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Help an intrepid archaeologist recover her lost assistant.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Qharroa Ruins — Help Lady Laurent recover her assistant.
Quest Giver: Adifa Dunestrider east of the ruins;
Lady Clarisse Laurent southwest of the ruins
Location(s): Qharroa Ruins
Reward: Stoneskin Gloves
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 317 (Old)
2991 (New)
Just another day for Stibbons.

Lady Laurent, a traveling archeologist, has "lost" her assistant, Stibbons. She is trying to recover him from her research site.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lady Clarisse Laurent.
  2. Find Lady Laurent's alchemical supplies.
  3. Go to the campsite.
  4. Recover the stolen reagents.
  5. Find the Yokudan inscriptions.
  6. Talk to Lady Laurent.
  7. Poison the goblin's stew.
  8. Talk to Mareh the Hermit at Hermit's Climb.
  9. Defeat a gargoyle.
  10. Return to the camp.
  11. Test the antidote on the goblins.
  12. Return to Lady Laurent.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Mareh the Hermit asks you to solve a riddle by reading the three Lorebooks at his feet. The three Lorebooks read as follows:

  • Yokudan "Man and Beast" Enigma: Sword and spell are useless. As it fells man and beast alike, and given time, the mountains themselves.
  • Yokudan "Hawk" Enigma: The hawk watches over sands without effort. But what watches over the hawk?
  • Yokudan "Mother and Son" Enigma: A mother gave the first gift to her son, and for the rest of his life did he keep it with him.

Talk to Mareh again and tell him: I think the answer you're looking for is "air." Giving him this answer gets you what you want, which is an answer to Lady Laurent's question: "Within the maw and between the teeth! The gargoyle cannot hide its mortality forever!"

At this point you must help the Lady Laurent harvest a gargoyle by killing one. You will not be given quest completion if you pull a gargoyle from outside of the quest designation area into the area to kill it. Once you kill the gargoyle, the Lady Laurent cuts its tongue out and has you meet her back at the Ransacked Camp.

Once back at camp, talk to Lady Laurent tells you that she is not quite sure how the antidote is prepared, so you are going to test several of the antidotes on goblins that ate the stew you dosed and turned into stone. Lady Laurent, meanwhile, is going to drag Stibbons back to camp and wants you to meet her there when you are done. Run down to the designated are and use the antidote on four stone goblins. Each of the four goblins either melt or blow up when you use the antidote. Once done, make the trek back to Lady Laurent's camp and talk to her. She tells you that she knows how to adjust to antidote for use on Stibbons. When it is ready, she uses it to turn Stibbons back into himself. Talk to Stibbons, who says he remembers nothing of what happened. Speaking with Lady Laurent afterward closes out the quest and gives you a reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Tongues of Stone
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to Lady Laurent about her plans to rescue her assistant, Stibbons.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent apparently considers me her new assistant. She's sent me to find where her previous assistant, Stibbons, put her alchemical supplies.
Objective: Retrieve Lady Laurent's Alchemical Supplies
I've retrieved Lady Laurent's alchemical equipment from her camp. I should deliver it to her to get this expedition going.
Objective: Bring Equipment to Lady Laurent
Objective: Find Lady Laurent
I need to take Lady Laurent to her dig site within the Goblin-infested ruins.
Objective: Escort Lady Laurent to her Ransacked Campsite
I've brought Lady Laurent to the camp at her dig site, and found her "lost" assistant. He seems to have been turned to stone. I should ask her about it.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent has sent me to search around the camp for where Stibbons put her notes.
Objective: Find Laurent's Notes on the Stoneflesh Potion
I've found Lady Laurent's missing notes. I should return them to her.
Objective: Return the Notes to Lady Laurent
Now that Lady Laurent has recovered her notes, I should ask her about her plans for de-petrifying her assistant.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent wants to complete her studies on the Yokudan ruins, and has asked me to keep a look out for her stolen alchemical reagents. The Goblins probably took them.
Objective: Help Lady Laurent Find the Yokudan Inscriptions
Objective: Recover the Stolen Reagents from the Goblins
Hidden Objective: Find the Yokudan Carvings
Now that her research is complete and I've recovered her reagents, I should ask Lady Laurent what she plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent's plan is to use the stoneflesh potion on the Goblins. This should provide her test subjects so she can figure out the antidote. I should add the potion to the Goblins' food.
Objective: Add the Stoneflesh Potion to Goblins' Stew
I've dosed the Goblins' food with stoneflesh potion. I should meet Lady Laurent near the hermit she spoke of.
Objective: Meet Lady Laurent at Hermit's Climb
I've found the hermit with Lady Laurent. She and he seem to be arguing. I should speak to him and find out why.
Objective: Talk to the Hermit
Lady Laurent needs information the hermit has, but he's being a crazy old man. I need to figure out what he wants in return for the information Lady Laurent needs.
Objective: Get Information about Ruins from the Hermit
Objective Hint: Talk to Lady Laurent
Objective Hint: Answer the Hermit's Riddle
Hidden Objective: Examine the Yokudan Inscription Copy
Now that Lady Laurent has the final clue for the stoneflesh antidote, she needs to get her hands on a piece of gargoyle flesh—specifically, the tongue. I should help her by taking one down.
Objective: Help Lady Laurent Harvest a Gargoyle
I should follow Lady Laurent to back to her ransacked camp.
Objective: Return to the Ransacked Camp
Lady Laurent has all the ingredients she needs for the stoneflesh antidote. I should see if she needs anything else before making it.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent has to figure out the actual formulation for the stoneflesh antidote, so she's sent me with several formulas to use on petrified Goblins.
Objective: Use the Antidotes on Petrified Goblins 0/4
I've used all the antidote formulations on petrified Goblins. I should let Lady Laurent know that none of them seem to work.
Objective: Return to Lady Laurent's Camp
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent was undismayed by the failure of her antidotes, and believes she has enough information to make a working one. I should wait and see if she's correct.
Objective: Wait for Lady Laurent to Cure Stibbons
The antidote worked, and her assistant Stibbons is no longer made of stone. I should talk to him and see if he's all right.
Objective: Talk to Stibbons
☑Finishes quest The antidote worked, and her assistant Stibbons is no longer made of stone. I should talk to her and see what she has planned next.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
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