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A Skyshard
A Skyshard from a distance
Absorbing a Skyshard

Skyshards are a collectible item, and are placed throughout the world. Skyshards are optional, and are not required to be collected, except for one in the tutorial quest. For every three Skyshards collected the player receives one skill point.


This is a list of locations by game area, not specific locations, which will be listed on the place pages listed below. Collecting all the Skyshards in one location grants the player an Achievement. In-game, clues to each skyshard's location are listed in the Achievements menu under their respective areas.

Location Region Number of Shards
The Wailing Prison Unzoned 1
Khenarthi's Roost (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 6
Auridon (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 16
Grahtwood (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 16
Greenshade (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 16
Malabal Tor (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 16
Reaper's March (clues) Aldmeri Dominion 16
Stros M'Kai (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 3
Betnikh (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 3
Glenumbra (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 16
Stormhaven (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 16
Rivenspire (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 16
Alik'r Desert (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 16
Bangkorai (clues) Daggerfall Covenant 16
Bleakrock Isle (clues) Ebonheart Pact 3
Bal Foyen (clues) Ebonheart Pact 3
Stonefalls (clues) Ebonheart Pact 16
Deshaan (clues) Ebonheart Pact 16
Shadowfen (clues) Ebonheart Pact 16
Eastmarch (clues) Ebonheart Pact 16
The Rift (clues) Ebonheart Pact 16
Coldharbour (clues) Other 16
Cyrodiil: Dominion Territory (clues) Cyrodiil 15
Cyrodiil: Covenant Territory (clues) Cyrodiil 15
Cyrodiil: Pact Territory (clues) Cyrodiil 15
Cyrodiil: White Fall Mountain Cyrodiil 1
Imperial CityImperial City (clues) Cyrodiil 13
Lower Craglorn (clues) Other 12
Upper Craglorn (clues) Other 6
WrothgarOrsinium (clues) Other 17
Hew's BaneThieves Guild (clues) Other 6
Gold CoastDark Brotherhood (clues) Other 6
Clockwork CityClockwork City (clues) Other 6
MurkmireMurkmire (clues) Other 6
Southern ElsweyrDragonhold (clues) Other 6
VvardenfellMorrowind (clues) Other 18
SummersetSummerset (clues) Other 17
ArtaeumSummerset (clues) Other 1
Northern ElsweyrElsweyr (clues) Other 18
Western SkyrimGreymoor (clues) Other 11
Blackreach: Greymoor CavernsGreymoor (clues) Other 7
Total (Base Game only) 339
Total (all DLC and Chapters) 471
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