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Queen Ayrenn
(lore page)
Home City Vulkhel Guard
Location Skywatch Manor
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Queen Ayrenn

Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri, the Unforeseen Queen, is the Queen of Alinor and the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. She leads the Dominion from its capital city of Elden Root.

For historical information, see the lore article.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Hostile Situation[edit]

If you talk to her in Vulkhel Guard before starting the quest, she says:

"In the name of the Aldmeri Dominion, I bid you welcome! Hmm, was that formal enough? I'm still working on my royal-ese."

When you meet her during the quest before the traitor is defeated, outside of the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury, she says:

"Fair day, citizen. I'm sorry, I'm making last minute notes for my speech. I'll be happy to talk as soon as I'm done."
The Queen speaks to her Battlereeve

Later, she'll overhear you arguing with Battlereeve Urcelmo after you share the news of Watch Captain Astanya's treachery.

Queen Ayrenn: "A moment, Urcelmo. I would hear what this one has to say."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Queen Ayrenn, I fear for your safety. Please, disregard what was said just—"
Queen Ayrenn: "Razum-dar was mentioned. He acts on my behalf. If you won't investigate, I will."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Apologies, my queen. As you will. You are a capable woman. But you must be wary.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "You, come with me. We'll investigate the temple together."

If you talk to her again before investigating:

"Believe me, I meant what I said. I'd happily go in there myself. But in this dress? And the nobles here would probably lose their minds.
Please, friend. I'd see it as a personal favor if you would investigate with the battlereeve."

Once you have dealt with Astanya, you can return to the queen and tell her the news.

"Well? What did my protectors find?"
The plot was real. We fought Astanya and her assassins, and won.
"Astanya? I can't believe it. No doubt Urcelmo will triple his watch.
She truly was an agent of the Veiled Heritance?"
Yes, my Queen. She said you had betrayed us.
"Betrayal? She turns against her people after years of service? And she spoke of my betrayal?
She obviously could not be trusted. But you have proven your worth."
What do you mean?
"The marines are blunt instruments. A queen must have a lighter touch. You've met Razum-dar, first in the Eyes of the Queen.
Would you join him? Become an elite agent for the good of the Dominion?"
I will. I accept your offer, my Queen.
"Excellent! By what power I hold, I name you an agent in my employ. You are now an Eye of the Queen, bonded to my service.
Auri-El keep you safe and Xarxes guard your words."

Complete the quest and receive the Queensguard Greaves.

To Tanzelwil[edit]

Talk to her right after the previous quest to receive the next one:

"Now to look to larger things. I must cement my position, and continue my tour of the isle."
What would you have me do, my Queen?
"I must make for the ancient site known as Tanzelwil. Normally, a new monarch communes quietly with the dead.
We're supposed to show willingness to heed the wisdom of our ancestors."
"As you saw today, my reign so far has been anything but normal. I worry there will be complications.
And the presence of my newest Eye would assuage that worry."
Of course. Queen Ayrenn.

You have the opportunity to ask her more questions about herself and the Veiled Heritance.

"Make your way to Tanzelwil at your own pace. Seek out my entourage when you arrive. They'll be able to direct you to me.
And good luck, to us both, on the road."
Can we discuss the Veiled Heritance, Your Majesty? / What do you know of the Veiled Heritance, Your Majesty?
"As you wish. I'm not sure I know much more than you, at this point."
Is this the first attempt on your life?
"I wish I could say yes. Astanya got closer than anyone else has. Subverting a watch captain. I can't believe they'd be so bold."
What do they want?
"An end to the Dominion. They want me to step down, to appoint their own regent, for everyone not of High Elven descent to leave the Summerset Isles. The list goes on and on."
Why are they so against the alliance?
"They're racists, High Elven supremacists with no understanding of the real world. Short-sighted misanthropes with delusions of grandeur!
Bastard throwbacks that should crawl back beneath their rock!"
Your Majesty, would you mind telling me something about yourself?
"Oh thank Auri-El. Someone who's not too blinded by my crown to ask a real question. Apologies. Of course, I'd be happy to chat. What would you like to know?"
How did you gain the throne?
"My father, King Hidellith of Alinor, passed on to Aetherius. He was a good man. As is my brother, Naemon.
I returned to take my father's place, because my lifetime of experience has prepared me, honed me, to be the ruler we need."
What did you do before you were crowned?
"Ha. Have you heard some of the rumors? My exploits have been greatly exaggerated, I can assure you.
Except the story about the bear. That one's true."
What prompted you to found the Dominion?
"To be blunt, the Altmer are too few. Together with the Wood Elves and Khajiit, we have the iron will, the strength of arms, and the depth of character to solve the problems facing Tamriel.'
You think we can save the world?
"I do. I spent years traveling the face of Nirn. The alliance we've forged is the strongest in the world. I spent months working with the Mane and the Treethanes to create this Dominion of ours. I'm very proud of it."
Is that where you met Razum-dar?
"Ha. No, Raz and I met while I was traveling, many years ago. We met in Wayrest. Or was it Whiterun? Something with a "W".
The story's a long one, and involves a drunken schoolmarm and a purple velvet dress. Ahem."

In the Name of the Queen[edit]

The Ancestral Spirit threatens the Queen

Once you arrive at Tanzelwil and have spoken to Prince Naemon, you can head into the ruins to witness Ayrenn performing the ritual, only for it to go unexpectedly.

Queen Ayrenn: "We call upon our honored ancestors to pass on their memory and wisdom."
Ancestral Spirit: "Your ancestors disavow you, false one! The Veiled Queen is the rightful heir, and Norion shall end your reign."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "My Queen, look out!"

