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Hunt down a ghostly killer in Russafeld.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Russafeld — Help Lorne unmask a mysterious killer from her past.
Quest Giver: Linwenvar near either Shimmerene Wayshrine or Russafeld Heights Wayshrine; Tarnamir
Location(s): Russafeld, Red Temple Catacombs
Reward: Ghost's Skullcap
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6135
Halimorion, a prominent High Elf, has been murdered in cold blood
A prominent High Elf named Halimorion was murdered by a folkloric assassin called the Ghost of the Green. But there may be more to this case than meets the eye.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Jurisreeve Lorne.
  2. Search the fields for clues.
  3. Search the victim's villa for clues to the motive.
  4. Question Elsoreth at the Bosmer cottage and find out where her son went.
  5. Search the nearby shrine with Jurisreeve Soravil.
  6. Confront the killer.
  7. Talk to Lorne about what you discovered.
  8. Find Tarnamir and search for clues.
  9. Hunt down the killer.
  10. Talk to Lorne and deliver the news to Elsoreth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


You can begin the quest by talking to Linwenvar along the road east of Russafeld, or speaking directly with Tarnamir in town. Tarnamir, the former Chief Jurisreeve of the Divine Prosecution, is looking for a third party for an examiner's quorum in a murder investigation. The third party needs to be impartial so they can aid in the investigation without bias. The victim is Halimorion, a vintner from Russafeld. He wasn't very popular, and some may celebrate his death, but it still needs to be investigated. If you're willing to help, Tarnamir suggests you speak with Jurisreeve Lorne.

The prime suspect is a serial killer called the Ghost of the Green, whom the Divine Prosecution supposedly apprehended years ago. He killed each victim with a single Wood Elf arrow to the heart, then laid a fern over the body as his calling card. There is a fern on Halimorion's corpse, but it's set down haphazardly, and the arrow that killed him is of High Elven make. That doesn't line up with the Ghost from all those years ago. Lorne needs to examine the body, and suggests you find evidence in the grape fields.

The Investigation Begins[edit]

Lorne gives you an Admanen's Whistle, and tells you to blow it if you find anything interesting. Now you must search the grape fields for anything strange. You have the option of questioning several people before you leave. They give you context into how everyone feels about the murder, and how the Bosmer laborers are treated by their Altmer employers, but no one gives any clues as to who the killer is.

Head to the northeast. There, you'll come across the corpse of a Bosmer laborer named Farril. Blow the whistle and talk to Jurisreeve Lorne. She notes the blood on her dress, but doesn't see any slash wounds. The Ghost always killed with a bow, so Lorne assumes Farril must have fought back. She tells you to find the source of the blood.

Head to the southeast, where you'll come across a narrow rocky nook with a sack thrown into it. Inside the sack is a Bloody Sickle. Take the sickle and head back to Lorne. She tells you that Farril was strangled, not stabbed, and deduces that the blood must be from Farril's attacker. Lorne surmises that Farril used the sickle to defend herself, and says she can run a forensic test on the blood using alchemy. She also reveals the whole story of the Ghost of the Green. Her husband was murdered by the Ghost. At the time, Lorne's husband was having an affair with Jurisreeve Soravil's wife. Soravil's betrothed was so distraught at the loss of her lover that she committed suicide.

Gruesome tales aside, Jurisreeve Lorne needs you to investigate Halimorion's villa. Halimorion was unpopular, and if you can find out why, you might be able to deduce the killer's motive.

Establishing a Motive[edit]

Head to Halimorion's Villa, which lies to the north. Go upstairs and walk to the back of the room. On the desk to the left is a Letter to Tarnamir, penned by Halimorion. He talks about making peace with the Bosmer workers after a case of abuse. Halimorion made unwanted advances towards Farril, the Bosmer you found dead in the grape fields. In the letter, Halimorion claims he "never laid a hand" on Farril, and was apparently planning on giving the Bosmer a gift as a show of good will. Take the letter to Lorne, who is standing outside the Villa while the blood from the sickle you found earlier simmers in the alembic.

From what Lorne understands, the allegations against Halimorion are most certainly true. This lines up with the first Ghost of the Green's story. The original Ghost started his killing spree after an Altmer farmer "took liberties" with his Bosmer employees. The Divine Prosecution never published the details of that case, so the killer must be someone who knows why the original Ghost of the Green started killing people.

