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Captain Vrol
Location Kyne's Aegis
Race Sea Giant Gender Male
Health Normal13,633,026Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Captain Vrol

Captain Vrol is a Sea Giant warrior and the second boss of Kyne's Aegis.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Frigid Fog
Targets one player. need rest
Thunderous Bash
Shocking Harpoon
Storm Twin
Summons a Storm Twin

During battle, you must use the Ballista Parts (found in barrels at the edges of the cove furthest from the water) to repair the Broken Ballista. You must fire ballista bolts at Vrol's ship when he calls for a Vrolsworn Conjurer.


Entering the arena:

"I will feed you to the sea!"

Idling before battle:

"You are trapped. All that remains is the fighting."
"Find your bravery, little ones, and face me."
"Hesitating will not save you."
"No turning back, now. Draw your weapons.
"This is the best the little ones can muster? Pathetic."

Entering combat:

"We'll feed you to the sea!"
"More food for the sharks!"
"This island belongs to us!"
"Gulgha toch! Fog and thunder!"

Casting Frigid Fog:

"We freeze you to the bone!"
"You find no warmth here!"
"Blow, chill winds! Blow!"
"There is no shelter from me!"

Summoning adds:

"More warriors, conjurer! Now!"
"Groog va kagh! Bring me more fighters!"
"More warriors to the beach! No survivors!"
"Conjurer! Summon more warriors, or I feed you to the sea!"


"To the deck! Grahg na! Loose your flames!"
"Kragh vuul! Form ranks and fire!"
"Flame-throwers, stand ready! Loose!"
"Take positions! Now, burn them alive!"

Summoning a Storm Twin:

"Lightning child! Fight with me!"
"Storm! Bring me my brother!"
"Thunder! Take shape!"
"Kragha val! More hands! I need more hands!"

Toppling Blow:

"Get back!"
"Like water on rock!"
"I will shatter those bones!"
"Take a seat!"

Summoning a Lightning Strike:[verification needed — see talk page]

"Thunder! Glory! Ha!"
"Bragh na! Come, Thunder!"
"Sky's rage, strike!"
"Pierce the clouds! Call the lightning!"

Killing a player character: [verification needed — that true?]

"Fish on, lads!"
"Are you going somewhere?"
"You won't get away that easy!"
"Kragh na! Fish on the hook!"

Group wipe:

"Gragh na … pathetic."
"Hmph. A feast for gulls. Nothing more."
"So weak."
"Hmph. No glory in a fight like that."
"You are already forgotten."