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Location Red Temple Catacombs
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Celan is a young Bosmer who becomes a murderer following the manipulations of the Ghost of the Green.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Old Wounds: Hunt down a ghostly killer in Russafeld.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After finding his journal with the confession of Halimorion's murder, you find him in the Red Temple Catacombs as he is shot by the Ghost of the Green.

Celan: "No! Wait! I did everything you asked! I just can't anymore. I'm not a killer! I only wanted to protect Farril—"
The Ghost of the Green: "We could have worked such terrible wonders together. Pathetic."
The Ghost of the Green: "You, though! You're perfect. Tell Lorne her past is hunting her present. Yes ... tell her that."

The Ghost of the Green disappears. Go talk to the mortally wounded Celan.

"What ... what's happening? Am I ...?"
You've been pierced by an arrow. Tell me everything you know. Quickly.
"The Ghost ... recruited me. Said he needed me. Gave me the costume. Told me to kill as he would. Halimorion hated us—was going to kill us. I know it. After what he did to Farril ...."
Farril? The Bosmer girl that was murdered?
"Farril is dead? Oh, Divines. You've cursed me, haven't you? I only shot Halimorion, I swear it. Farril was so kind ... I wanted Halimorion to pay. I thought ... I thought the Ghost of the Green was a hero. I wanted people to see me that way."
Tell me who the real Ghost is. The one who recruited you.
"Never saw his face. He never said his name. I... didn't need to know. I'd read the stories. I believed in him, and he saw something in me. I never ... Mother ... I'm sorry."

He is dead. Take the Hunting Arrow that killed him from his chest. He is later seen during the death-memory ritual killing Halimorion dressed as the Ghost of the Green.

Halimorion: "What's this? A tiny Ghost of the Green? Ha! Run along, whelp, before—." Celan shoots Halimorion with an arrow.
Celan: "What have I done?"