Urcelmo rushes at the spirit only for it to disappear. You can talk with Ayrenn after this.

"Well, that could have gone better. Maybe it's all that royal "we" nonsense.
"We call upon our ancestors." It's all rather condescending, isn't it?"
Well. You are the Queen.
"Don't remind me. This ceremony is supposed to show Auridon that I honor our people's culture and heritage.
It's supposed to show that our ancestors see me as the rightful heir. I guess our ancestors have ideas of their own."
Why did that spirit threaten you?
"I don't know. It mentioned Norion, my advisor. You met him in Vulkhel Guard, I believe.
My friend, something has gone wrong here. I hate to ask your aid again, but I must."
Just tell me what to do.
"There are two priestesses elsewhere in the ruins, women I trust. If Norion has turned against me, I fear for their lives.
Stand with them as they perform their parts of the ceremony. Keep them safe."
As you say, my Queen.

You can then ask her some more questions before leaving.

"These ceremonies are important to my people, which makes them important to me. I guess."
What will you do here, my Queen?
"Continue the rituals, of course. The priestesses are waiting on me. No unquiet dead will keep me from finishing what I began here."
Why do you have to perform the rituals?
"It's as I said. The ceremonies are for the people. They've always been a part of crowning a new Altmeri monarch.
The people are already nervous about my extended absence. They need to know they can trust me."
Why are the dead against you?
"It must be Norion. Thrice-damned skeever that he is, he's also an accomplished mage.
To control them so utterly, he must be nearby. I'm sure he'll show his face soon enough."
Why would Norion turn against you? And who is the Veiled Queen?
"I've no idea who the Veiled Queen might be. Perhaps the leader of that Veiled Heritance group?
And in my estimation, Norion would sell his own mother if he thought he'd get a good price at the market."
So Norion's treachery is no suprise [sic], then?
"Norion was a staunch supporter of my father. And after him, Naemon's bid for rule. He was very … vocal in his disappointment when I returned and took the crown.
For Norion, it's all a power game. And I wasn't playing his way."

If you completed the Silsailen objective, you can mention it to her:

I encountered the Heritance in Silsailen, after I left you in Vulkhel Guard.
"Truly? I had hoped Astanya led some kind of small splinter group or gave a grandiose name to a group of thugs.
If they can strike at a whole town … get to me here, through Norion. Stars, they're a real threat!"

After you have helped the two priestesses, you can report to Queen Ayreen, who will be now near the entrance to the Tanzelwil.

"My friend returns. Are the rituals completed? Are the priestesses safe?"
Yes, my Queen.
"That's a relief. Thank you. Now comes the tricky bit.
The final ritual must take place inside the ancestral tombs. Where, I would imagine, the most powerful dead dwell."

Complete the quest for some gold and talk to the queen to receive your next task.

Rites of the Queen[edit]

Queen Ayrenn will need to complete the rituals and thus you will ask to accompany her into the crypts.

"I'm afraid we're not finished here. Not yet."
Why risk your life? Is it that important?
"If I am to be Queen, I must look fear in the face and conquer it. How can I ask my people to have faith in me if I don't have faith in myself?"
Then my place is at your side.
"I was a warrior before I became queen. I can handle myself.
But you're determined. And I know you're foolhardy enough. I would welcome your company."
It would be my honor.

Accept to go with her, she'll say:

Queen Ayrenn: "I can handle myself. I was a warrior long before I became a Queen!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Your Majesty! Let me come with you!"

Before you enter the crypts, she'll be waiting at the entrance, where you can ask her about what dangers could be in there.

"I should warn you. Three coins say Norion is down in the crypts."
You're sure?
"Well, no. But to control these spirits so completely, he'd have to be close.
The crypt is a winding complex, with plenty of places for quiet spellcasting."
Are you ready to face him?
"I'm prepared for anything. If he's sided with this Veiled Queen, he's a traitor. That means we end him, here and now.
Are you with me?"
After you, my Queen.
Ayrenn fights her way to the Ancestral Chamber

Enter the catacombs, Norion projection will appear periodically to taunt Ayrenn and to also summon hostile spirits. She will say various lines after defeating them.

Queen Ayrenn: "I feel the ancestors guiding me."
Queen Ayrenn: "Ambush! Watch yourself."
Queen Ayrenn: "My sword is thirsty!"
Queen Ayrenn: "It feels good to draw my sword again!"
Queen Ayrenn: "I'm glad you're down here, my friend."
Queen Ayrenn: "The things I endure for my people."
Queen Ayrenn: "Let's keep moving."
Queen Ayrenn: "Don't want to stay down here any longer than we have to."

Once you arrive at the doors to the innermost chamber Ayrenn will say:

Queen Ayrenn: "Beyond this door lies the Ancestral Chamber at the very heart of Tanzelwil. If I complete the ritual and receive the ancestors' blessing, the people will finally accept me as King Tamlien's heir."
Ayrenn fights Norion

When Norion is defeated, Ayrenn will head towards the altar to complete the ritual. Defeat Norion and accept the blessings from the spirits.

Queen Ayrenn: "Norion got what he deserved. Time this ritual was ended."

She prays at the altar.

Queen Ayrenn: "May the ancestors bless us with their wisdom and protection."
Ancient Spirit: "The ancestors honor your prayers."
Ancient Spirit: "May the light of the Eight bless you and guide you."
Ancient Spirit: "Let your reign be long and peaceful."
Queen Ayrenn: "It's finished. Let's get out of this dark place. Follow me."

Exit the catacombs and talk to her once again.

