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Dogeater Witch

Goblins are short, humanoid enemies. They live in tribes in their own small settlements—usually in or near caves and mines—and will attack any trespassers. In general, they are hostile, and have been known to attack settlements.

A Goblin polymorph is available via the Shadowsilk Gem disguise and Shadowsilk Goblin Polymorph.



Bloody Hand Tribe
Kerks Half-Ear
Mebs Runnyeye
Regsrot Blacktongue
Traug Wolfbreath
Wither Tooth
Bloody Hand Butcher
Bloody Hand Hunter
Bloody Hand Savage
Bloody Hand Shaman
Bloody Hand Skirmisher
Bonesnap Tribe
Rork Bonehammer
Torak Shadebringer
Bonesnap Assassin
Bonesnap Butcher
Bonesnap Savage
Bonesnap Shaman
Bonesnap Skirmisher
Bonesnap Witch
Coral-Splitter Tribe Summerset
Coral-Splitter Archer
Coral-Splitter Bewitcher
Coral-Splitter Butcher
Coral-Splitter Runecaster
Coral-Splitter Wildling
Cragkin Tribe
Cragkin Butcher
Cragkin Hunter
Cragkin Savage
Cragkin Witch
Cragkin Worshiper
Dogeater Tribe
King Demog
Dogeater Butcher
Dogeater Skirmisher
Dogeater Witch
Dogeater Witchdoctor
Dusteater Tribe
Dusteater Butcher
Dusteater Firestick
Dusteater Ranger
Dusteater Shaman
Flint-Tooth Tribe
Flint-Tooth Archer
Flint-Tooth Hunter
Flint-Tooth Shaman
Flint-Tooth Skirmisher
Flint-Tooth Warchief
Gnaw-Root Tribe
Gnaw-Root Warchief
Gnaw-Root Butcher
Gnaw-Root Shaman
Gnaw-Root Skirmisher
Gnaw-Root Slave
Gnaw-Root Witch
Hillborne Tribe
Hillborne Hunter
Hillborne Shaman
Hillborne Skirmisher
Hillborne Witch
Ironeye Tribe Flames of Ambition
Ironeye Marauder
Ironeye Ravager
Ironeye Shaman
Ironeye Sorcerer
Long Tooth Tribe Dark Brotherhood
Long Tooth Butcher
Long Tooth Hunter
Long Tooth Savage
Long Tooth Shaman
Murkwater Tribe
Tazkad the Packmaster
War Chief Ozozai
Murkwater Butcher
Murkwater Defender
Murkwater Goblin
Murkwater Hunter
Murkwater Mender
Murkwater Ravager
Murkwater War Guard
Netch Gouger Tribe Morrowind
Ruinfang the Wicked
Netch Gouger Deadeye
Netch Gouger Ironskin
Netch Gouger Ravenger
Netch Gouger Reaver
Netch Gouger Spellfiend
Netch Gouger Witch
Rock Bone Tribe
Split Tongue
Rock Bone Hunter
Rock Bone Savage
Rock Bone Shaman
Rotblood Tribe
Rotblood Butcher
Rotblood Savage
Rotblood Shaman
Sandgrubber Tribe
Sandgrubber Butcher
Sandgrubber Deadeye
Sandgrubber Fire Mage
Sandgrubber Hunter
Sandgrubber Savage
Sandgrubber Shaman
Shadowsilk Tribe
Chieftain Grimmstal
Shadowsilk Ranger
Shadowsilk Butcher
Shadowsilk Ravager
Shadowsilk Warchief
Shadowsilk Warlord
Shadowsilk Witch
Warchief Shadowsilk
Sharp Stick Tribe Dark Brotherhood
Sharp Stick Butcher
Sharp Stick Hunter
Sharp Stick Ravager
Sharp Stick Witch
Stonechewer Tribe
Stonechewer Ravager
Stonechewer Shaman
Stonechewer Skirmisher
Stonechewer Witch
Timberscar Tribe
Chief Three-Fang
Timberscar Hunter
Timberscar Savage
Timberscar Shaman
Timberscar Spirit Master
Toad-Tongue Tribe Blackwood
War Chief Zathmoz
Toad-Tongue Berserker
Toad-Tongue Blade-Bearer
Toad-Tongue Fire Mage
Toad-Tongue Shaman
Toad-Tongue Spitter
Toad-Tongue Veteran
Toothmaul Tribe
Chief Koth
Thek Elf-Stabber
Togga the Skewerer
Toothmaul Butcher
Toothmaul Hunter
Toothmaul Ravager
Toothmaul Savage
Toothmaul Witch
Dead Goblin
Dithis Romori (Temporarily)
Goblin Archer Blackwood
Goblin Berserker Blackwood
Goblin Bewitcher Blackwood
Goblin Brewer Blackwood
Goblin Bruiser Blackwood
Goblin Chanter Blackwood
Goblin Firemage Blackwood
Goblin Ironskin Blackwood
Goblin Shield Blackwood
Goblin Skirmisher Blackwood
Goblin Slave
Goblin Spitter Blackwood
Goblin Vinecaller Blackwood
Goblin Wildling Blackwood
Stibbons (Temporarily)
Strange Goblin

Related Quests[edit]


Related Achievements[edit]

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Slayer.png Bonesnap Ruins Vanquisher 10 Defeat three of the champions in Bonesnap Ruins.
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Bonesnap Ruins Conqueror 50 Defeat all of the champions in Bonesnap Ruins.
ON-icon-achievement-UD Recruit.png Divad's Chagrin Mine Explorer 10 Explore and clear Divad's Chagrin Mine.
ON-icon-head-Chitin.png Fungal Grotto I Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Goblin War Chief and the Dreugh King in Fungal Grotto I.


  • At launch, goblins had no eyeballs in their sockets, leaving them empty and giving them a milky white appearance. All goblins (including the polymorph) were given new green-blue eyes in Update 31 to match Riekr and fill in the hollow sockets. The last time an entire race had an eye color change before this was when Chimer had their black eyes replaced with golden irises.


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