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Battlereeve Urcelmo
Home City Vulkhel Guard
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) First Auridon Marines
Battlereeve Urcelmo

Battlereeve Urcelmo is a commanding officer of the First Auridon Marines, Queen Ayrenn's royal guard. He is also a logistics expert and several of his reports can be found throughout the Aldmeri Dominion. He is Queen Ayrenn's escort and most trusted adviser.

He is responsible for investigating the Temple of Auri-El in Vulkhel Guard during the quest A Hostile Situation.

During the quest The Moonlit Path, which shows a possible future scenario where the Aldmeri Dominion loses its hold on the Khajiit and the Bosmer, Battlereeve Urcelmo turns on the queen, as he was the last person she could trust. The Veiled Heritance corrupted him, and he mortally wounds her. Once Ayrenn learns of this vision, it gives her an opportunity to make plenty of jokes at his expense which causes Urcelmo a great distress.

His person has become one of the most common in the sexual fantasies of many of the Aldmeri Dominion subjects, especially when paired with Queen Ayrenn.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Hostile Situation[edit]

The Battlereeve can be found on the Temple Grounds accompanying the Queen. After you have found your way there, you can report to him about the plot as per Razum-dar's request.

"Explain yourself. What are you doing here?"
Keep your voice down, battlereeve. Razum-dar sent me.
"Razum-dar. Yes, I know the name. You haven't answered my question, though."
There's a plot to kill the Queen, battlereeve.
"Hmm. We've taken every precaution. The whole area is locked down. Watch Captain Astanya assured me."
The captain is the one behind this. She plans to attack the Queen in the temple.
"The guard captain? Absurd!"
The Queen speaks to her Battlereeve

At this point, Queen Ayrenn will intercede:

Queen Ayrenn: "A moment, Urcelmo. I would hear what this one has to say."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Queen Ayrenn, I fear for your safety. Please, disregard what was said just—"
Queen Ayrenn: "Razum-dar was mentioned. He acts on my behalf. If you won't investigate, I will."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Apologies, my queen. As you will. You are a capable woman. But you must be wary.
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "You, come with me. We'll investigate the temple together."

You can then follow him into temple, where the two of you find Steward Eminwe lying wounded on the floor:

Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Mara be merciful. What's happened here?"
Steward Eminwe: "You. I'm sorry. I was wrong. I tried to stop them .… Watch out. On the balcony. It's Astanya!"
Steward Eminwe: It's a trap!"

A flaming arrow strikes Eminwe, killing her, upon which Astanya will reveal herself above:

Watch Captain Astanya: "Urcelmo! I see you've met my latest toy."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Astanya! Traitor! Come down here and face me!"
Watch Captain Astanya: "Our "Queen" has betrayed us. I wanted her head. I'll settle for yours!"
Watch Captain Astanya: "Kill them!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "So be it, Astanya!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo and the traitorous Astanya fighting in the temple.

The first wave of Heritance Cutthroats will appear. Once they are defeated:

Watch Captain Astanya: "It's not over yet, Battlereeve!"

Defeat the next wave of assassins.

Watch Captain Astanya: "The Dominion won't last. The Veiled Heritance will see to that!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "The Dominion will last long after your corpse cools! Now come down here and face your death!"

Once the third wave is defeated, Astanya will jump down to fight you both:

Watch Captain Astanya: "Incompetents! I'll have to take care of you myself."

Defeat Astanya. When all is done, Urcelmo will say:

"We need to report back to the Queen. Let's get out of here!"

Outside the temple, he can be found standing to the side.

In the Name of the Queen[edit]

Arriving to Tanzelwil, you will witness the Queen praying to the ancestors, accompanied by Urcelmo.

Queen Ayrenn: "We call upon our honored ancestors to pass on their memory and wisdom.
Ancestral Spirit: "Your ancestors disavow you, false one. The Veiled Queen is the rightful heir, and Norion shall end your reign."
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "My queen, look out!"

If you speak to him, he'll say:

"The Queen's safety is my primary concern. Everything else is just bookkeeping."

You'll need to defend the priestesses at the holy site, to which he'll comment:

"This isn't over yet. Remain vigilant, my friend."

After the quest if you choose to not continue speaking to Queen Ayrenn:

"Once the Queen has fulfilled her sacred duties I'll get her to safety in Firsthold. The sooner that happens, the better."

Rites of the Queen[edit]

The Queen will ask you to visit the catacombs with her, but he would rather not be left out:

Queen Ayrenn: "I can handle myself. I was a warrior long before I became a Queen!"
Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Your Majesty! Let me come with you!"

He will agree to stay outside, but he warns you:

"Her Majesty can handle herself, but she can also be reckless. Don't leave her side!"

To Mathiisen[edit]

Talk to him after finishing the Tanzelwil objective.

"One day, over a drink, you must tell me what happened down there. For now, the Queen's safety is my primary concern."
What now, Battlereeve?
"Razum-dar has been investigating threads in the Veiled Heritance plot. We think he's caught a break in Mathiisen, and he could use some help. Head up there and lend him a hand, will you?"
Yes, sir.

Speaking to him again before heading out to Mathiisen:

"Good luck in Mathiisen. That town forges some of the best steel in the Isles. We can't have traitors in the middle of that operation."

Breaking the Barrier[edit]

If you speak to him in front of the Mages Guild before the quest begins:

"Stars above. Glad to see a friendly face. You're one of Raz's agents, aren't you?"

The Marines will direct you to find him by the Mages Guild in Daedra-infested Firsthold.

