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Rajhin's Shadow
(lore page)
Location Tomb of the Serpents, Northern Elsweyr
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
Rajhin's Shadow in the Tomb of the Serpents

Rajhin's Shadow is one of the seven shadows of the trickster god Rajhin, each representing one of his traits and carrying out his will on Tamriel.

In Northern Elsweyr, one of these shadows has decided to play a game with you. He will challenge you to find all the missing pieces of the Rithana-di-Renada mural, hidden across the land. As you find the pieces, he will appear and offer his own commentary.

Related Quests[edit]


The Song of Kingdoms[edit]

As you try to pick up the Anequina Fragment, you will be thrown back and Rajhin's Shadow will appear:

Rajhin's Shadow: "Not so fast, walker. Rajhin would first have a word with you."

Speak with him to see what he wants:

"So you have found the first piece of the Rithana-di-Renada. Impressive.
But Rajhin can't help but wonder if you have patience enough to find the other fifteen? After all, he has hidden them very well."
Who are you?
"This one is the Shadow of Rajhin! Well, a Shadow of Rajhin. There are seven of us, all told.
Surely you have heard of Rajhin, yes? Elsweyr's greatest thief, whose crimes were so fabulous he became divine. This one is but an avatar of his greatness."
So you're an avatar of a trickster god, and you stole the mural? Why?
"Do you expect a truthful answer? What kind of trickster do you take this one for?
Here, let us make a deal. If you find all the pieces, each and every one, Rajhin will consider sharing his motivations. Only then."
And how do I go about finding the rest of them?
"Of course Rajhin will provide clues. What fun would it be otherwise?
Fifteen clues to find fifteen pieces. Collect them all and restore Rithana-di-Renada, which was thought just a legend! Sound exciting, walker?"
Fine. I'll play along with your game.
"Here then, a book for your convenience. Is not Rajhin kind?
Ah, and one other thing. Outside help is strictly forbidden. Iraya might have solved this one's first clue, but the rest are up to you."
All right, I'll find the pieces on my own then.
"A trickster, a hero, and an ancient mural; just the recipe for a grand adventure, no? Ah, but this one is most excited to see it unfold."
Tell me more about yourself.
"This one is but a shadow of the great Rajhin, trickster god to the Khajiiti people.
It was he who gained the power of the Ring of Khajiiti, which made him invisible to all and quick as the wind. He who stole both treasures and hearts alike."
And it was you who stole the mural pieces from the House of Histories.
"Of course! How else was this one supposed to get your attention, walker?
Ah, but Rajhin says too much. After all, he has already promised to reveal his motivations after you've collected all the mural pieces."
How am I to collect the mural pieces now?/And how am I to collect the mural pieces now?
"Why, you have Rajhin's book of riddles, do you not? Each verse will let you know where a certain piece of the Rithana-di-Renada can be found."
And you can't give me anymore context than these riddles?
"Hmm. Well, this one is feeling rather generous today.
Rajhin will let you know that every piece lies in Northern Elsweyr. The more you explore, the more likely you are to find them."

As you take the fragment, he'll have a request as he fades away:

Rajhin's Shadow : "By the way, if you see Pacrooti? Tell him he still owes this one a pouch of gold."

Mural Mender[edit]

As you adventure around Northern Elsweyr, you will have the opportunity to come across the other fragments of the Rithana-di-Renada. As you pick them up, the Shadow will appear and offer his own commentary.

Fragment Rahjin's Shadow's Commentary
Alabaster Fragment "Al'basti, kingdom of artistry. Rajhin studied there as a painter for one single day. This may or may not have something to do with a rather pretty subject with rather little clothing."
Bruk'ra Fragment "Many Khajiit are skillful merchants, but none quite so clever as the river-traders of Bruk'ra. And none quite so willing to wink at Elsweyr's laws, much to Rajhin's benefit."
Corinthe Fragment "Few are as skilled as the carpenters of Corinthe. One could say they've carved out a reputation for themselves. Hmm …. No, Rajhin is not pleased with that one."
Dune Fragment "Dunei still has a shrine to Lorkhaj, yes? This is good. It is always wise for the Khajiit to revere the first trickster."
Helkarn Fragment "Rajhin did not often visit Helkarn, for there was little gold to be found in a kingdom of shepherds. Besides, they had little kindness for strangers. Especially those in this one's line of work."
Khenarthia Fragment "The kingdom of Khenarthia; land of sweet treats and sweeter meats. Rajhin even kissed a mermaid on its moonlit shores. Or perhaps it was just a very shapely fish? Hmm."
Meirvale Fragment "Meirvale, a land of heavy drinks and heavier regrets. Almost makes Rajhin miss his days as a mortal. The hangovers, however? Those, he is happy to do without."
Orcrest Fragment "Ah, Orcrest! Kingdom of rogues and thieves. Never did Rajhin feel so welcome within a city's walls. Such a shame that sniveling runt got his claws into it, no?"
Pellitine Fragment "Pa'alatiin, kingdom of fat priests and wealthy merchants. A survivor of plagues and wars, and only stronger for it. Rajhin wonders if the kingdom will ever truly fall."
Rimmen Fragment "Rajhin was there when the city was still Rim'kha, before the influence of Men. To steal a city, this is easy. To take its name? Not even this one could accomplish such a feat."
Riverhold Fragment "Ah, Rawla-Kei. A land of fertile valleys and grand hills. But enough about Rajhin's past romances, yes?"
Senchal Fragment "Ah, Senchal! The city of Rajhin's youth. It was there that he rose from nothing to the Cat-King of Thieves. There are still secret places in Senchal that only this one knows."
Tenmar Fragment "It was in Tenmar that Rajhin found his first love; a bright-eyed Dagi-raht with fire in her belly. Ever tried to make love in a tree, walker? It is not as fun as it sounds."
Torval Fragment "Torval seems to regard their newest Mane rather highly. To think there would be a day when all of Elsweyr bowed their head to one Khajiit. Not that it's likely to last, of course."
Verkarth Fragment "The do-radhin of Verkarth were some of the most skillful warriors of their time. And Rajhin would know, for he ended up on the wrong side of their blades more than once."

