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Home Settlement Russafeld
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 0 (Dead)

Farril is a Bosmer laborer found slain at the Ghost of the Green's hand in Russafeld's vineyard.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Old Wounds: Hunt down a ghostly killer in Russafeld.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You find her lifeless body during your investigation of the vineyard. Further along the investigation, her body is found in Tarnamir's villa along the bodies of the other victims. Jurisreeve Lorne will use a necromatic ritual to solve the case, and her ghost will relive her last moments:

Farril: "Who—who are you?"
Jurisreeve Soravil: "I'm afraid you've seen too much. You poor thing."
Jurisreeve Lorne: "Soravil was observing Celan when Farril saw him. She slashed him with her sickle before he overpowered her."