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Justiciar Farowel

The Office of Divine Prosecution is a section of the Thalmor whose members serve as lawkeepers that uphold both secular and religious law on Summerset Isle, along with enforcing the complex social rules that govern Altmer society. They have recently taking to deputizing new arrivals to the island so contract work can be carried out on their behalf.


Named Members
Bailiff Cintuumetil
Bailiff Erator
Bailiff Hererquen
Bailiff Nesaawy
Bailiff Naramin
Bailiff Roland
Bailiff Sorriel
Bailiff Tirwortil
Chief Justiciar Carawen
Chief Justiciar Suriwen
Jurisreeve Lorne
Jurisreeve Soravil
Justiciar Alarnon
Justiciar Avanaire
Justiciar Elwalama
Justiciar Farowel
Justiciar Farulnor
Justiciar Hyircil
Justiciar Nurofire
Justiciar Rolumdel
Justiciar Tanorian
Monastery Sentry
Prosecutor Elundur
Quartermaster Linguvale
Revelator Lindafwe
Scout Landorganil
Scout Ronyadil
Generic Members


The Divine Prosecution offer three types of daily repeatable quests.


These are given by Justiciar Farowel at Rinmawen's Plaza and involve defeating Summerset's World Bosses.


These are given by Justiciar Tanorian at Reman's Plaza and involve exploring Summerset's Delves.

Abyssal Geysers[edit]

These are given by Battlereeve Tanerline at the Plaza of the Hand and involve completing Summerset's Abyssal Geysers.

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