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Vestiges are created when a mortal creature has its soul replaced with a Daedric vestige. The resulting Daedra forms an imitation of the mortal's original body from chaotic creatia.[1] New forms of Daedra are known to be created in this manner. For example, the first Daedric Titan was the Vestige of Boziikkodstrun, a dragon.[2] The most well-understood Vestiges are the Soul Shriven, imperfect Vestiges used as slaves by Molag Bal.[1] Although usually members of the mortal races, Soul Shriven of lesser creatures also seemingly exist.[nb 1] Haskill, the Chamberlain of Sheogorath, is the Vestige of a mortal who previously mantled the Prince following a Greymarch.[3][4]

The prophecies of the Elder Scrolls speak of a specific "Vestige", the hero known as the Vestige. This Vestige, a Soul Shriven who had been re-attuned to Anuic magic,[1] was foretold to end Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld in 2E 582.[5]



  • ^  The only known example of this is a bantam guar named Honor. Despite living in Coldharbour and having a blue pigment, nothing directly states that this creature is an actual Vestige.