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Jurisreeve Soravil
Location Russafeld, Red Temple Catacombs
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health Varies:

15000 (Friendly)
39959 (Friendly)
127500 (Hostile)

Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Divine Prosecution

Jurisreeve Soravil is an Altmer revelator-naganwe of the Divine Prosecution investigating (and committing) murders in Russafeld.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Old Wounds: Hunt down a ghostly killer in Russafeld.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Old Wounds[edit]

As you approach the investigators, you can hear them talking above the victim's body.

Tarnamir: "An examiner's quorum needs three members. You both know this."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "Not this again..."
Jurisreeve Lorne: "It's not just superstition, Soravil. We need outside perspective."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "So, what? We just randomly recruit the next adventurer that passes by?"

If you have not yet talked to Tarnamir, he'll direct you to him: "Ah, here's one now. By all means, talk to Tarnamir, glan'nt. Apparently we're just recruiting people off the street now. I'm joking, of course. Please don't talk to Tarnamir. He might actually let you help." After talking to Tarnamir, he'll say, :"So Tarnamir recruited you, eh? Well, I suppose we'll just have to make the best of it. Follow our instructions and we'll get along fine. You might even learn a thing or two."

What can you tell me about Lorne?
"There was a time when I could tell you practically everything. We worked together for years, but ... well, not every partnership is eternal. Just know that she's brilliant. The most proficient investigator in Summerset, truth be told."
What's your role here?
"I am a revelator-naganwe—a death seer. I use magic to solve murders. It's one of the essential roles in an investigative quorum. Of course, magic often falls short. When my fellow revelators and I can't conjure up a suspect, we turn to Lorne."
So Lorne doesn't use magic in her investigations?
"She prefers wit to mysticism. All High Elves possess near-perfect memory, but Lorne puts us all to shame. She can recall tiny details in an instant and finds patterns even quicker. It's too bad, if you ask me. We all have things we'd rather forget."

After you talked to Lorne, he'll say: "You have your instructions, yes? I can't imagine any of them involve talking to me." Searching the grape-fields, you come across the body of a young Bosmer woman named Farril. Using the whistle will call the jurisreeves to your spot.

Jurisreeve Soravil: "Another body. Delightful."
Jurisreeve Lorne: "Oh dear, blood on her hands and blouse ... but no slashing wounds? This doesn't fit the pattern. The Ghost always kills with a bow. This was spur of the moment ... unexpected. Maybe she fought back."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "Why do you insist on puzzling these things over like an ephem? You know the death-memory ritual. It's a simple—."
Jurisreeve Lorne: "Enough, Soravil. You know that's forbidden. Admanen, look around and see if you can find the source of this blood."

If you talk to Soravil before investigating further, he'll reluctantly send you to do your job: "Go have a look around. I doubt you'll find anything, but there's no harm in trying." While you and Lorne establish a motive for the murders and reveal that Halimorion was probably making unwanted advances to Farril, Soravil will go to the cottage of the Bosmer workers' chief. You find him and the chief outside the cottage.

Jurisreeve Soravil: "I assure you, Chief, it would bring me no joy to unleash our revelators on your new home. But I'll have to, unless you let us take a look around."
Chief Rethelmir: "Fine. But just one of you—your partner. Do your work, then leave us in peace."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "One, then. I'll be sure to report your compliance to the Divine Prosecution."
Chief Rethelmir: "Like I have a choice in the matter. Come, join me for a meal. Meat's fresh enough."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "Delightful."

He does stay outside the cottage with chief by the cooking fire. Talk to him and he'll say:

