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ON-icon-achievement-Mural Mender.png Mural Mender
Type Elsweyr Achievements
Points 50
Furnishing(s) Replica Rithana-di-Renada
Collect and restore all fragments of the Rithana-di-Renada, an ancient Khajiiti mural, for the House of Histories.

Mural Mender is awarded for collecting and restoring all 16 fragments of the Rithana-di-Renada for the House of Histories in Northern Elsweyr.


The Anequina Fragment is obtained from the Tomb of the Serpents during the introductory quest. The remaining tablets are as follows:

Name Location Notes
Riverhold Fragment Abode of Ignominy, first chamber on the right. (map) Delve interior
Rimmen Fragment Rimmen Necropolis, in the bottom left chamber. (map) Public Dungeon interior
Khenarthia Fragment South of Rimmen. Pass under the aqueduct and continue past the small camp into the ruins ahead. The fragment is next to a pillar guarded by minotaurs. (map)
Dune Fragment Slightly east of Star Haven Wayshrine. Under a large stone arch, guarded by an Ogre. (map)
Verkarth Fragment Predator Mesa. Northern section of the map. In a cave under the boss arena. (map) Delve interior
Meirvale Fragment West of The Prowl. Near the cliffs is a narrow passage, just inside is the fragment by a tree. (map)
Pellitine Fragment Northwest of Sunspire. Just off the main road is a long staircase leading to a small shrine. Fragment is located inside. (map)
Alabaster Fragment Scar's Edge World Boss. Fragment is located on a grave before the boss arena, guarded by a Minotaur. (map)
Senchal Fragment Northeast of The Bone Pit, within Ashen Scar's boundaries (take entrance from the west). Inside a tent with Enthralled Zombies nearby. (map)
Orcrest Fragment Orcrest. After entering the city, keep to the left wall. Past the Flame Atronachs is a small stone shrine with the fragment nearby (map) Public Dungeon interior
Corinthe Fragment Just inside east entrance to the Weeping Scar. Near the foot of the large ornate bridge. Fragment is located among a group of trees. (map)
Helkarn Fragment Southwest of the Stitches wayshrine. Past the dragon arena is a canyon leading further into the cliffs. At the end of the path is a clearing with tall stone pillars and the fragment nearby. (map)
Bruk'ra Fragment The Tangle. Head to the central chamber. The fragment is located below the throne room in the water. (map) Delve interior
Tenmar Fragment Two Moons at Tenmar Temple courtyard. Slightly to the right of the temple entrance is a large Khajiit statue. The fragment is located behind it. (map)
Torval Fragment North of Scar's End Wayshrine, southwest of Cicatrice. Just before the ruins head left at the last lantern and up the hill. Fragment is located in a large hollow tree stump. (map)

After placing all fragments, The Singing Crystal must be recovered from Sugar-Slinger's Den during the quest The Singing Crystal to complete the achievement.