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Sword Master Vhysradue
(lore page)
Location Hill of Shattered Swords
Race Akaviri Gender Female
Health 3,692,234 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Sword Master Vhysradue

Sword Master Vhysradue is an Akaviri swordmistress who has taken up residence at the Hill of Shattered Swords and serves as the Group Boss for that location.

Related Quests[edit]


Before she engages in combat

Engaging her in battle:

Sword Master Vhysradue: "I have trained for this moment. Come, and perish!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "You come to kill me? Greater warriors have tried!"

During battle:

Sword Master Vhysradue: "There can be no recovery when the lion roars! Come, and test your mettle!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "The Pact's fury empowers us! Every strike here cuts the heart! Face me if you dare!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "Aldmeri vitality surges through our veins! Make use of it if you can! You will need it!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "You cannot defeat me!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "My training is immeasurable. My skill's undeniable!"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "Tamriel's finest swordmasters lie dead at my feet. What hope do you have?"
Sword Master Vhysradue: "I can read your every move. You've already lost!"

As she is slain, Vhysradue will be shocked that she lost:

Sword Master Vhysradue : "How could I … to such…."

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Bloody Rage
Fiery Whip
Dark Talons
Fiery Grip
Vhysradue launches a chain at a target player to pull them to her. Almost always followed by an Overhead Swing.
Overhead Swing
Vhysradue swings her sword over her head while chasing a targeted player, rapidly dealing heavy damage to all allies near her.
Call Banner
Vhysradue calls down 3 Alliance banners that spawn a circular area of effect beneath them in that alliance's color. The first set of banners will be 3 Daggerfall Covenant (blue) banners, then 3 Ebonheart Pact (red) banners, and finally 3 Aldmeri Dominion (yellow) banners. Afterwards, each call will have a random assortment of the banners. The blue banners will reduce your resource recovery; the red banners will increase all damage dealt by characters inside it; and the yellow banners will heal whoever is in its area of effect. After calling down the banners, Vhysradue will run to the center of one of the circles and use Fiery Grip to pull all players directly to her to pull them into the banner's effect. This is normally followed with an Overhead Swing.


There is one Achievement associated with this person:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Sword Sunderer.png Sword Sunderer 10 Defeat Sword Master Vhysradue on the Hill of Shattered Swords.
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