"You risked everything to help me. I won't forget it."
Any time, my Queen.
"You're too modest. Thank you, my brave and noble friend.
Until we meet again, wherever the road may take us."

Complete the quest to receive the Eaglebanner Longbow and some gold.

You can speak with afterwards to ask where she will be heading next as well the Veiled Heritance.

"Go carefully on the roads, my friend. You're a valuable resource to the Dominion.
And me, of course."
Do you have a moment for questions, Your Majesty?
"Of course, my friend. Our little adventure here has brought up a few questions of my own."
Are you worried about any of the other courtiers?
"Worried about them turning like Norion? Hmm. I don't believe so.
Norion was old guard, and never very fond of me. Most of the others awaiting us on the road honestly want change."
How do we deal with the Veiled Heritance?
"Outright traitors like Norion, we end. No question. The problem is that traitors like Norion are only fanning the flame.
If I can't win over my people, the Heritance will be dealing with me instead of the other way round."
What will you do now?
"We have dozens of stops along the road, speaking at farms and holdfasts. My next big event is in Skywatch, I believe. They're throwing a festival, and I'm to make a public appearance with my sister-in-law Estre.
Always thrilling."
You and she aren't close, then?
"There's no love lost there, no. My brother took the news of my return fairly well, all things considered.
I'm not sure his wife has it in her to be as forgiving. She wanted to be Queen."

Lifting the Veil[edit]

Enter Skywatch Manor to look for Razum-dar, and you will overhear the Queen and High Kinlady Estre discussing the Veiled Heritance:

High Kinlady Estre: "...can assure you, if the Veiled Heritance is in Skywatch, they will be found."
Queen Ayrenn: "I believe you, Estre. But the Royal Guard will aid in the search. This is non-negotiable."
High Kinlady Estre: "Very well. If you will excuse me, Your Majesty, I have much to do."

After that exchange, you can also hear a nearby Skywatch Noble trying to get your attention. Should you talk to the queen first, she'll welcome you to the city.

"I bid you welcome to Skywatch."
It's good to see you again, Your Majesty.
"I'm glad you're here. I'm happy for the chance to honor Lady Estre.
She's my brother's wife, after all. But it all goes in the Font if the Heritance tries something."
What do you need me to do?
"No. Not I. We can't be seen discussing such matters, Razum-dar is very close by.
Auri-El's scales protect you."

The Veil Falls[edit]

After your investigation you will reveal the identity of the Veiled Queen, Raz will approach Queen Ayrenn on the dias in Skywatch Manor.

Razum-dar: "My queen, this one apologizes. We must speak with you at once."
Queen Ayrenn: "Razum-dar? What's going on here?"
High Kinlady Estre: "What is the meaning of this? Who let that cat in here?"
Razum-dar: "Our friend here will tell the tale."
"Estre doesn't even know magic!"

At this, the spotlight is on you and you will need to explain the situation to Ayrenn.

"Speak quickly, please. This could be very bad for both of us."
My queen, I'm sorry, but you're in danger here.
"I know. That's why Raz asked you to investigate the Heritance."
No. Your Majesty. Estre is the Veiled Queen.
"The Veiled … surely this is a jest?"
I defeated the Veiled Council and met their leader. Estre used magic to contact them.
"Estre doesn't even know magic!"

Estre disappears, decidedly magically.

She escaped, your Majesty.

If you exit and return to the conversation after Estre escapes, Ayrenn will still be stunned.

"I can hardly believe it—Estre, the Veiled Queen."
I'm sorry she escaped, your majesty.
"It's all right, my agent. You've done the Dominion a great service today. With Estre exposed, the Veil falls. We'll investigate her staff, her guards. We'll bring them to ground.
You have the thanks of a grateful Queen."

You will receive the Queensguard Chestplate of the Veiled Heritance.

To Dawnbreak[edit]

Queen Ayrenn will immediately have a task for you.

"Estre must pay for this."
You want me to track down Estre?
"It's more subtle than that. My campaign will take me through Dawnbreak, but my Eyes tell me the Canonreeve there, Sinyon, supports the Veiled Heritance. If Estre has fled, she may seek reinforcements there."
What do you want me to do?
"Go to Dawnbreak and speak to Sinyon. Be my Eyes there and make sure it's safe. I can't have Estre disrupting the campaign, and Urcelmo is already pushing through to Firsthold for preparations.
Razum-dar and I have much to discuss."
I'll make sure Dawnbreak is safe.

Talking to her right after this, she says nothing else but:

"I only hope you're not too late."

Sever All Ties[edit]

She is found outside Castle Firsthold after you defeat Estre.

"The Battlereeve tells me Estre is dead. I mourn her loss. She is the past. And you, our future. Your service to our people has been exemplary. You have proven yourself a valuable asset to the Aldmeri Dominion."
Thank you, your Grace.
"Among those who heed my voice, you will be honored and welcome. Our alliance of three peoples is fragile but beautiful. With you at its heart, I'm certain the Covenant and the Pact will learn to fear the eagle's cry."

This completes the quest, you receive Estre's Dreadstaff. Ayrenn is ready to give you the next quest.

The Great Tree[edit]

"High Kinlady Estre may be defeated, but there are still those who would oppose the Dominion. The Veiled Heritance is proof of that. High Kinlord Rilis and I still have our work cut out for us here."
How could I be of help?
"The king of the Wood Elves informs me there's some manner of discontent in Elden Root, our capital city. Meet with King Camoran Aeradan and work to end the discord. Once local matters are in hand, I'll meet you in Elden Root."
How do I get to Elden Root?
"Travel to Skywatch and look for Captain Jimila. I've heard she's a reliable captain with a fast ship. She can bring you to the port of Haven, which is just south of Elden Root. And if she gives you trouble, tell her I sent you."
I'll head to Elden Root, your majesty.

