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Online:Gati the Storm Sister

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Gati the Storm Sister
Location Lambent Passage
Race Xivkyn Gender Female
Health 490540 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Daedra Hearts, Tel Var Stones, Key Fragments
Gati the Storm Sister

Gati the Storm Sister is a Xivkyn and one of the champions found in the Imperial Sewers. There is a pool of electrified water in front of her. During combat, she will summon Storm Shadows.


"New rats for my experiments. Let's see what colors your flesh turns!"
"Scurry closer, little rat! The storm awaits!"
"Chase me, little rat!"


There is one Achievement associated with this creature.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Sewer Subjugator.png Sewer Subjugator 15 Kill all the named champions lurking in the Imperial Sewers.