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The Wailing Prison
Discoverable No
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Skyshards 1
Dremora Kynval, Dremora Kyngald
Clannfear, Dremora Caitiff, Dremora Churl, Feral Soul Shriven
Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Pyromancer, Skeletal Ravager
Dremora Baunekyn
Quest Chain
Main Quest
Loading Screen
Loading screen
Tamriel is gone. You are going someplace else, someplace far from the world you know. Someplace wrong.
The cell you start in

The Wailing Prison is a sub-location of Coldharbour, Molag Bal's realm of Oblivion. It is where the introductory quest to the game takes place. The location is split into seven zones.

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The Wailing Prison[edit]

The Wailing Prison

The Bleeding Forge[edit]

The Bleeding Forge

Vaekar the Forgemaster is found here.

The Towers of Eyes[edit]

The Towers of Eyes

The Towers of Eyes are located in a large, open courtyard. Many Soul Shriven and their dremora captors linger here. Clannfear can be found gnawing on corpses here and there. The Coldharbour Sentinels are located on top of two towers, accessible by ramps.

The Undercroft[edit]

The Undercroft

The Undercroft is a system of tunnels that leads into the Prophet's Cell. It is filled with azure plasm and dotted with steam vents and cold fire traps. The area is inhabited by many skeletons and several feral soul shriven.

The Prophet's Cell[edit]

The Prophet's Cell
The Prophet's Cell (pre-patch)

This is where the Prophet is being held prisoner. When you activate the pinions to free the Prophet, two Dremora Baunekyn appear.

The Anchor Mooring[edit]

The Anchor Mooring
Your first skyshard

This large chamber is connected to a Dark Anchor which the Prophet seeks to use to help you escape from the prison. The Child of Bones is summoned here. Prior to Update 6, you would fight the Anchor Guardian rather than the Child of Bones.


  • The Wailing Prison counts as a dungeon, meaning that dungeon-based achievements such as Dungeon Damage Dealer can be earned here.


The Wailing Prison
The Bleeding Forge
The Towers of Eyes
The Undercroft
The Prophet's Cell
The Anchor Mooring
The Prophet's Cell before Update 6