Prince Naemon will walk up to the queen after his wife's death.

Naemon: "My Queen. How may I further the Dominion's goals today?"
Ayrenn: "Little brother. You're here."
Naemon: "You only call me that when you've done something you regret. Or expect to regret."
Ayrenn: "Naemon... then what have they told you?"
Naemon: "When you snatched father's crown for yourself, you never once called me 'little brother'. Did you know that?"
Ayrenn: "Please, I must know."
Naemon: "I heard you declared my wife a traitor, that you ordered Estre's death. Well, she's gone now. Isn't she."
Ayrenn: "Little brother... I would have told you myself, if I could."
Naemon: "No regrets, dear sister. You did what must be done, for the glory of the Dominion. How could there be shame in that?"

The Orrery of Elden Root[edit]

After making the Orrery operational again, you are ready to attend the ratification ceremony. Inside the elven ruins, you can hear various conversations, one between Ayrenn and Prince Naemon before the ceremony:

Queen Ayrenn: Little brother, you shouldn't be here for this. Daraneth warned us of the dangers.
Prince Naemon: I won't turn my back on family. My place is in your shadow, as it has always been.
Queen Ayrenn: I know this can't be easy for you.
Prince Naemon: On the contrary. Today the Dominion shall see why a High Elf is fit to lead all of Tamriel.
Queen Ayrenn: I used to despise your certainty, but today it's... reassuring, oddly enough.
Prince Naemon: Apology accepted.

If you talk to her here, she says:

"Prince Naemon says you're to thank for ensuring the ratification ceremony will happen without delay."
It was no trouble, your majesty.
"Nonsense, it was a great deal of trouble. It's not something one forgets, especially when one is a queen."

After speaking to Daraneth, she'll start preparing the machine:

Prince Naemon : "So this pile of moss and rubble determines the next emperor."
King Camoran Aeradan : "The Orrery is ancient. Show some respect."
Queen Ayrenn : "It's magnificent."
Daraneth : "Nearly there, your majesties, Your Highness!"

Activate the Orrery with the help of Conservator Daraneth. Before completing it, you can still talk to Ayrenn: "Fascinating! And a bit intimidating. But I suppose you could say that about much of Ayleid construction." As the Orrery is ready to be used:

Prince Naemon: And now the Ayleid deathtrap will tell us if we have an emperor in our midst. Truly, a momentous day!
Queen Ayrenn: Naemon, now is not the time.
Prince Naemon: Ayrenn, there's always time to protect you from yourself. For how could I let you risk your life in this contraption without testing it first, dear sister?

Naemon will try to derive power from the orrery, but will finally turn into an Ogrim and you have to defeat him. Ayrenn will mutter to herself, "What were you thinking?" Talk to her.

I had little choice, Your Majesty.
What? No, I.... Why would Naemon do this?
I made him a part of what we were building, tried to show him this is about more than just "our people." I would have all of Tamriel be our people.
What did the Orrery do to him?
What the legend says. It revealed the person within.
As it will do to me.
What do you mean?
Do you think I have a choice in this? I will enter the Orrery, as I swore to the people of the Aldmeri Dominion. I must learn whether I'm fit to lead them.
And if I'm not....
Yes, Your Majesty?
If I'm changed, as my brother was... I can't become a danger to the people I've sworn to lead.
Do you understand me?
I understand, Your Majesty.

As she approaches the orrery, she says, "I must not delay." The Orrery does not change much about her, except for adding a kind of radiant effect. Talk to her after she exits the device.

I'm... myself. Aren't I?
It appears so, Your Majesty. What did you see in the Orrery?
A Dominion of peace. The fair and just rule of Tamriel, beneath an Aldmeri banner. A future I hope to build.
And you, standing at my side. Come, help me build the future.

This completes the quest and she is ready to give you the next one immediately.

The Staff of Magnus[edit]

Speaking with her in her manor before the quest:

"It is good you have come. The Bosmer here have yet to swear loyalty to the Dominion, and our enemies seek to sway them. Worse, the Staff of Magnus was stolen from Marbruk before I arrived.
I hope you will aid the Dominion in this dark time."

If you accepted the quest through her immediately after the previous quest:

"I don't intend to tell anyone what my brother did. As far as I'm concerned, he died trying to help me, not usurp my throne."
What now?
"The Staff of Magnus."
What do you mean? What is the Staff of Magnus?
"A powerful object with the ability to suppress magic. Dangerous, were it to fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, we already possess it. Go to Marbruk in eastern Greenshade. Speak to Captain Sarandil about securing the staff. I'll follow soon after."
I'll secure the staff, Your Highness.

Vicereeve Pelidil approaches after you talked to the queen.

Vicereeve Pelidil: "We heard sounds of battle. What happened?"
Queen Ayrenn: "There was an accident. My brother gave his life to protect us. He died a hero."
Vicereeve Pelidil: "I … I don't …."
Queen Ayrenn: "I will soon go to Marbruk. Vicereeve Pelidil, I want you to travel ahead with my brother's body. You will make the funeral arrangements."
Vicereeve Pelidil: "Yes … yes, Your Majesty. I understand."
Queen Ayrenn: "Spare no expense for his funeral. All in the Dominion are welcome. All may pay their respects to a hero."
Vicereeve Pelidil: "At once, Your Majesty."

You head to Marbruk and find the Staff of Magnus stolen. Outside the Mages Guild, you find the queen with some Royal Bodyguards.