"I suppose I'll stay here to break bread with the chief while you have a look around. Not the way I wanted things to go, but we will simply have to adapt."
Lorne told me about her husband—and your wife.
"Did she? I must admit, I'm surprised. Lorne never talks about that ordeal—certainly not with me, anyway."
Tarnamir said you drifted apart after you caught the first Ghost of the Green.
"My, my, are you an admanen or a confessor? Tarnamir is quite right. After all that happened, we had a difficult time getting back into a routine. I tried to keep things professional—healthy—but she was just lost. She never fully recovered."
So what brought you back together?
"Tarnamir. When the Ghost of the Green returned, Tarnamir naturally called on the two people best suited to catch him. It was awkward at first, but we've managed. I suppose I have to thank you for that. In part, at least."
Do you still think about what happened?
"Not regularly, no. We High Elves have acute memories, but I find that if you stay busy enough, you don't have time to reminisce. So much the better."
Lorne mentioned that some aspects of this case remind her of your first encounter with the Ghost.
"Ah yes, I hadn't even thought of that. A corrupt High Elf merchant and an abused Wood Elf girl. There are certainly similarities."
You don't find that suspicious?
"I find everything suspicious. Whoever this killer is, they've obviously acquainted themselves with the Ghost's history and methods. We kept most of those details secret, but unscrupulous revalators [sic] routinely sell those details to ... enthusiasts."
What do you make of this?
"Honestly? I think this is the work of a deranged and obsessive mind. One of these Wood Elves read about the Ghost of the Green, saw an opportunity for cultural glory—for immortality—and seized it. Even so, Lorne and I have to be sure."
What exactly should I be looking for in the Wood Elf cottage?
"Anything at all that could link this clan—or one of its members—to the murders of Halimorion or Farril. None of these Wood Elves held Halimorion in high regard. We just need to find out if that enmity led to murder."
Do you have any advice for me?
"Operate under the assumption that the killer was here, or still could be. Question everything you see and hear, and look out for any overt or subtle references to the Ghost of the Green."

After you found Celan's journal and the evidence him being the Ghost of the Green, you find Soravil outside, fighting to keep the meal in his stomach: "Ugh. Bosmer cuisine is truly revolting." Talk to him.

"I bought us as much time as I could. I hope you found something useful."
I found this journal. Celan definitely killed Halimorion. Looks like he fled to a nearby shrine.
"A shrine? Hm. There's an old shrine to Y'ffre west of here—the Red Temple. But from what Tarnamir told me, people rarely visit. Filled with wild animals or some such. I only know of one entrance—a cave nearby. Follow me."
All right. I'll follow you to this Red Temple.

Enter the Temple. Soravil will stop by a half-collapsed bridge. "We should split up. Don't want this little scamp slipping out behind us. I can handle this gap easily. You search the other hall." You find Celan being killed by the Ghost of the Green. Take the killing arrow from his body and meet the apparently injured Soravil further on in the catacombs.

"I was too slow. Damned Mer slipped right past me. Tall for a Wood Elf, quick as a spooked hare. So it really is the chief's son ...."
Not exactly. Celan is dead. Killed by another Ghost of the Green.
"Wait, what? What do you mean another Ghost of the Green? The journal you showed me—. Did Celan kill Halimorion or not?"
He killed Halimorion, but only after he was recruited by this other Ghost of the Green.
"What about the Wood Elf girl, Farril? Did he kill her too?"
I don't know. I took the arrow that killed him as evidence. Maybe Lorne can learn something from it.
"Yes, show her the arrow immediately. Perhaps she can compare Celan's blood to the blood on Farril's sickle. At the very least, we'll be able to determine if Celan killed Farril. I'll be along as soon as I'm able."

If you talk to him again before exiting the catacombs, he says, "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Go on ahead and speak to Lorne back at the winery. Besides, someone will have to help the chief recover his son's body." Investigate again with Lorne, who will in a desperate moment use the death-memory ritual on the murder victims, which lets you witness their last moments:

Farril: "Who—who are you?"
Soravil: "I'm afraid you've seen too much. You poor thing."

This proves Soravil murdered Farril.

Tarnamir: "So it is you. Shame on you."
The Ghost of the Green: "The shame is Lorne's, old mer. Now she'll have your death on her conscience too."
Tarnamir: "No, Soravil. This is you, and you alone."
The Ghost of the Green: "Give my regards to my loving wife, and Lorne's degenerate husband." Soravil then shoots Tarnamir.
Tarnamir: "Lorne..."
The Ghost of the Green: "I know you're watching, Lorne. Now that I've broken your spirit, and you've broken your vow, come to the place where my wife is buried. There, I will break your body."

Lorne is shaken, and tells you that after the investigation of the original Ghost of the Green and the death of both of their spouses, she rejected Soravil's advances, after which they grew apart. Follow Lorne to the Red Temple to confront Soravil.

Jurisreeve Lorne: "Soravil! I know you're here! What do you want from me?"
The Ghost of the Green: "Oh Lorne, I've already taken so much. Your teacher, your honor, your pride ... there's only one thing left for me to take."
The Ghost of the Green: "Your life."

He shoots her with an arrow and flees. Pursue him through the catacombs and you find him in the end, turned hostile. "Ah, the Ghost of the Green's final victim. Time to die, admanen!"

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