"Stars above! You've no idea how relieved I am to see you.
I hope you're resolved. We've got a hard road ahead of us."
Just tell me what to do, Urcelmo.
"Estre has sealed the castle within a powerful barrier. It's powered by wards and guarded by Dremora.
Destroy the wards and we drop the barrier."
How do we lower the wards?
"One of the Guild mages, Sinien, has a plan. We retook the hall here to gain access to a source of magical power.
Head inside. She'll tell you what to do."
Good luck. Battlereeve.

Asking further questions:

"Trinimac guide your hand. And may he protect us all."
Can you hold this position?
"We'll be fine. We've held them off this long. We can hold a bit longer. You just focus on what Sinien has to tell you."
Who are these defenders? They're not Marines.
"Firsthold must not fall. We've unsheathed our sharpest blades. Curious about these folk?"
Who are all these folk? The Wood Elves and Khajiit in leathers? / The Wood Elves and Khajiit in leathers?
"Razum-dar's folk. Eyes of the Queen. I know you've worked with him before. Normally they'd never expose themselves like this.
The cat said: "We do not draw blades in the daylight." But here they are, making sure we live through this."
Who are those mages?
"Sinien's spellslingers. Mages from the guild hall. Normally they'd be curled up with a good book or brewing some obscure potion.
They've done the guild proud, backing us up."
The soldiers in heavy armor. Who are they?
"My personal elite guard. We call them Talons. The queen has her Eyes. I have my Talons.
Between the Talons and the Marines, the finest blades in Auridon are arrayed against Oblivion."

If you completed the North Beacon objective, his answer will be slightly different:

"I received word just before the blade came down. You fought beside my Talons at North Beacon. I'm damned proud of these folk. Between the Talons and the Marines, the finest soldiers in Auridon are arrayed against Oblivion."

After speaking to Sinien and before taking down the wards:

"I take it you spoke with Sinien? With the wards down, we can move on to the castle. That's the key to retaking the city."

Sever All Ties[edit]

After disrupting Estre's wards, you may enter Fisthold Castle with Raz, Sinien and Urcelmo are waiting inside. As you enter the castle, Urcelmo will acknowledge your presence.

Urcelmo: "Good, you're both here. We're going after Estre."

Enter the Deadlands and confront Estre.

BattlereeveUrcelmo: "Let's end this."
High Kinlady Estre: "What do we have here? A lamb sent to slaughter?
High Kinlady Estre: "You dare to challenge the power of Mehrunes Dagon?"

During the battle, Urcelmo will call out to her.

Battlereeve Urcelmo: "Estre! You've gone too far."
High Kinlady Estre: "It sickens me. You pawns cling to life!"

After defeating Estre, he will return to Firsthold. You can speak to him outside the castle before speaking to Razum-dar:

"Razum-dar mentioned he would speak with you. Seek him out and return to the Queen once you're done."

Should you talk to Urcelmo after coming back to Tamriel, he'll say:

"Ah, at last. Queen Ayrenn is eager to speak with you."

If the Queen has already rewarded you, he'll say:

"May Trinimac guide your hand and our blades be raised in battle again."

Striking at the Heart[edit]

The battlereeve will be among the party waiting outside Hectahame with Queen Ayrenn:

"If you're the one Indaenir was referring to, speak with Queen Ayrenn.
But no sudden moves."

Speak to the Queen, and he'll say:

"The Eight watch over you. We lost a lot of good soldiers to the corruption. I pray Indaenir is right about you."

After you've killed Naemon, he will be at the bridge leading to the grotto and will say:

"I see you were successful."

Once Queen Ayrenn announces Indaenir as the new Silvenar, he will bow to him and will say:

"It's good that Naemon's finally put to rest. Terrible what the Veiled Heritance did to him."

After completing the quest, he'll say:

"Velyn Harbor is rumored to be overrun. I wish you luck. We'll be preparing for Malabal Tor ourselves."

The First Step[edit]

Upon entering the temple he will greet.

"Hallowed. I hope you and these Champions won't take long. I worry about Her Majesty's security this far from Auridon."

Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, he will say:

"Good luck in there."

After the trials, he will say:

"Well done, Hallowed. I know the Queen values your contributions to the Dominion."

After the quest:

"Good luck, Hallowed. I'm sure I'll see you again soon."

The Fires of Dune[edit]

When you arrive at the Temple of the Dance, you'll find him and others outside the entrance:

"Hmph. You've impressed even me. The Dominion owes you yet another debt."

The Moonlit Path[edit]

Battlereeve Urcelmo
Location The Demi-Plane of Jode
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction Hostile Class Brute
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance (alternate future)
Ayrenn battle Urcelmo

After speaking to Cariel, go up the hill to see Urcelmo stabbing Razum-Dar:

Battlereeve Urcelmo : "I've finally put you down, cat. Just try to meddle now!"

While you're chasing down the alternate Urcelmo through the ruins, he will say:

Battlereeve Urcelmo : "I didn't betray the people. I joined them in ending the rule of a tyrant!"

In Ayrenn's Last Stand, you'll need to defeat Urcelmo to save Queen Ayrenn.

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

After returning from the plane of Lorkhaj, he'll comment:

"I … Hallowed, you must know. I would never turn on the Queen that way. These visions Hunal speaks of, they … they could never come to pass in the light of day."

After the quest:

"I am glad you came through in one piece, Hallowed. Um … perhaps you can help vouch for me to the Queen? She continues to make jokes about treachery. I do not like it."


  • When met at Hectahame, Urcelmo appears distrustful of you even after having helped him and Queen Ayrenn multiple times on Auridon.
  • Dolls bearing his likeness exist.
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