With all this in mind and the letter in hand, Lorne notes that the Wood Elves have a motive to kill Halimorion. Soravil went down to their Chief's cottage earlier, and she asks that you join him there in the investigation.

The Bosmer Cottage[edit]

Soravil cavorts with the Bosmer chief

When you arrive at the cottage, you'll witness a scene between Jurisreeve Soravil and Chief Rethelmir. Soravil insists that the Chief allows him to investigate his house, lest the Divine Prosecution storm it by force. The Chief agrees, but asks that you be the one to investigate. Soravil, on the other hand, is invited to dine with the Chief.

Enter the cottage and look for clues. Inside is the Chief's wife, Elsoreth. She expected the Divine Prosecution to investigate her home. She claims Halimorion hated her people. He abused her children and tried to drive the Bosmer out of Russafeld. She knew the Altmer would suspect her people. She mentions her son before stopping herself, and tells you that the Bosmer just want to live here in peace. She allows you to look around.

Head upstairs. The bed in the back of the attic on the right belongs to Celan, Elsoreth and Chief Rethelmir's son. Head to the right side of his bed and look underneath it. There, you'll find Celan's Journal. The journal contains proof that Celan murdered Halimorion. He was approached by a figure that claimd to be the Ghost of the Green after Farril was assaulted by Halimorion. The Ghost ordered him to murder the vintner. Celan regretted killing Halimorion. The journal say Celan went to the Red Temple to pray for forgiveness. Speak with Soravil outside about your findings, then head to the Red Temple.

The Red Temple[edit]

The Red Temple is located behind Chief Rethelmir's House, to the west. The entrance is a small cave with vines draped over it. You and Soravil split up to cover more ground, to ensure Celan can't escape. Soravil says he'll investigate the hall to the west, which lies over a gap. He teleports over the gap, leaving you to find Celan.

Jump down to the ruins below, and head into the northeastern room on the bottom floor. You'll see Celan pleading with the Ghost of the Green, who is standing atop a statue. The Ghost shoots Celan in the chest with an arrow, then tells you to let Jurisreeve Lorne know that "her past is hunting her present". The Ghost then vanishes.

Talk to Celan before he passes. He tells you that the Ghost "needed him", and recruited Celan to kill Halimorion. The Ghost of the Green gave Celan a costume to disguise himself with. Celan never saw the Ghost's face, and was never told his true name. He didn't think to ask his killer's name, as he believed in all the old stories about the Ghost of the Green. When he perishes, take the Hunting Arrow out of his chest, then meet up with Soravil upstairs.

The Ghost of the Green ran right past Soravil. Tell him about the encounter below, and he tells you to find Lorne on your own. Soravil wants to help the Bosmer Chief retrieve his son's body.

The Plot Thickens[edit]

A clue

Exit the Red Temple and meet up with Jurisreeve Lorne, who is near the fountain in front of the winery shack and the Winery Offices. She suspected there were two Ghosts, and notes that the arrow you found is of High Elven make. When you give her the Ghost of the Green's message, the dots start to connect for her. She's finished examining the blood from the sickle Farril used to defend herself. It wasn't from a Bosmer; it was Altmer blood. The Ghost of the Green isn't a Bosmer zealot, it's an Altmer, like Jurisreeve Lorne. Lorne moved the bodies to Tarnamir's manor, and says you should meet her there.

Tarnamir's Manor is up the path northwest of the fountain. When you arrive in the manor, you'll find that it's been trashed. Enter the room to the left. There are four corpses arranged to form Mara's cross: Halimorion, Farril, Celan and a new victim—Tarnamir.

Lorne is devastated. Search for clues while she composes herself. Look upon the wall back of the corpse room, to the right of the fireplace. There's a word scratched into the wall: "Eluvein". Speak with Lorne and see what she has to say about it.

