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Home Settlement Russafeld
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Aenthalor is a Bosmer male and one of the bystanders you may question during the related quest. He only appears during the appropriate stage of the quest and is not found in game afterwards.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Old Wounds: Hunt down a ghostly killer in Russafeld.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Old Wounds[edit]

"What do you want? The revelators already questioned me and cut me loose. I just want to be here if something exciting happens."
You think this is exciting?
"You don't? The Ghost of the Green has returned! Z'en's avenging champion! Of course it's exciting! These long-legs thought they executed him years ago, but now he's back! Ready to dole out deepwood justice!"
So you think Halimorion had it coming?
"New around here, eh? Halimorion was a sap-arsed dandy—slapping Wood Elves with one hand and groping them with the other. The Ghost of the Green just did what the Prosecution wouldn't. Good riddance."
So Halimorion treated Wood Elves poorly. You think that's why he was murdered?
"Murdered? No. Executed! Executed by a righteous hand. Just have a look around, outsider. I'll bet my horns you'll find evidence of misdeeds. This was a long time coming. Hopefully it put these other long-legged prigs on notice!"