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The Divine Prosecution are a state-level law enforcement organization responsible for enforcing both secular and religious law, ensuring Altmeri social and cultural rules are adhered to.[1] Under the First Aldmeri Dominion, they were a division of the Thalmor,[2][nb 1] and were the highest authority of law and order on Summerset Isle, second only to the Queen and her Royal Court.[3] They target what they perceive to be heresy, including Daedra worship.[4] The Divine Prosecution are wary of outsiders, but were known to have deputized skilled adventurers to handle dangerous threats after the island of Summerset was opened to outsiders by Queen Ayrenn circa 2E 582.[5]

The Divine Prosecution is made up of jurisreeves, justiciars and bailiffs. Jurisreeves oversee investigations, normatively in groups of three. Each such group, known as an examiner's quorum, consists of a revelator-naganwe or "death seer"[6] to conduct magical inquiries; an admanen—literally "listening eye"—to act as a fulcrum and balance competing theories about the case; and a thalmilan to judge the evidence and render a verdict.[7][8] The rule of three relates to an Altmer superstition that holds the number two to be inauspicious,[8] but also serves the utilitarian purpose of ensuring that each case is examined from multiple perspectives.[7]

One of the units of the Divine Prosecution is the Hindalatus wing, which is led by a jurisreeve titled the Chief Inquisitor and charged with the investigation of "adoctrinal crimes".[7] Before Queen Ayrenn's decree opened Summerset to foreigners and the rise of the Court of Bedlam, the Prosecution primarily busied itself with settling petty disputes and policing seditious speech.[9]


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