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Recover and seal away forbidden tomes.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Justiciar Tanorian
Location(s): Alinor, Traitor's Vault
Reward: Summerset Daily Recompense
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Seal away the forbidden tomes
Dangerous Worm Cult tomes are circulating throughout Summerset. The Office of Divine Prosecution wants some of these forbidden books recovered and disposed of.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Justiciar Tanorian in Alinor and accept the task.
  2. Speak to Esulo in Alinor and receive the three tomes.
  3. Travel to the Traitor's Vault.
  4. Store the three Mannimarco's Forbidden Tomes in Worm King's Chests within Traitor's Vault.
  5. Return to Tanorian for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Justiciar Tanorian in Alinor to start the quest.

Is there any work available?
"We've seen a precipitous rise in the sale and exchange of forbidden books. And not just the coarse literature from the mainland. I'm talking about something dangerous - Worm Cult tomes.
Needless to say, we can't have books like that floating about."
So you want to track down the books?
"No, no. A colleague of mine, Esulo, has already seen to that. He just needs some help ensuring the books are safely removed from Summerset.
You'll find him in Golden Gryphon - at the bar, no doubt."
All right. I'll recover the texts.

Travel to The Golden Gryphon in Alinor and talk to Esulo.

Yes. He said you had books for me.
"I do. Books penned by the Worm King himself.
The Divine Prosecution is eager to see these tomes driven out of Summerset, but they move too hastily. Clumsy prohibitions and graceless raids only make these books more valuable to collectors."
So what do you propose we do with them?
"You must lock them away in the Traitor's Vault - a forbidden ruin on our isle of Artaeum.
I would do it myself, but I am woefully unprepared for fights with undead horrors. A Psijic's power lies in quiet study, not flashing steel. You understand."

Esulo gives you three Mannimarco's Forbidden Tomes. Go to Traitor's Vault and find the three Worm King's Chests to store the tomes in.

  1. In the northwest oval chamber on the ground floor. On a table with a stack of books next to it, in the southeast corner of the room.
  2. In the southeast cave near the boss.
  3. In the most eastern room on the ground floor. On a table below the stairs.

When you have completed the quest objectives, return to Justiciar Tanorian and talk to him to complete the quest.

"I do so appreciate when one of my deputies returns with all their limbs still attached. Tell me, were you successful in your investigation?"
Yes, I've disposed of Mannimarco's forbidden tomes.
"Well done. Let's hope those vile things are sealed away for good.
You have the thanks of the Office of Divine Prosecution - and the Psijic Order, I suspect. If Esulo recovers any more of those books, I'll know who to call."

Quest Stages[edit]

Struck from Memory
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must travel to the tavern in Alinor to meet with Justiciar Tanorian's associate, Esulo.
Objective: Talk to Esulo
According to Esulo, sealing these forbidden tomes away in Traitor's Vault will keep them out of the hands of would-be necromancers. I should travel to the ruin and lock Mannimarco's Forbidden Tomes away for good.
Objective: Seal Away the Forbidden Tomes: 0 / 3
☑Finishes quest I disposed of Mannimarco's forbidden tomes on behalf of the Office of Divine Prosecution. I should return to Justiciar Tanorian and inform him of my success.
Objective: Talk to Justiciar Tanorian