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Help restore an exhibit stolen from the Riverhold museum.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Visit the House of Histories!
Location(s): House of Histories, Tomb of the Serpents
Next Quest: The Singing Crystal
Reward: Khajiit Historian's Girdle
Riddles of the Rithana-Di-Renada
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6319
Find and restore the missing mural pieces
Iraya and Izanji, two siblings in charge of a museum in Riverhold called the House of Histories, have fallen on hard times after a recent theft. I intend to help them solve this theft and return the missing items.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Visit the House of Histories and learn about the theft of sixteen mural fragments.
  2. Travel to the Tomb of the Serpents and recover the Anequina Fragment.
  3. Return to the House of Histories and place the fragment piece into the mural.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak with the museum's curators

All over Elsweyr, you will find pamphlets encouraging locals and tourists alike to visit the House of Histories, a museum showcasing relics of Anequina's storied past. The main attraction is the Rithana-Di-Renada, an ancient mural depicting the original sixteen kingdoms. The House of Histories is located on the western side of Riverhold. The mural is in the basement. You will enter the museum to find the curators in the midst of a crisis. Speak with Iraya to find out what's going on.

Apparently, the parts of the mural depicting the kingdoms have been stolen, and the thief left a riddle. Iraya has deduced that the Anequina Fragment is located in the Tomb of the Serpents, a nearby ruin filled with Akaviri dead. She asks you if you would be willing to retrieve it for her, to which you agree. The Tomb of the Serpents is located east of Riverhold. Enter the ruins and begin your search.

The Anequina Fragment is in the northernmost chamber, overlooked by slumbering Akaviri. When you attempt to take it, you will hear a voice beckoning you from nearby. It's none other than Rajhin's Shadow.

Speak with the aspect of the trickster god. He tells you that he stole the pieces of the mural, and challenges you to find the rest of the missing pieces without any outside help. The shadow will then give you a book of riddles to help you find the pieces. You can speak with him further to learn more about him and the task he's given you. Once you're done speaking with the shade, pick up the Anequina Fragment and return to the House of Histories. You must speak with Izanji, who doesn't believe you were approached by Rajhin's Shadow when told. You must then place any fragments you have on hand in the mural. Iraya will arrive not long after. Speak with her to be rewarded for returning the Anequina Fragment to its place on the mural.

Missing Fragments[edit]

The quest ends after the Anequina Fragment has been returned, however fifteen fragments remain missing and can also be returned when found. The book Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renada gives clues as to their location.

This task isn't associated with an actual quest and won't appear in the quest log, however the location of the missing tablets are mentioned here for completeness. For convenience, the order of the fragments below starts from Riverhold and roughly follows a path counter-clockwise circling the zone.

Name Location Notes
Dune Fragment Slightly east of Star Haven Wayshrine. Under a large stone arch, guarded by a Ogre. (map)
Senchal Fragment The Bone Pit, north of Orcrest. Inside a tent with Enthralled Zombies nearby. (map)
Riverhold Fragment Abode of Ignominy, first chamber on the right. (map) Delve interior
Meirvale Fragment West of The Prowl. Near the cliffs is a narrow passage, just inside is the fragment by a tree. (map)
Verkarth Fragment Predator Mesa. Northern section of the map. In a cave under the boss arena. (map) Delve interior
Torval Fragment North of Scar's End Wayshrine. Just before the ruins head left at the last lantern and up the hill. Fragment is located in a large hollow tree stump. (map)
Pellitine Fragment North West of Sunspire. Just off the main road is a long staircase leading to a small shrine. Fragment is located inside. (map)
Helkarn Fragment South West of the Stitches wayshrine. Past the dragon arena is a canyon leading further into the cliffs. At the end of the path is a clearing with tall stone pillars and the fragment nearby. (map)
Tenmar Fragment Two Moons at Tenmar Temple courtyard. Slightly to the right of the temple entrance is a large Khajiit statue. The fragment is located be behind it. (map)
Bruk'ra Fragment The Tangle. Head to the central chamber. The fragment is located below the throne room in the water. (map) Delve interior
Orcrest Fragment Orcrest. After entering the city, keep to the left wall. Past the Flame Atronachs is a small stone shrine with the fragment nearby (map) Public Dungeon interior
Corinthe Fragment East of Orcrest. Near the foot of the large ornate bridge. Fragment is located among a group of trees. (map)
Alabaster Fragment Scar's Edge World Boss. Fragment is located on a grave before the boss arena, guarded by a Minotaur. (map)
Rimmen Fragment Rimmen Necropolis, in the bottom left chamber. (map) Public Dungeon interior
Khenarthia Fragment South of Rimmen, near a house under the aqueduct. (map)

Collecting all fragments and restoring the mural will unlock the Mural Mender achievement and the final quest for the museum, The Singing Crystal.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Song of Kingdoms
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I found a notice inviting visitors to explore the House of Histories, a museum of Khajiiti culture in Riverhold. I should stop by and speak with the owner, Iraya.
Objective: Talk to Iraya
Iraya believes the first clue suggests one of the missing pieces might be in the Tomb of the Serpents. I should travel there and search for the mural piece.
Objective: Search the Tomb of the Serpents
A shadow of the trickster god Rajhin gave me a book of riddles that will help me find the other pieces of the mural. For now, I should collect the piece I already found.
Objective: Take the Missing Piece
With one of the missing pieces in hand, I should return to Iraya at the House of Histories.
Objective: Return to the House of Histories
Looks like Iraya is out. I should speak with her brother, Izanji.
Objective: Talk to Izanji
Izanji asked me to place the piece I recovered back into the mural frame.
Objective: Place the Piece in the Mural Frame
☑Finishes quest Iraya has returned. I should let her know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Iraya
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