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Home City Windhelm
Location Lodorr's Tomb, Hall of the Dead
Race Draugr Gender Male
Health 234871 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Lodorr's draugr body

Lodorr is an ancient Draugr who was entombed within the Hall of the Dead during the Merethic Era. It was said that only the might of Ysgramor could stop him. You will need to fight him during the related quest, where his undead draugr body will pop out of a sarcophagus in his tomb.

Location Ancient Tomb, Hall of the Dead
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Lodorr's spirit

His essence will remain on his crown, which must be taken from his lieutenant Ulfnir Ice-Blood. Whether or not the crown is given to Malana, she will betray you, and Lodorr will appear as a ghost when she is killed. He rewards you for completing the quest, telling you that he cannot control you as you are a Vestige lacking a soul, and his ghost can be summoned anywhere by activating Lodorr's Crown.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Frost Bolt


"How are you resisting me? I can't seem to grasp your soul!" (After picking up Lodorr's Crown)
"Well, well. A mortal? Oh, what fun we shall have together!" (After Malana's death)

When you speak with him:

"You are foolish to dabble in such dark matters, mortal."
You turned Malana against me.
"I did nothing. She was planning to betray you from the start.
But you, I can't control. It's as if you don't have a proper soul. What a pair we are! Me trapped in my crown, you trapped in your soulless husk. I hope you're better company than Ulfnir."
Complete Quest.

He will then fade away, but can be summoned again at any time using his crown.

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