"Honor and praise, my friend. Do you have the Staff of Magnus?"
The staff is gone. Vicereeve Pelidil stole it.
"Pelidil? Then it's true. He's betrayed us. My brother's body didn't make it to Marbruk either. I knew he loved Naemon dearly, but I didn't think he'd stoop to this. I will once again require your aid."

Complete the quest for some gold. If you talk to her again, she says:

"The Dominion's enemies strike from within and without. It makes allies like you all the more precious."

Report to Marbruk[edit]

Her majesty will be in her house in Marbruk. You need to deliver the missives from Cirenwe and Fariel.

"I hear you've been busy, my friend. Good. Very good.
Is that letter for me?"
Details from Major Cirenwe and Fariel to bring you up to speed.
"I see. So the rumors were true. Pelidil ….
It is good that you brought him to his end. But I hope you aren't too weary, my Eye. Pelidil may be gone, but his actions are being felt across Valenwood. We have much left to do."

If you have not completed Retaking the Pass, Captain Sarandil will enter and deliver his news. After she'll only say:

"I am glad Pelidil's threat is ended, but the Staff of Magnus is still missing. For now, I have another task for you.
Undead rise in the north. Bodring and his Vinedusk hold the line. Meet him at Marbruk's north gate and aid him however you can."

If you have completed all of Indaenir's quests, she'll instead say:

"News of this Indaenir intrigue me. Everyone I've spoken to about him says he possesses a sense beyond even the most talented scout—powers we do not fully understand.
Keep him close. I believe he may be more important to us than we now know."

Shades of Green[edit]

Arrive at the ancient site, and her majesty will be there with a small welcoming party of some of your previous acquaintances. Speak to her.

"Auri-El grant me strength. I hope you're the one Indaenir spoke of."
Probably so. I'm here to help.
"Thank the Eight. The army here is greater than we anticipated."

Striking at the Heart[edit]

Continue your conversation from the previous quest.

"Damn these gates. Damn the corruption. I should be in there, not Indaenir.
He said you'll be able to pass through. Help him. Stop Naemon."
Yes. Indaenir was worried the Shade of Naemon might be here.
"He wasn't wrong.
The Veiled Heritants subjected my brother's body to an unnatural resurrection—as a lich. He has the Staff of Magnus and is using it to suppress Hectahame's necromantic wards and raise an undead army."
How bad is it?
"Very. According to Indaenir, Hectahame guards the Heart of Valenwood. He believes Naemon is corrupting it, and this corruption turns any soldiers we send forth … feral.
Indaenir knows more. He waits for you at the gate."
I'll find him.

Ayrenn will give you more information if you press.

"Indaenir believes he can enter unharmed. And you as well. I pray he's right."
What can you tell me about Hectahame?
"We have only limited understanding of the history. Some time after the passing of the Ayleids, a necromancer or group of necromancers tried to raise an army of the dead. Necromantic wards were put in place, but now Naemon is suppressing them."
How is he doing that?
"Even as a lich, I don't believe Naemon is powerful enough to disrupt the ancient wards. Elendarie believes it's the Staff of Magnus.
We must retrieve the staff and secure it for the Aldmeri Dominion."
Can you tell me more about the Staff of Magnus?
"Some say it once belonged to Magnus, the God of Magic himself—some say it was a gift, others say it was stolen, others believe it's a test.
It suppresses magic, and it seems Naemon is using it to subdue the wards."
You mentioned the Heart of Valenwood?
"I little understand it, but the Bosmer have described it to me as the center of Greenshade.
As Naemon is allowed to corrupt it, the forest will die. The Bosmer here would lose their homes and be forced to flee."

Return to Ayrenn after the events of the quest:

"My soldiers stir from their feral state. I can only assume the corruption has receded, and Naemon is again put to rest."
Yes, Naemon is finally at rest.
"It is well. The funeral rites and honors may proceed as originally planned. My brother was a pawn of the Veiled Heritance, you understand? The mistreatment of his royal body only makes their treason the worse.
Now, what of the Staff of Magnus?"
Here it is.
"Thank you. I will see to its safeguarding personally."
There's one more thing. Indaenir is the Silvenar.
"The Silvenar. By the Eight.
Mane Akkhuz-ri, is this true? If so, that changes a great deal."

After you exit the conversation, Akkhuz-ri weighs in.

Mane Akkhuz-ri: "His spirit was gone from the mortal world. The Valenwood restored him."
Queen Ayrenn: "Indaenir?"
Indaenir: "The Mane speaks the truth, Queen Ayrenn."
Mane Akkhuz-ri: "Cariel herself said Y'ffre chose him. This one agrees."
Queen Ayrenn: "Then rise Indaenir. It is I who have the honor of bowing to you."
Indaenir: "Queen Ayrenn, please. I —"
Queen Ayrenn: "People of the Aldmeri Dominion. I present to you, your new Silvenar."

Speak to her again and she'll add:

"We won a necessary victory for the Dominion today, and we have you to thank."
So now what?
"I'll see to the Staff of Magnus's safety myself.
As for you, the Bosmer have their Silvenar. With both the Silvenar and the Green Lady, it's time the two became one. Go to Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor and we will make preparations."

After completing the quest, outside on the causeway, she'll say:

"The Green Lady is in Malabal Tor, but rumors of attacks from Redguards have reached us. It's imperative that the Green Lady be kept safe, so that she and the Silvenar may be joined."

Frighten the Fearsome[edit]

Right after the previous quest, you find Raz outside the Mages Guild, ready to give you this quest. After accepting the quest, you may talk to the queen again.

"Without the aid of the local tribes, our power here will remain weak. I hope the Bramblebreach will be but the first to join us."

