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Nerise Venim
Location East of Pulk
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Nerise Venim

Nerise Venim is a Dark Elf alchemist located just east of Pulk. She's quite accomplished in her trade as she points out that people of Vivec City are willing to pay plenty for her "upscale unguents". She had hoped that hiring a sell-sword by the name of Stromgruf the Steady would make her last trip uneventful. She couldn't have been more wrong.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first approach her location after following the trail of mead bottles, you'll interrupt a Goblin invading Nerise's camp, but quickly run off as she approaches

Goblin : "Mine! Mine! Hee hee! Uh oh."

She'll then turn to you and thank you for chasing him off:

Nerise Venim : "Thanks for chasing off the last of the Goblins. Horrible, smelly little creatures!"

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"Praise Vivec! You certainly look more competent than that half-naked Nord with a thirst for foul mead."
Are you the witch that ensorcelled Stromgruf the Steady?
"Witch? Oh, let me guess. You ran into an idiot Nord frozen on the side of the road? I hired Stromgruf to escort me and protect my valuables. So what does he do at the first sign of danger? He runs off and leaves me to fend for myself!"
He apparently fled for his life when you started yelling and casting spells.
"What was I supposed to do? The Goblins attacked while I was setting up camp. And where was my worthless protector? In the bushes making room for more mead! He left his pants where he dropped them and fled as the Goblins stole my pack!"
I can look for the Goblins and retrieve your pack.
"Thank you. The Goblins fled toward the hills to the northeast. Find them and retrieve my pack.
They also took the sword I gave to Stromgruf as part of his compensation. I expected him to use it, not drop it like a hot potato before he ran."
Tell me more about Stromgruf and your missing items.
"Of course. Anything that helps get back my stolen possessions from those dreadful Goblins. What do you want to know?"
What did you actually do to Stromgruf?
"I'm more of an alchemist than a mage, but I know a number of useful spells. When that oaf of a Nord ran off, I cast a spell of holding to stop him in his tracks. I didn't want the drunk fool to hurt himself in the dark."
So you froze him for his own good?
"Well, yes. I suppose so.
But we also made an agreement and he still needs to live up to his half of the bargain. One way or another, Stromgruf is going to see me safely to Vivec City."
Why are the pack and sword so important to you?
"The pack contains my livelihood, valuable potions and unguents to sell in Vivec City. Without them, I'm ruined.
The sword … I purchased the sword for Stromgruf. I paid a lot for that weapon. It's too good for the likes of greedy Goblins."
Anything you remember that can help identify the Goblins that stole your possessions?
"No, not really. They appeared to be your average, run-of-the-mill marauding mob of disgusting Goblins. They'll be the ones that have my pack and sword.
Oh, if it helps, I also saw their leader run off with Stromgruf's pants."

Speaking to her again:

"I thought it might be interesting to hire an escort and walk to Vivec City. Pick up some different ingredients, see the land. Next time, I'm taking a strider.
While you find the Goblins and recover my possessions, I'll go check on Stromgruf."

After you've collected her things and talked to Stromgruf, she'll approach the two of you and chide Stromgruf again:

Nerise Venim : "My brave protector. No sword, no pants, and absolutely no help whatsoever. If not for my stillness spell, you'd be half-way to Gnisis by now."

Speak to her, and she'll ask you:

"My hapless protector aside, were you able to find the Goblins? Did you recover my pack and the sword?"
I recovered your pack and sword from the Goblins.
"How wonderful! I despaired ever seeing either of these again. You'd be surprised how much the people of Vivec City will spend on my upscale unguents. Thank you!
I suppose I should do something about my dubious escort now."
Are you going to remove the spell?
"I still need this fetcher's help to get my goods to the market. He isn't very good at protecting his charges, but I believe he's strong enough to carry a pack.
I just have to make sure that he honors his agreement this time."
How do you plan to make Stromgruf complete the job once you remove the stillness spell?
"No need to fear on that account. I have just the spell to assure Stromgruf's total cooperation for the rest of the trip to Vivec City. My clients need their potions, after all.
Thank you again for your assistance. I really do appreciate good help!"

At this point, you'll hear the following conversation:

Stromgruf the Steady : "Set me free and return my sword, witch!"
Nerise Venim : "That sword is payment for escorting me to Vivec City. We're not there yet, you ungrateful oaf!"
Stromgruf the Steady : "Vivec City? I don't want anything more to do with you and your … your witchy ways!"
Nerise Venim : "I'll set you free, but you will live up to our agreement. And you'll do so sober—no more mead for you until we reach Vivec City."
Stromgruf the Steady : "Stop that! I … [Nerise casts a spell and turns Stromgruf into Guar] yark!"
Nerise Venim : "If you're a good little guar, I'll remove the spell when we get to Vivec City. Maybe even buy you a new pair of pants."

The two then head east and disappear.