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Watch Captain Astanya
Home City Vulkhel Guard
House Watch Captain Astanya's Home
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Watch Captain Astanya

Watch Captain Astanya is a High Elf leading the Vulkhel Guard City Watch. She is charged with overseeing security details for Queen Ayrenn's visit to the city.

If you are aligned with the Aldmeri Dominion, your first quest upon leaving Coldharbour directs you to help her with investigating potential threats to the Queen in the city.

However, she is later revealed to be a member of the Veiled Heritance, intent on assassinating the Queen at her own visit.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

To Auridon[edit]

The Watch Captain can be found near the Gladiator's Quarters in Vulkhel Guard.

"Fair day. I'm Astanya, watch captain. With the Queen in town we have extra security precautions to see to. Where are you traveling from?"
I've just come from Khenarthi's Roost. Razum-dar sent me. The island was attacked by Maormer.
"Old Raz sent you, eh? That could complicate things. Thank you for telling me. The Queen's enemies are all around her. Her protectors must be vigilant at all times, and this information will be critical in their calculations."

You will then receive some gold.

Ensuring Security[edit]

You can talk to Astanya immediately afterwards to receive the next quest.

"I'll make sure news of the Maormer is passed on to the appropriate parties. Don't you worry about that. Now, what's your name? I'll need it for the official register."

Alternatively, if you bypassed Khenarthi's Roost, she can give you the quest without mentioning the Maormer, or the members of her city watch can direct you to her. In this case, you might hear her muttering to herself first:

"So many visitors, so little time."

If you start the quest through her, she will say:

"Fair day, visitor. I'm Astanya, watch captain. I'll need you to state your name for the record.
Extra precautions with Queen Ayrenn in town. You understand."

If you started the quest through the other watchman:

"Fair day, visitor. Please state your name for the record."

In any case, the dialogue follows as such:

My name is [Player Name].
"I'll just write that down. By order of the First Auridon Marines, your presence in Vulkhel Guard has been registered.
Do your best to stay out of trouble and out of the way. Fare you well."
You seem very busy. Is there anything I can do to help? (If you started the quest through her) / Is there something I can do to help with the preparations? (If you started the quest through a watchman)
"Help? No. I don't think so.
Actually. My guardsmen are all tied up right now. If you're up to it, perhaps you could look into some things for me?"
I'm at your service. (If you started the quest through her) / I'm at the Queen's service. (If you started the quest through a watchman)
"Good. I want you to speak with two members of the Queen's court, Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe. They await assistance from the guard, hands I can't spare just now.
Who do you want to speak to first?"
I'll speak to the advisor first.
"I see you prioritize well. You'll find him at a warehouse west of here. Be sure to tell him that I sent you.
Once you've finished with both of them, report back to me on the town's upper level."
I will.
I'll speak to the steward first.
"You'll find the steward at a warehouse east of here. Be sure to tell her that I sent you.
Once you've finished with both of them, report back to me on the town's upper level."
I will.

After getting your orders, you have the opportunity to speak with Captain and ask her some questions:

"Well, what are you waiting for?"
Can you tell me more about Queen Ayrenn?
"You hit your head recently? The Queen leads the Aldmeri Dominion.
She had some kind of wild time away from court a few years back. But now she's returned to reclaim her birthright. Lead the alliance."
Where was she?
"Off gallavanting across Tamriel? Who knows? Who cares?
I wish I could just quit my job, then come back to it when I get bored. Pah."
What's the Queen's speech about?

The answer to this question is race-dependent. If you are not an Altmer, she'll simply say:

"Probably talking up the 'unity of the Dominion.' Not all the Altmer are fans of the alliance yet.
No offense."