The First Step[edit]

Upon entering the temple she will greet you with:

"My friend! It's good to see you again. I'm thrilled I could persuade Urcelmo to trek out here. We need to support Akkhuz-ri and the Champions. This is a vulnerable moment for our fragile new Dominion."
Then the High Elves are worried about Akkhuz-ri's fall?
"Cautious might be a better word. Since the Dominion formed, there has been a great deal of political turmoil. The old guard in Auridon, resistance to King Camoran's rule … and now the spiritual leader of the Khajiit corrupted by a dark spirit."
What do you think?
"I've known the Speaker and the Mane for years, and have every confidence in them. I've spoken to Shazah and Khali here in the temple, and I'm most impressed. The Summerset Isles will support Elsweyr, come what may."

Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, she will tell you:

"I'd stand by your side in there if I could, Hallowed. Good luck."

After the trials she will say:

"Very impressive. Shazah and Khali are lucky to have someone like you as their guardian."

The Path to Moonmont[edit]

Speaking to her during the quest:

"With the Champions prepared, the Dominion itself begins to heal. We're going to make our way to Dune. The Two Moons Path awaits! I'll see you there, my friend."

To Dune[edit]

"My friend! It is good to see you, even here. I keep hearing reports out of the March. "Hallowed this" and "the Hallowed did that." Even on the fringes of the Dominion, you make your mark."
My Queen, we've lost one of the Lunar Champions to the Dark Mane.
"Yes, I know. Her sister told us a tale of bravery and sacrifice. She said you played an important role... as you so often do. I wish we could offer you a chance to rest and recover. But rest will have to wait for another day."

The Fires of Dune[edit]

"I'm sorry to ask for your service so soon. But after the loss of the Champion at Moonmont your valor could make the difference today."
What's the situation, Your Majesty?
"We were on our way to see the Champion walk the Two Moons Path. Then our advance team began to report. Smoke over Dune, the cries of Daedra, and Stonefire cultists in the streets. Javad Tharn has grown tired of waiting, it would seem."
Where is the Champion?
"She and a few of our bravest warriors have gone ahead into the city. They're trying to stem the tide of Daedra, ease up the pressure on our troops here. If you will, Hallowed? I'm sure she'd appreciate the help."
As you say, Your Majesty.

You can ask her a few questions.

"Clear the city, end the Daedric threat, and we can meet at the temple. We can usher in a new era of unity for this Aldmeri Dominion."
May I ask you a few questions, my Queen?
"So formal! Of course, of course. What would you like to discuss?"
Are the Colovians still causing trouble?
"According to reports I've been getting, no. They're still trying to hold the few places in the Northern Woods they managed to capture, but we've pushed them back. Arenthia was their largest victory, and you denied them that."
Are they still fighting anywhere in particular?
"I'm still receiving reports of conflict at a ruin called Senalana. Why the Colovians are so keen to hold an Ayleid ruin in the middle of the wood, Auri-El only knows. Those people are beyond me."

If you have completed Gates of Fire you can add:

Raz was sacrificed:
Raz survived:
I was at Senalana. I'm sorry about Razum-dar.
"Raz was … he could be infuriating. Many times, my advisors told me to cut him loose. I never considered it. I and the Dominion will roll along without him, I'm sure. But it will be a little lonelier under this crown."
Have you had a chance to speak to Razum-dar since Senalana?
"Yes, I have. He won't tell me what you did that has him so irritated, but … he's really annoyed. Kept saying something about following orders? I'm sure he'll calm down soon."
How did this all begin?
"We're still not sure. But we haven't seen any chains, yet. No dark anchors. All the Daedra appear to have come from portals opened in the middle of the districts. I have a problem, though."
What's that?
"When the Daedra push into our realm, they create a kind of organic gateway. I saw that firsthand at Firsthold. That hasn't happened here. The portals reach from our side to theirs. That means, somewhere in Dune, there is a traitor."
If you chose Khali as the new Mane:
If you chose Shazah as the new Mane:
Have you had a chance to speak to Khali?
"Yes, I have. She's quite the boisterous woman, seems very capable. But Stars above does she know tactics. We had the most fascinating discussion about the most recent push in Cyrodiil."
Do you think she'll make a good Mane?
"My friend, I know you've chosen well. The lunar clergy seems to think so, and I find her quite charming. The Khajiiti people are wise and brave in equal amounts. They will grow to love her. I know it."
Have you had a chance to speak to Shazah?
"Yes, I have. She's a quiet woman, seems very thoughtful. But Stars above does she know a lot. We had the most fascinating discussion about the signing of the Elden Accord. And she wasn't even there!"
Do you think she'll make a good Mane?
"My friend, I know you've chosen well. The lunar clergy seems to think so, and I find her quite charming. The Khajiiti people are wise and brave in equal amounts. They will grow to love her. I know it."

The Moonlit Path[edit]

At the temple of Two-Moons Path she will say, :"The Dominion has never known a greater hero. And I am proud to call you a friend." After speaking to the Lunar Champion, she'll add, "Dune is clear, the city is safe. The Lunar Champion is here. Are you ready to help her walk the Two Moons Path?"

In a vision within the Temple, a flashback projection of Ayrenn will appear:

Queen Ayrenn: "Mane Akkhuz-ri, it is a pleasure to meet you. The Khajiit and their faith will be the Dominion's bulwark against the darkness."
Akkhuz-ri: "Thank you, my Queen. May the Bright Moons guide us in our new endeavor."
Shazah: "I recognize this moment. The day the Elden Accord was signed! The Mane was a good leader, Hallowed. A good soul."
Khali: "I know this! The day the Elden Accord was signed! The Mane was a good leader, Hallowed. A warrior."
Ayrenn battles Urcelmo

In an alternate timeline vision in the Demi-Plane of Jode, Ayrenn will be battling Battlereeve Urcelmo in Ayrenn's Last Stand. She will yell out:

Queen Ayrenn: "Help me! You're the only one I can trust. Save your Queen!"
Queen Ayrenn injured

Speak to her outside.