"Eluvein is another name for the hilas owl. Eluveins lay their eggs, then abandon them. We use that word to describe people who are cold-hearted or aloof.
Then there's the bodies, arranged to mimic Mara's cross. This is about love. Intimacy."
Someone who loved you?
"Or more likely, someone I failed to love. There's only one suspect left. A mer with means, motive, and deep understanding of the Ghost of the Green …."
"It … no, it can't be. The Ghost of the Green ruined Soravil's life, just as he ruined mine. If not for the Ghost, Soravil's wife would likely still be alive.
I have to know. I'm sorry for what you're about to see. Auri-El forgive me."
What are you going to do?
"Stand back and I'll show you. You already saw how Celan died. Now we'll see the others."
Lorne performs the death-memory ritual

Jurisreeve Lorne kneels and performs a death-memory ritual. Halimorion and Celan's corpses rise into the air. You'll see a vision of Celan dressed as the Ghost of the Green, murdering Halimorion, who is dismissive of Celan's bravery until he's shot in the chest. Celan immediately regrets his actions. Farril's corpse rises next. It shows her being confronted by Jurisreeve Soravil, who tells her she's "seen too much" before approaching her. The Jurisreeve was watching Celan's murder of Halimorion when Farril saw Soravil. She slashed him with her sickle before Soravil overpowered her.

Tarnmir's body is the last to rise. Tarnamir is in his living room, face to face with Soravil dressed as the Ghost of the Green. Tarnamir recognizes Soravil, and tells him that he should be ashamed of what he's done. Soravil sneers as he blames Lorne for his actions, and says that he wants Taramir's death to be on her conscience as well. Soravil bids Tarnamir farewell, telling him to give Soravil's regards to his dead wife and Lorne's "degenerate husband". He then shoots Tarnamir in the chest with an arrow, and turns to look at the doorway where Lorne is standing. The Ghost of the Green knew that Lorne would perform a death-memory ritual to figure out what went down in Tarnamir's Manor. He tells her to come to the place where his wife is buried. Meet Jurisreeve Lorne outside the manor.


Outside the manor, Jurisreeve Lorne is surprised that you're still sticking by her side, even after she performed a necromantic ritual in front of you. She proceeds to explain everything.

"I told you how the Ghost of the Green killed my husband.
Soravil's wife, my husband's lover, was overcome with grief. I think she truly loved him. As soon as she heard the news, she climbed into the washtub, opened her wrists, and died."
And Soravil blames you for that?
"Not for that—for what came after.
Soravil wanted us to mend each others 
[sic] wounds—perhaps even fall in love and make a life together. I just couldn't. I focused on the work and pushed him away. He grew detached. Bitter. Now, I need to stop him."

Follow her west of Tarnamir's Manor, towards a lush graveyard. Here lies the main entrance to the Red Temple. Enter the temple with Jurisreeve Lorne. She'll call out to Soravil and ask him what he wants. He shoots her in the collar with an arrow. Lorne is injured, but tells you she'll be fine. She wants you to pursue Soravil; she can't let him get away again.

Navigate the Red Temple. It's a fairly straightforward run. Along the way, you'll encounter the temple's Graveborn guardians; constructs made of metal, stone or glass that guard the mausoleum. Head east to enter the next hallway, then head south. You'll take a detour in the southern chamber through a cave tunnel, and end up in the southeastern section of the ruins. Head north and confront Soravil, who's dressed as the Ghost of the Green. Once he's dead, head through the door to the north and meet up with Lorne. She digests recent events, and thanks you for your part in solving the mystery. Before you go, she asks that you talk to Celan's parents. She doubts Soravil told them what happened to their son, and would like them to know that you've avenged his murder.

Exit the Red Temple and head east, towards the Winery Offices. Celan's parents are near the fountain, talking to an officer of the Divine Prosecution named Venayen. Elsoreth demands to know what's going on, and Venayen informs her that the Divine Prosecution is still examining her son's corpse. He tells her that the authorities will release Celan's remains as soon as they can, then walks away. Tell Elsoreth about her son's fate. She's devastated, but gives you your reward for the quest. After the quest, Chief Rethelmir and Elsoreth leave, and Jurisreeve Lorne comments on the scene.

Jurisreeve Lorne: "A hard thing to witness. There are rarely any happy endings in this line of work. You just have to remember that things would be much worse had you not been here. That matters."

