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Gather Akaviri relics for an odd Khajiit.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Ghashugg, Kiseravi
Location(s): Tomb of the Serpents
Concurrent Quest: The Song of Kingdoms
Reward: Serpent Strand
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
I agreed to retrieve mysterious Akaviri relics from the Tomb of the Serpents so that a messenger named Kiseravi can share their secrets with the world.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]


Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To begin this quest, you can talk to Ghashugg, who will direct you to Kiseravi.

"I try to be a gentle-orc and help a lady in need, and what does it get me? A lecture on Akaviri artifacts and a magical talking voice."
What lady would this be?
"There's a Khajiit digging through the rubble of an old Akaviri tomb, just up the trail here. She kept muttering to herself, so I thought she might need help.
But after talking to her, I suspect she's just crazed."
I'll speak to her and see what's going on.

Alternatively, you can talk to Kiseravi directly.

"Did the spirit send you to help Kiseravi? What did she say?"
What are you talking about?
"My apologies. Kiseravi hoped you heard the spirits too.
The spirit protects Akaviri relics in the Tomb of the Serpents. She wants Kiseravi to share their secrets with the world, but the tomb is too dangerous. She won't let me leave without them."
What spirit?
"Spirit may not be correct. Entity. Goddess, perhaps. The one who protects the tomb while wrapping her arms around Kiseravi's mind.
Will you retrieve the Akaviri relics? Otherwise, their secrets will be trapped here forever. Along with Kiseravi."
I'll retrieve the Akaviri relics from the tomb.
"Thank you, stranger! Kiseravi hopes you will be the one to pass the spirit's test and retrieve the Akaviri relics.
She's sure you won't end up like the others."
The locations of the relics in the Tomb of the Serpents.

Once you enter the tomb, you will have to find and retrieve three of the Akaviri relics which can be found in chests around the complex. However, you will not be alone, the Akaviri dead guard the chambers and will attempt to kill any outsiders foolish enough to take from them.

Furthermore, a woman's voice will occasionally be heard, speaking to both you and the interred Akaviri dead.

"Kill the intruder. Only the strong can carry our message."
"Lay down your sword, Outsider. You already belong to the Akaviri."
"Live, and you will share our story. Die, and you will share our tomb."
"You are different, Outsider. Perhaps you will be the one to share our message. Perhaps you will die, like the rest."
"Wake from your sleep. Preserve our legacy. Destroy the Outsider."
"You know the messenger. If you survive, you will know the message."

While collecting relics, it is more efficient to move in a clockwise direction through the tomb, as you can easily collect the Skyshard and the Anequina Fragment (If you are completing [[The Song of Kingdoms concurrently) on the way.

Once all three of the relics have been collected, return to Kiseravi outside the Tomb to hand them over and complete the quest.

"You got the Akaviri relics!
Did the spirit speak to you?"
I'm not sure, but here are the relics.
"Ah,the Akaviri spirit has blessed you. Kiseravi can tell. How else would you have succeeded where Kiseravi has failed?
Please accept this gift. And the spirit's blessings."

You will receive some gold and the Serpent Strand. If you continue to speak to Kiseravi after the quest, you can ask her what she plans to do with the relics.

Quest Stages[edit]

Strange Messengers
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should check on the Khajiit outside of the Akaviri tomb.
Objective: Talk to Kiseravi
Latest start I should enter the Tomb of the Serpents and gather the Akaviri relics.
Objective: Gather Akaviri Relics: 0/3
☑Finishes quest I should bring the Akaviri relics to Kiseravi and collect my reward.
Objective: Talk to Kiseravi
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