The Singing Crystal[edit]

Once you've collected and placed all sixteen fragments, Iraya will ask you to help make the mural sing once more. As you approach the mural to check it, a familiar spirit will offer to help:

Rajhin's Shadow : "Looking for something? Rajhin is here to help."
Izanji : "Rajhin! It's—it's actually the Shadow of Rajhin! Iraya, look."
Iraya : "I see him. Stop messing with my museum, you muskarse!"

Speak to Rajhin's Shadow to see where the crystal is now:

"The feisty Khajiit is right, you know. The Rithana-di-Renada does have a song to sing.
An awful shame that the jewel is still missing, yes? The Singing Crystal it was called. Rajhin remembers how beautifully it glowed the night he stole it."
No more games. If you stole the crystal, give it back.
"Do not get your tail in a knot. Rajhin stole it long ago, when still he walked the sands.
The jewel now rests deep within a smuggler's den, the prized possession of Sallum the Sugar-Slinger. A Khajiit of both great fortune and ill repute."
And where can I find Sugar-Slinger's den?
"This one has already provided transportation. So kind, is he not? Head north of Riverhold and meet with Qa'jahd. He will take you to Sugar-Slinger.
And fair warning, walker; the Singing Crystal is well guarded. Best be careful."
I'll collect the Singing Crystal from Sugar-Slinger's den.
"Rajhin had a feeling you would see things his way."
I restored the mural. Now tell me why you stole the pieces in the first place. / All right. But you did promise you'd tell me why you stole the mural pieces in the first place.
"Very well. You've certainly earned a straightforward answer, difficult as that might be for a spirit of Rajhin's persuasion.
This one wished to test you. To see how far you would go to reunite Elsweyr."
What do you mean?
"This one's homeland bleeds like an open wound. Dragons cloud the skies, war fills the streets, and Rajhin's people suffer.
And it seems you are at the heart of it all. One lone rhook against the odds."
And how does collecting mural pieces help with all that?
"If you could not restore mere stone, how could you restore an entire kingdom?
Now, more than ever, Elsweyr needs to be as one. A task which requires many to accomplish, yes. But you? You most of all. Though spirits above, do not ask me why."
I met you before, at the Falinesti Winter Site in Grahtwood. / Didn't I already prove myself at the Falinesti Winter Site? I certainly bested you then. (If you met the Shadow in Grahtwood)
"You speak of a Shadow of Rajhin, not this Shadow of Rajhin.
There are seven of us, each a different aspect of the great thief who once walked the sands of Elsweyr. Each with a different purpose."
Different aspects? What do you mean?
"Let us take the shadow you met in Grahtwood, for example.
He represented Rajhin's desire; the desperate greed for that which he wished to obtain. An important trait for any great thief to have."
That desire trapped a High Elf woman in a frozen crypt for centuries.
"Ah, yes. Rajhin always did love his sweetmeats.
Desire unchecked rarely comes to good. When alive, Rajhin was kept in balance by all of his aspects. Separated? Well, this one suspects that the pretty High Elf isn't the only one who suffered."
So what aspect of Rajhin are you?
"Why, this one is his charm, of course! Or perhaps his dashing good looks?
But you are clever enough to restore the Rithana-di-Renada, no? This one is sure you can figure out what virtue he carries. Or perhaps what vice."

After you find and restore the Singing Crystal, the Shadow will appear at the entrance to the hall, watching the show:

"Sleek work, walker! Thanks to you, the Song of Kingdoms is heard once more.
Rajhin also wishes you luck on your adventures. Is he not generous? After all, the blessing of a trickster such as him is no small thing."