If you are an Altmer, she assumes it's safe to show her true colors:

"Probably talking up the 'unity of the Dominion.' Not all of us are fans of being united with our feral little cousins and furry friends."
Who are the First Auridon Marines?
"Queen Ayrenn's personal guard. They're led by Battlereeve Urcelmo, one of the most decorated warriors in the Dominion."
You're not a marine?
"No. I'm captain of the city guards here. The marines are the right arm of the Queen. My duty is to the city."
Razum-dar said you two were old friends? (Option appears if you came from Khenarthi's Roost)
"Hah! He's got an active imagination, that one. We know each other, sure. Drew blades together a few times. But I'm not sure I'd call him a friend. Not since he signed up with the Queen."
Signed up with the Queen?
"He didn't tell you? Of course he didn't, he's the biggest liar I know. Razum-dar works directly for the Queen herself. Some kind of hush-hush cloak-and-dagger outfit. Thieves and liars, the lot of them."

If you already talked to one of the courtiers but not yet completed their tasks, she'll urge you to put more effort into it should you talk to her:

"Living up to expectations, I hope? Eminwe and Norion are important members of the court. Wouldn't want them annoyed with you."

After dealing with the steward and the advisor, she won't be interested in the evidence you are eager to show her and instead direct you to deal with a supposed thug.

"Tell me what you found."
Yes, I found this set of—
"Good, good. Look, I hate to rush you, but I have another task for you.
One of my men, Heldil, has cornered a thug nearby. We need to talk to this lowborn scum."
What's he done?
"We've no time for this. He's involved in a plot against the Queen, that's all I can say.
We need someone like you to get to him. He refuses to speak with a member of the guard."
Do you want this evidence I found?
"Just hold it for the moment. Heldil is just up the stairs here, house on the right.
Get going. Remember—the Queen's service."
For the Queen.

If you talk to her again before getting to the task, she'll say:

"Get going. Heldil can't hold him long."

After speaking to Heldil and before confronting the traitor:

"Do what you can. Heldil needs your help."

Deal with the supposed traitor, then return to her during the next quest.

A Hostile Situation[edit]

Once you have helped capture Fanion and heard his accusations, you can confront the Watch Captain outside the Manor, where she is flanked by two Vulkhel Watch. When she notices you Astanya will call out:

Watch Captain Astanya: "Hold! I must speak with you."

She will declare you a culprit in attempted regicide and will arrest you:

"Ah, my errand-runner. So good to see you again."
Yes. I want to ask you about—
"Stop right there. On my authority as captain, you're under arrest—under suspicion of conspiracy to regicide!"
What are you talking about?
"What's that in your pack? Deployment plans for the marines at the temple. And do I smell the taint of poison on the air? These are the tools of an assassin!
It's no use arguing, scum. Not another word out of you."

She will then hit you and you will black out. Once you regain consciousness, you will find yourself in a prison cell along with a familiar body. After you are rescued by Razum-dar and warn the Queen, you will enter the Temple of Auri-El with Battlereeve Urcelmo to find Steward Eminwe lying on the floor, wounded.

Watch Captain Astanya
Location Temple of Auri-El
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 72445
Reaction Hostile Class Ravager
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Mara be merciful. What's happened here?"
Steward Eminwe: "You. I'm sorry. I was wrong. I tried to stop them .… Watch out. On the balcony. It's Astanya!"
Steward Eminwe: It's a trap!"
Astanya fights Battlereeve Urcelmo

A flaming arrow hits Eminwe and she dies and then Astanya will reveal herself:

Watch Captain Astanya: "Urcelmo! I see you've met my latest toy."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Astanya! Traitor! Come down here and face me!"
Watch Captain Astanya: "Our "Queen" has betrayed us. I wanted her head. I'll settle for yours!"
Watch Captain Astanya: "Kill them!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "So be it, Astanya!"

The first wave of Heritance Cutthroats will appear. Once they are defeated:

Watch Captain Astanya: "It's not over yet, Battlereeve!"

Defeat the next wave of assassins.

Watch Captain Astanya: "The Dominion won't last. The Veiled Heritance will see to that!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "The Dominion will last long after your corpse cools! Now come down here and face your death!"

Once the third wave is defeated, Astanya willl jump down to fight you both:

Watch Captain Astanya: "Incompetents! I'll have to take care of you myself."

When she has been killed, the Battlereeve will report back to Queen Ayrenn.