"I just wanted to keep the dream alive. The dream of my Aldmeri Dominion..."
My Queen, you're hurt.
"Yes. Badly. Swords can cut... cut pretty deep, it turns out. I feel the wounds in the Dominion much worse, though. Those wounds will be the death of me."
Is the Dominion truly at an end?
"Yes. The Wood Elves consumed by rage. The Khajiit, retreated into the desert. And my people... Summerset risen up against me. By the time the Pact and the Covenant arrive on our shores, there will be nothing left to pick apart."
You'll be all right, my Queen. We can get you to safety.
"No. I have nowhere I can go. My people have rejected me. Rejected the whole idea of an alliance with other races. The Eagle banner is fallen. I might as well fall too.
Surely you can fight back?
"What reason is there left to fight? We've lost our heart. Our soul. And now, with my death, the body of the Dominion shall fall silent as well. Leave me, please. Let a Queen die with dignity. In silence, and solitude."
As you command, my Queen.
"Get out of here! I command you to... just go."

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

Back at Dune, the real Queen Ayrenn can be spoken to.

"Hallowed, thank you for dispatching that treacherous Urcelmo. I... have to admit, I'm going to make jokes at his expense for years off this."

After the ceremony, she'll say:

"We owe you so much. Finally, the Aldmeri Dominion can truly be called an alliance.
But I'm afraid there's no rest for the heroic. I have a message for you."

Messages Across Tamriel[edit]

At the Temple of Two Moons Path in Dune:

"We owe you so much. Finally, the Aldmeri Dominion can truly be called an alliance.
But, I'm afraid there's no rest for the heroic. I have a message for you."
Following dialogue input missing

Covenant and Pact Version[edit]

When you are part of either the Daggerfall Covenant or Ebonheart Pact, you will have to travel to Elden Root with Vanus Galerion to convince her to attend a meeting between the alliances on the island of Stirk. When Vanus approaches her they will fondly reminisce before introducing you.

Vanus Galerion: "Greatly Esteemed Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri, it is my great honor to present to you …."
Queen Ayrenn: "Vanus, you're so formal! I remember the patience and kindess you showed an awkward freckled waif all those years ago on fair Summerset! You captured this child's heart then, and it remains with you to this day."
Vanus Galerion: "You warm an old man's heart, my Queen. I remember well those halcyon days."
Queen Ayrenn: "As do I, my old friend. Sorry about all these guards. I'm told they're necessary. These are dark days."
Vanus Galerion: "A wise precaution, my Queen. My counsel would be no different. If you'll permit it, my companion would like to speak with you."
Queen Ayrenn: "Ah yes. Let me meet this hero I've so much about. It's not often the heroic deeds of one who, by all rights, should be considered a mortal enemy, reach my ears. Come, let's talk."

You can then speak with her.

"Vanus is a dear man. In many ways, he is family to me. Since he has given you his trust, I'm willing to set aside our differences. But under different circumstances, you and I would be sworn enemies."
My only sworn enemy is Molag Bal, Your Majesty.
"Well spoken and point taken.
To be perfectly honest, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet you. Your exploits are legendary."
You've heard of me?
"A true champion is like a stone cast upon the waters of history. The ripples it creates travel far and wide."
I'm humbled, Your Majesty.
"Humility is a noble thing, but you must also remain strong and self-assured. A true champion is also history's pawn, and history is a cruel and unfeeling master.
But enough philosophy. What did you wish to speak with me about?"
I've come to propose a meeting on the island of Stirk, to discuss an assault on Coldharbour.
"And you need all three of the alliance leaders to attend this meeting? A bold suggestion. I like it.
Very well. I make no promises with regards to the negotiations themselves, but I will attend. That much, I promise."

After speaking with her you may overhear some words between her and Razum-dar. If you are part of the Covenant:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Copper Dariah that this one looks forward to seeing her lithe figure in her tight leathers."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

Otherwise if you are part of the Pact:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Dunmer, Naryu, that she is very welcome to disguise herself as a serving girl and show off for this one."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

The Weight of Three Crowns[edit]

Once the you have arrived at the summit, the talks will begin, however, the tensions between the leaders quickly lead to insults.

Queen Ayrenn: "We must put aside our differences and work together or this assault is doomed from the start."
High King Emeric: "How do we know this isn't a ruse? A clever plan to divert out forces while your armies take the Imperial City?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I thought backstabbing was your favorite tactic, Emeric!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Please! Are you both so arrogant? Your weapons are children's toys compared to the horrors that Molag Bal commands!"
High King Emeric: "I will not wager the future of my people on the word of snow barbarian and an adolescent female. I fear for Tamriel's future if either of you were to sit upon the Ruby Throne!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Since when do you care about your people? You never lift a finger except to count your gold!"
Vanus Galerion: "Please, my lords! This bickering is pointless!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "What a waste of time!"
<Jorunn goes back to his camp.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Obstinate fools, both of you!"
<Ayrenn returns to her camp.>
High King Emeric: "What a mess. Apologies, Vanus, but I'm going to check on my Lion Guard."
<Emeric leaves for his camp.>

Once her discussions with High King Emeric and Jorunn the Skald-King on Stirk are cut short, If you try to speak to her before getting advice from Vanus, she'll only say:

"Give me a moment to cool down. Talking to those two makes my blood boil."

