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Chef Amadour
Home Settlement Cropsford
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Chef Amadour

Chef Amadour is a Breton chef found in the town of Cropsford. He doesn't hate goblins.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After speaking with Aemilia Hadrianus and agreeing to help commit murder, go to Chef Amadour's house to collect a batch of his special goblin food. He will initially be unwilling to give you anything unless you help him beforehand.

"Don't touch anything! Everything's in its proper place; I don't want anything moved."
I hear your Goblin food is delicious. Can I have some?
"Just hand you one of my famous dishes? Not a chance. Perhaps a trade though. I'm running low on sugar leaf, which grows wild hereabouts.
You collect three leaves for me and I'll give you some of my famous Goblin's Delight."
I'll get your sugar leaves.

You can ask about Zich and himself before heading off:

"I can't make Goblin's Delight without sugar leaf. Get it and I'll make you a treat you will never forget. Zich loves it!"
Do you really have a pet Goblin?
"I don't think of him as a pet. He's more of a companion, a cure for my loneliness. No one appreciates how cut off from civilization I feel out here. It's hard being a culinary genius in a village of peasants."
But a Goblin?
"Don't tell me you're another Goblin-hater? Aemilia is bad enough, with her unreasoning prejudices. I don't want any more like her skulking around.
Goblins are greatly misunderstood. They're actually kind, loving beings, when treated properly."
That's an interesting theory.
"But it's fact! My interactions with Zich prove it. When treated with kindness and respect, Goblins are friendly, loyal, and loving.
If only others were willing to give them a chance, there'd be a lot less unreasonable hatred of Goblins in Tamriel."
Where are you from?
"I was born and raised in High Rock, in the great city of Daggerfall. I was never lonely there, let me tell you. I had many friends and hordes of admirers who appreciated my genius. I never spent a lonely day—or night—in Daggerfall."
So why did you leave?
"Unthinking prejudice isn't limited to remote villages. It taints big cities too. I believe all creatures are meant to live together in peace and harmony, a view widely despised. I left Daggerfall and eventually settled here. And here I'll stay."

After gathering three of the Sugar Leaves, you can return to him:

"I can smell the sugar leaf on you. Did you get three leaves?"
Right here.
"Excellent! I have a little Goblin's Delight left from my last batch. Didn't want to part with it until I had enough sugar leaves to make another batch.
Here you go—enjoy!"
Thanks, I will.

After you have disposed of his pet Goblin, Amadour will wonder where he is.

"I'm afraid something has happened to Zich. He loves Goblin's Delight and eagerly runs up everytime [sic] I make a new batch. I hope he comes by soon."
Why are you cooking out here?
"My house is a mess, filled with food, pots, pans, cookbooks, and so on. I gave up on cleaning it and just live out here now."