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Sword Master Vhysradue, an Akaviri

Akaviri are a rarely encountered race originating from the continent of Akavir, with many of them seen throughout Northern Elsweyr as spirits from the days after the fall of the Akaviri Potentate. They are largely Tsaesci, though are most often stated as simply Akaviri.

Unique Akaviri
Proconsul Beloren-Kaie
Shade of the Founder
Sword Master Vhysradue
Generic Akaviri
Ancestral Nullifier
Ancestral Raider
Ancestral Sentinel
Ancestral Sorcerer
Awakened Blademaster
Awakened Charger
Awakened Lurker
Awakened Militia
Awakened Raider
Awakened Sharpshooter
Founder's Champion

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  • They are depicted in a humanoid form, though no part of them is exposed as they are fully covered in Tsaesci Style armor, apart from the gloves, which appear in the heavy Bloodforge Style. When viewed through external model viewers, they do not actually have heads underneath their helmets.
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