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A female Xivkyn
A male Xivkyn
A member of the Coldharbour Elite Guard

Xivkyn are powerful humanoid Daedra created by Molag Bal. They are a fusion of Dremora ("Kyn") and Xivilai, and are encountered throughout the Imperial City. They can also be found at Dark Anchors.

Several Xivkyn polymorphs can be obtained, and the Xivkyn style is available for crafting. The Coldharbour Elite Guard consists of some of Molag Bal's best strongest Xivkyn warriors. For more information, see the lore article.

Unique Generic
Brell the Spinecracker
Danrok the Insatiable
Daktivus the Enslaver
Doragren the Lacerator
Dredaza the Ringmaster
Duchess of Anguish
Ebral the Betrayer
Entekkar the Soulgorger
Flakk the Hungerer
Gangatru the Apostate
Gati the Storm Sister
General Malivus
Grynkx, The Edge Who Hungers
Historoth the Lesser
Hoonzo-Gann, the Creeping Chill
Kazarvel Scathe-Knight
Kelax, Tormentor of Souls
Ketkarkux the Dominator
Krosogar, Warden of Frozen Souls
Lord-Warden's Berserker
Lord-Warden's Knight
Lord-Warden's Necromancer
Lord-Warden's Templar
Molag Kena
Nomo-Rerak, Arbiter of Pain
Obb, Carver of Souls
Obtorgren, Shield of Bal
Ontagoor the Ravenous
Pahtrok of the Frozen Winds
Skalhexx the Cremator
Skoorn, the Blizzard's Edge
Squale, Captor of Souls
Stegakyx of the Bloody Blade
Szekesnarana the Cauterizer
Taebod the Gatekeeper
Tarkatix of the Crimson Blade
Teltyraz The Deadlands
Tholiakke, Guard of the Damned
Thrasotin the Ravenous Flame
Thrasotin the Unyielding
Torgo-Rix, Blade of Mourning
Ukkawoon of Divine Ashes
Utt of the Freezing Tombs
Voriak Solkyn
Xobutar of His Deep Graces Markarth
Xorolagora the Shearflame
Xotos Vel
Yx, Devourer of Souls
Zakuryn the Sculptor Markarth
Zeffij, Incinerator of Souls
Zolgar the Brutal
Zulagogg the Enkindler
Xivkyn Banelord
Xivkyn Berserker
Xivkyn Bulwark
Xivkyn Cauterizer
Xivkyn Chillfiend
Xivkyn Dreadweaver
Xivkyn Eviscerator
Xivkyn Flagellant
Xivkyn Gandrakyn
Xivkyn Hammerfist
Xivkyn Kynlurker Markarth
Xivkyn Lacerator
Xivkyn Lout
Xivkyn Necromancer
Xivkyn Soulbrander
Xivkyn Voidstalker
Bound Chillfiend Markarth
Dread Xivkyn Banelord
Dread Xivkyn Cauterizer
Dread Xivkyn Chillfiend
Dread Xivkyn Dreadweaver
Dread Xivkyn Voidstalker
Heavy Xivkyn Dummy
Light Xivkyn Dummy
Lightning Aspect
Patron The Deadlands
Void Chillfiend Markarth


There are a few Achievements associated with this faction:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Horn Breaker 10 Defeat 100 Xivkyn in Veteran White-Gold Tower.
ON-icon-achievement-Xivkyn Assassin.png Xivkyn Assassin 10 Kill 1 member of the Coldharbour Elite Guard.
ON-icon-achievement-Xivkyn's Scourge.png Xivkyn's Scourge 15 Kill 50 members of the Coldharbour Elite Guard.
ON-icon-achievement-Xivkyn's Bane.png Xivkyn's Bane 50 Kill 100 members of the Coldharbour Elite Guard.
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Xivkyn Style Master 50 Learn every chapter in the Xivkyn style book, found in Daedric Caches in the Imperial City.


Physical Appearance[edit]