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Location West of Alaxon'ald
House Vinafwe's House
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Vinafwe is an Altmer horticulturalist whose garden located west of Alaxon'ald has been vandalized.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Forest Vandal: Help Vinafwe catch the vandal who's been ruining her botanical arrangements.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Forest Vandal[edit]

As you approach, you'll here her cry out:

"What kind of monster arranges acacias and begonias in the same beds?!"

When you speak to her, she'll tell you her woes:

"If you've come to bask in the splendor of my latest outdoor arrangement, you're too late. They're ruined. Cast into unsightly disarray by a barbaric vandal.
Just go home and spare yourself the disappointment."
What exactly has been vandalized?
"My garden—my art—has been violated. Desecrated by some vulgar Wood Elf who thinks being raised in the wild gives him the right to pervert my designs.
Now he's threatening my life. Can you believe it?"
He wants to harm you over a garden?
"Not just a garden, the very art of gardening! Eslion is waging a war on Altmer horticulture. I represent everything he despises, so he's targeting my work. He's gone too far this time, planting stranglers to ward me away.
They could kill someone."
I could deal with the stranglers for you.
"Stranglers are a stubborn breed. Hacking them up would only be a temporary solution. What I need is proof that that Wood Elf is responsible, so he can't do any more damage.
Perhaps Eslion left something at my gardens that could be incriminating?"
How do you know this Wood Elf, Eslion, is responsible?
"Weeks ago, Eslion came here to convince me that wilderness should be allowed to grow unchecked and untamed, as in Greenshade. Obviously, I found his argument lacking. It wasn't long after that the tampering began."
Have you spoken to the authorities?
"Of course, but they are little help. Can't spare time for criminal mischief. It seems sullying our pristine lands doesn't count among the worst things all these nebarra are up to.
It's obvious who the culprit is, but I lack proof, so he runs free."
What sort of proof am I looking for?
"The Wood Elf's tampering is sloppy. Careless—maybe even thoughtless. I'm sure he's left traces of his work: a discarded trowl [sic], foreign seeds, his own dung, or whatever a Wood Elf uses to fertilize soil. It'd be trivial if not for the stranglers."
Why would the vandal target you specifically?
"I am the foremost authority of the Altmer botanical arts. My vision has literally shaped the lay of the land from Alinor to Sunhold and my best arrangements grace the Royal Palace. If you take issue with our methods, you take issue with me."
Do people often take issue with your methods?
"Occasionally. There are always up and comers looking to stir up controversy or make their mark, but no one who desired any respect in the field would stoop to sabotage or assault."
What was the issue Eslion had with your work again?
"He called our wilderness sterile and artificial. Nature is unruly and chaotic, but he's rather missing the point. Orderly cultivated gardens are a refinement of the raw. A plant lacks the intelligence to reach its true potential, it must be guided."
Why do you think the strangler infestation and the vandalism are related?
"Those monstrosities aren't native to any isle of Summerset and they couldn't have crossed the seas naturally. Even if they could, the stranglers would be more widespread.
They were brought here and planted deliberately among my arrangements."

After Eslion is arrested, she'll say:

"I never expected Eslion to show his face willingly around here again. Your search must have spooked him out of hiding.
He came here with his head bowed, hoping I'd overlook his transgressions. He can take his pleas to the court."

If you choose to let Eslion go free, she'll indignantly say:

"You know he is guilty of these crimes, and yet you intend to speak on his behalf? You arrivers really are a blight on our society.
Go on, I have nothing else to say to you."

If you choose to send him to jail, she'll cheerfully say:

"Once Eslion is gone, I'll finally be able to begin the long process of restoring the beauty of these lands."

Afterwards when you speak to her, she'll say:

"Finally this ordeal is over. I'm just glad to be rid of Eslion. Fixing all the damage he caused will leave me little time to dwell on the outcome of his trial, but I hope they plant him where the sun doesn't shine."