After speaking to Vanus you will have to convince the leaders to allow the Guilds to fight. You can find the Queen in her camp and her greeting to you will differ depending on your alliance membership.

If you are Dominion she will sound reasonable:

"With our combined strength we might have a chance, but our distrust runs too deep. I fear we'll never reach an accord."
There is an alternative.
"Is there? What did you have in mind?"
We could send the guilds into Coldharbour.
"Hmm. Perhaps. But we don't know enough about Coldharbour to fully understand what they'd be up against."
If we can't trust the other alliances, what other option do we have?
"An excellent point. Very well. If you can convince the other leaders, you have my support."

If you are Covenant, she will instead insist that your respective alliances will not work with each other. But you have the chance to persuade her to consider an alternative.

"Your King needs to stop talking out of the side of his mouth. He has a lot of Dominion blood on his hands. We're not going to easily forget that, and we're certainly not going to fight by his side in Coldharbour."

If you're part of the Ebonheart Pact:

"Jorunn is being stubborn out of spite. He's your king. Can't you reason with him?"

Regardless of your Alliance, the conversation continues.

There is an alternative.
"Is there? What did you have in mind?"
We could send the guilds into Coldharbour.
"Hmm. Perhaps. But we don't know enough about Coldharbour to fully understand what they'd be up against."
Daggerfall Covenant[Persuade] I've been there. A small team of fighters and mages might accomplish more than a lumbering army.
"Well, it's certainly not what they'll be expecting. Very well. I'll agree, if you can convince the others."
Ebonheart Pact[Intimidate]Do you want history to remember you as the Queen who surrendered to Molag Bal?
"Don't presume to think you can intimidate me! History will remember me as a bold and decisive leader who cared about her people.
But you do have a point. If you can convince the others, we'll try your plan. Now, leave me in peace."
I don't see any other options.
"Nor do I, but I'll agree to nothing until I've conferred with my advisors. Now, go annoy the others. I've had enough for one day."

When Molag Bal summons his Daedra to attack the leaders, she will say:

"This is all they send to kill me? Truly?"

If you speak to her after defeating them, she will say:

"Everything we've done against the Tharns, everything that's happened to our fragile alliance… was it not enough?"

Once the Daedra have been repelled, Vanus Galerion and Countess Hakruba will call out to the leaders, trying to convince them that there is no more time to waste.

Vanus Galerion: "Honored leaders! You have seen the face of our enemy!"
Vanus Galerion: "Molag Bal threatens every living being in Tamriel! The Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild have agreed to join forces to launch an assault on Coldharbour!"
Countess Hakruba: "Trust in us! Sanction our actions! Give us your blessings! We will not let you down!"
High King Emeric: "Vanus is right. The Guilds are our best and only choice. Send them to Coldharbour!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I hate to admit it, but I agree with Emeric."
Queen Ayrenn: "As do I. It appears that much of the distrust between out alliances was sown and nurtured by the God of Schemes."
Countess Hakruba: "Molag Bal thrives on deception and chaos, but if you'll forgive me, this Alliance War is of your own making."
Vanus Galerion: "Countess Hakruba. Gather the surviving members of both Guilds in the Stirk Interior. The champion and I will go there new to open the portal."
Countess Hakruba: "We'll be right behind you, Vanus."
<Vanus begins to head towards the valley.>
Vanus Galerion: "The time has come, Champion."
Countess Hakruba: "Let's go!"

Speaking to her after Vanus Galerion leaves for the portal valley, she will say:

"I wish I could go with you. I've always wanted to cut down some Daedra on Molag Bal's home turf. But I have confidence you'll get the job done. Good luck."

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

"Here, let me show you the path to exile!"

While participating in Sheogorath's play, the second act takes place in the Dominion Village of "Skyroot Hearth". There, a hostile Queen Ayrenn will be addressing an assembled crowd of Mages Guild members.

Queen Ayrenn: "The Mages Guild cannot turn on the Dominion so easily. You are a part of this world, like it or not."
Mages Guild Wizard: "My Queen, you don't understand. The Guild does not belong to any alliance. We merely wish to study in peace and solitude."
Sheogorath: "Hey! Quiet down front! I am trying to watch the queen's speech!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Either you're with the Dominion or you're against us. You want to be removed from this world? Fine. I'll do it for you."
<Queen Ayrenn casts storm magic and kills the mage which spoke up.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Here, let me show you the path to exile!"
<More storm magic. More mages die.>
Queen Ayrenn: "You can't ignore the world around you!"
<The mages lie dead and Sheogorath pipes up.>
Sheogorath: "Hey, Queenie! You missed a mage! This one is a member of the guild, too."
Queen Ayrenn: "Ah. Good catch, jester. Soldiers! Give this Mage the gift of exile."

After you kill all the Dominion soldiers, Queen Ayrenn will call out:

Queen Ayrenn: "Such impertinence! Razum-dar, Captain Odreth! Take care of this serf."

After Razum-dar is killed the Queen will be annoyed:

Queen Ayrenn: "You killed my favorite cat! Such a loyal pet."

Once both Razum-dar and Captain Odreth have been killed, she'll face you yourself:

Queen Ayrenn: "Looks like I'll have to handle this myself. You face Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri! In her full glory!"

When you have beaten her, the second act will end and you can continue.

Shadow of Sancre Tor[edit]

Queen Ayrenn in Sancre Tor

When you arrive at the Vault Antechamber, Mannimarco's projection will continue to gloat about his plan, and a projection of Queen Ayrenn will appear in his visualization:

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of Queen Ayrenn and the other various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"