Quest Stages[edit]

Old Wounds
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel to Russafeld and speak with the Elves investigating this murder.
Objective: Talk to Tarnamir
Latest start I should talk to High Examiner Lorne.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
Lorne indicated that I should search for more clues in the grape-fields surrounding the murder scene. I should have a look around.
Objective: Search the Fields

Optional Steps: A few bystanders are lingering nearby. Perhaps I should speak to them. They might be able to provide me with useful information if they witnessed a crime.

Optional Step: Question Bystanders
I discovered the body of a young Wood Elf in the fields, not far from the original murder scene. I should blow the whistle Lorne gave me to summon her and Soravil.
Objective: Use the Whistle
The young Wood Elf's dress is spattered with blood, but I found no lacerations on her body. It's possible that she injured her assailant. I should search for more clues.
Objective: Search the Vineyard for Clues
I found a bloody sack. I should see if it contains any vital evidence.
Objective: Search the Suspicious Sack
I found a bloody sickle in the discarded sack. I should take it back to Lorne and tell her all that I've seen.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
Lorne asked me to search Halimorion's villa. She suspects that we might find evidence there that could give us insight into the murderer's motive.
Objective: Search Halimorion's Villa
I found an unsent letter in Halimorion's villa that might implicate the nearby Bosmer in his murder. I should bring this information to Lorne.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
Evidence of bad-blood between Halimorion and the nearby Wood Elves keep piling up. Lorne wants me to investigate the Wood Elf cottage. I'll meet her partner, Soravil, there.
Objective: Investigate the Wood Elf Cottage

Optional Steps: I could talk to Soravil to get some insight on what exactly we hope to find.

Optional Step: Talk to Soravil
It seems like the clan chief's wife might know something. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Elsoreth
It sounds like Elsoreth's son might be involved in the murders in one way or another. I should check his room.
Objective: Search Celan's Room
I found Celan's journal tucked under his bed. It may contain some useful clues. I should examine it.
Objective: Examine Celan's Journal
Celan's journal contains a confession that he killed the vintner, Halimorion. It looks like he fled to a nearby shrine to pray for forgiveness. I should tell Soravil about this.
Objective: Talk to Soravil
Together with Soravil, I need to search the Red Temple for Celan and bring him to justice.
Objective: Search the Red Temple
Soravil and I split up to cover more ground. I should keep looking for Celan.
Objective: Search for Celan
I found Celan, but the Ghost of the Green shot him with an arrow. He likely won't survive, but perhaps I can get some information from him before he dies.
Objective: Talk to Celan
Celan's wound proved fatal. The arrow that killed Celan resembles the one that killed Halimorion. I should take it. It might prove to be a useful clue.
Objective: Take the Arrow That Killed Celan
I should try to find Soravil before I leave the shrine.
Objective: Talk to Soravil
I should take the arrow that killed Celan back to Lorne. Perhaps she can use her alchemical prowess to glean something from it.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
The blood sample was not a match for the bloody weapon found near Farril's body. Lorne believes this new Ghost of the Green killed her, but the trail is growing cold. She believes her friend Tarnamir can help us. I need to follow her to his manor.
Objective: Go to Tarnamir's Manor
Someone ransacked the manor before we got here. I should examine the scene.
Objective: Search the Area
It appears that the Ghost of the Green arrived before us and killed Tarnamir. I should talk to Lorne.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
Lorne chose to use a forbidden spell to learn the truth of these murders. I should stand back and observe.
Objective: Observe Lorne's Spell
Lorne used a highly restricted spell to witness the last moments of the Ghost's victims' lives. It seems to be troubling her greatly that she resorted to using it. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
Lorne's spell revealed that Soravil engineered all the murders in Russafeld. He wants Lorne to confront him in the Red Temple catacombs. I should accompany her there.
Objective: Enter the Red Temple
I need to find Soravil before he escapes. He must be somewhere in the depths of the Red Temple.
Objective: Pursue Soravil
I found Soravil in the depths of the Red Temple. There's nowhere left for him to run. It's obvious he won't allow himself to be arrested, so I have no choice but to end this by force.
Objective: Kill Soravil
I defeated Soravil. I should return to Lorne to see if she's all right and inform her that Soravil is dealt with.
Objective: Talk to Lorne
☑Finishes quest With Soravil defeated, all that remains is to tell Celan's mother what happened to her son. I should go back to town to deliver the bad news.
Objective: Talk to Elsoreth