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Help Rigurt the Brash gain an audience with Summerset's Proxy Queen.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Rigurt the Brash
Location(s): Alinor, Rellenthil, Lillandril
Reward: Club of the Nord Cultural Exchange
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 6141
"You would help Rigurt? That makes my heart dance like young ones at a Mara's Day ball!"
Rigurt the Brash, an ambassador from the Nord Cultural Exchange, came to Summerset to broker peace. Unfortunately, he can't get an audience with the Proxy Queen.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Rigurt outside the Alinor Royal Palace.
  2. Speak to Courtier Vindilween inside the palace.
  3. Gather the three favors Vindilween required.
  4. Return to Vindilween.
  5. Discuss with Rigurt how to convince Vindilween to grant Rigurt the appointment.
  6. Participate in the meeting between Rigurt and Proxy Queen Alwinarwe.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • While deciding what to give as a Cultural Gift from Rigurt - just follow his lead, he is determined to not allow you making wrong choice.

Quest Stages[edit]

Culture Clash
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rigurt asked me to talk to Courtier Vindilween and find out how we go about acquiring a proper introduction to see the Proxy Queen.
Objective: Talk to Courtier Vindilween
I need to get Rigurt a recommendation from Sapiarch Tandemen, a writ of authenticity from Justiciar Rolumdel, and tickets from Enigma to her next performance. Vindilween suggests I use the currency of favors to accomplish these tasks.
Objective: Favor for Sapiarch Tandemen
Objective: Favor for Enigma
Objective: Favor for Justiciar Rolumdel
Objective Hint: Acquire Cultural Objects: 0/3
Objective Hint: Talk to Rigurt the Brash about Sapiarch Tandemen
Objective Hint: Retrieve Stolen Goods: 0/2
Objective Hint: Talk to Rigurt the Brash about Justiciar Rolumdel
Objective Hint: Talk to Rigurt the Brash about Enigma
Now that we acquired the items she asked for, I should return to Alinor and talk to Courtier Vindilween.
Objective: Talk to Courtier Vindilween
Courtier Vindilween gave Rigurt an appointment with the Proxy Queen, but it's a long way off. I should talk to him and see what he wants to do now.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt the Brash
I suggested that we use the information Justiciar Rolumdel provided to convince Vindilween to get Rigurt an immediate audience with the Proxy Queen. Rigurt agreed but suggested the threat would be better coming from me.
Objective: Talk to Courtier Vindilween
☑Finishes quest Courtier Vindilween finally agreed to allow Rigurt to meet with the Proxy Queen. I should let Rigurt know so he can prepare for the meeting.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt the Brash
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