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Save a naked Nord from an evil witch's spell.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Stromgruf the Steady
Location(s): East of Pulk
Reward: Stromgruf's Ensorcelled Pants
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5835
"By Shor's shiny arse, if you aren't a robber and you don't work for the witch, then you have to help me!"
A naked Nord stands frozen in place in the wilds of Vvardenfell. He claims a Dark Elf witch cast a spell on him, and only she can remove it. He asked me to find her and get her to set him free.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Stromgruf the Steady east of Pulk.
  2. Search for Nerise Venim.
  3. Find the goblin camp and recover the stolen items.
  4. Return to Stromgruf.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"I'll set you free, but you will live up to our agreement."

East of Pulk you'll find a naked, frozen Stromgruf the Steady lamenting his current predicament. Talk to him and you'll find out that he had agreed to escort a "red-eyed witch" to Vivec City who he claims had suddenly gotten crazy the night before, throwing spells around before bewitching him when he tried to run. He begs you to find the witch and get her to release him. You can question him further and find more information about the witch and the night before, though you may find his recollection to be a bit hazy.

Stromgruf the Steady after being transformed into a Guar.

To find the witch, follow the bottles of mead (they will have a sparkling effect on them) until you come across a goblin happily rummaging through a camp site. As you approach the camp the goblin will run away and a Dunmer by the name of Nerise Venim will appear thanking you for chasing off the last of the goblins. Speak to her and you will learn that she is not a witch, but an alchemist who had hired Stromgruf to escort her to Vivec City and protect her belongings. She'll explain that goblins had attacked while they were setting up camp and as she tried to fend them off, Stromgruf had tried to flee. You can then offer to find the goblins and retrieve her pack and sword that were stolen the night before.

Head northeastward to locate the goblin camp and fight off some Netch Gouger goblins for the sword. The pack will be guarded by Ruinfang the Wicked, who you must defeat to recover the pack.

After retrieving both items, return to Stromgruf. When you talk to him, he asks if you've found the "witch". You explain how you had met Nerise and that her story was different from his. He admits he had some sips of mead but was unaware of the goblin attack and scared by Nerise's sudden spell-casting and shouting. Nerise then shows up and you return her stolen items for which she is greatly thankful, but now wonders what to do with Stromgruf. You can then ask her if she will now remove the spell from Stromgruf, and she tells you she still needs his help to get to Vivec City and that she has just the spell to ensure Stromgruf's total cooperation for the rest of the trip. You can now complete the quest and receive your reward.

After you complete the quest, despite Stromgruf's objections, Nerise makes sure he honors their agreement by transforming him into a pack guar.


Quest Stages[edit]

If the Spell Fits
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should look for Stromgruf's witch. He thinks she's probably somewhere back the way he came. He suggested I might be able to follow the trail of bottles she threw at him as he fled.
Objective: Search for the Witch
Objective Hint: Look for Stromgruf's Trail
Objective Hint: Follow the Trail of Bottles
I followed Stromgruf's trail and located his "witch," Nerise Venim. I should talk to her and get her side of the story.
Objective: Talk to Nerise Venim
Nerise Venim isn't a witch. She's an alchemist who knows a few spells. She hired Stromgruf to escort her safely to Vivec City when the pair were beset by goblins. Nerise asked me to find the goblins and recover the stolen pack and sword.
Objective: Locate the Goblin Camp
I located the goblin camp. Now I should look around and see if I can find Nerise's stolen pack and sword.
Objective: Recover Nerise's Pack
Objective: Find Nerise's Sword
I recovered Nerise Venim's stolen possessions from the goblins. Now I should return to Stromgruf and find out if Nerise has released him from her spell of holding.
Objective: Talk to Stromgruf
Apparently, Stromgruf was drunk and tired when he accused Nerise Venim of being a witch. Here she comes now. I should talk to her and return her pack and sword that I recovered from the goblins.
Objective: Return Items to Nerise Venim
Finishes quest☑
Objective: Talk to Nerise Venim
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