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Baron Zaudrus, a Havocrel

Havocrel are a race of blind, giant, and ill-tempered Daedric beings that serve as mercenaries in their quest to find their purpose. Thus they do not truly serve the Daedric Princes, and instead sell their skillsets in hopes of gaining something they desire. They are a solitary race that is rarely seen, and have no sense of kinship, ultimately resulting in them detesting others of their own kind.

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Unique Generic
Baron Zaudrus
Havocrel Duke of Fire
Havocrel Duke of Storms
Havocrel Legionary
Havocrel Tormentor
Irncifel the Despoiler
Kothan the Razorsworn
Vorsholazh the Anvil
Havocrel Annihilator
Havocrel Barbarian
Havocrel Butcher
Havocrel Goliath
Havocrel Torchcaster


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