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Help defend an Ayleid ruin from the Colovians.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Senalana — Aid the Dominion troops at the Ruins.
Quest Giver: Centurion Burri
Location(s): Senalana
Reward: Blade of the Eye
Very High Leveled Gold
I've come upon an active battlefield, as Colovian forces attempt to take an Ayleid ruin from Dominion soldiers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Centurion Burri.
  2. Search for Annathiel, Panamar and Juluda-daro.
  3. Break the ward on the ruin entrance.
  4. Find the Queen's Eye.
  5. Unlock the Circlet and decide what to do with it.
  6. Report to Centurion Burri or Razum-dar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To the west of the entrance to Senalana you will find Centurion Burri. She was apparently expecting you.

Head over to the east as you have 3 Dominion Scouts. Get into the ruins using the stairs just to the east. Turn to the north and look to the section of wall nearby. This is Scout Panamar. Talk with him to learn the first part of what is going on with this location.

Time to hunt up the second of the agents spread throughout the ruin. Turn to the east and head into the middle of the ruins. This is the entrance to Senalana itself. In the middle of it you will find the next of the three scouts: Scout Juluda-daro.

Turn to the north. Jump over the statues in your way and get on the spoke going to the north. You will find the final scout of the force. This leads you to Scout Annathiel.

Turn to the east and head over to the second tent on the left. You will find a Colovian Mage's Chest. You can sneak over to this one without encountering any of the Highlander forces. You will find the first chest behind that chest.

It's getting the second stone that has you going against the other Highlanders. As you head to the east to find the second Welkynd Stones. You will encounter Highland Soldier. When you get close to the second chest you will likely encounter Laelius Ahala. This boss is not too hard to deal with.

With the two Welkynd Stones you can now head for Senalana itself and have a chance to get inside it. As you fight toward the dungeon, you will encounter more Highland Soldiers, Highland Menders.

You need to head to the southeastern corner of the middle section. There you will find what you are looking for: Ayleid Sconce. Head over to each and place.

Head over to the door between the Ayleid Sconces. Just head over to it and go on through. This will move things forward and get you closer to getting to Razum-dar and getting into the dungeon itself. Be ready for some time in here and to be careful inside there.

Head on down the stairs and go around the corner. Just to the left you will find the Imperial: Gratidia Arius. She is happy to see you, in that sense that you are trapped in there with her.

Turn to the east. You have a high number of Fire traps to deal with. This is all about timing. You need to watch each of the Fire Traps. They all have different timing to deal with. You need to watch each of them in turn. Take enough time to watch each in turn. Get on through them.

On the far side you will find a button. Just head over to it and hit it. This is the Ayleid Switch.

Head on through the door into the hallway. This has even more traps. You have a number of Spear Traps, Fire Traps and Shock Traps. Just move through each section of the traps carefully.

Going through the left will put you against a Shock Trap and then some Spear Traps and a large Fire Trap. After that you will encounter another Shock Trap.

Going along the right-hand side you will have a lot of Spear Traps. Fire Traps sit in the middle. After that you will find even more Spear Traps.

At the far end you will find the Ayleid Switch. Just get over to it and activate the switch. This turns off the traps for a while at least.

Head on through the door and into the next massive room. Here you will find the room empty. Turn to the south and head down the hallway there. Head on through the corridor and turn the corner. From there just head to the north and into the next room. You will come right to a gate.

Head over to the door and talk with Razum-dar. He is not too happy about what situation he is in. He explains that the circlet must be destroyed because of everything that is at stake. There is too much risk in the circlet's continued existence.

Head over to the west. You will find the circlet protected with a shield. You need to interact with the Ayleid Switches in the proper order. All we have to start with is First: Far Left, Second: Far Right. The rest is just some playing around to figure it out. It can have repeats. It is also possible a solution can be found within the room.

The final order seems to be (using left to right numbering): 1, 4, 2, 3.

Turn over to the Grand Circlet of Elven Authority. Time to claim and then see to its destruction.

Turn around. Just across from the place you found the Circlet you will find the Arcane Furnace. All you need to do is head over to it. Simply by Activating the Furnace everything will be put into motion. Things go exactly as Razum-dar told you and the Vault begins to collapse on itself.

Now you need to make your way back through the whole of the ruin. There is no visible timer so it is unknown if it can collapse on you. It is a bit unlikely though. Run your way back through the room you are in. Slack off a bit as you make it around the corner to start recovering your stamina for the longer sprint through the two other hallways.

The second hallway is a lot easier. With the traps deactivated you can simply run straight over them. You need to get through the rooms and then make your way up the stairs. This will have you get to the door.

Head back to the start of the mission having survived the collapse of Senalana. Now you need to head over to Centurion Burri and report the results of the mission to her.


  • Destroy the Circlet - NPCs believe Razum-dar dies. He will later on reappear.
  • Depower the Tower - Razum-dar is angry at you.

Quest Stages[edit]

Gates of Fire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Hidden Objective: Panamar Tracker
Objective: Find Dominion Scouts
Hidden Objective: Annthiel Tracker
Hidden Objective: Juluda-daro Tracker
Hidden Objective: Welkynd Stone
Objective: Gather the Welkynd Stones
Hidden Objective: Interact with Ayleid Sconce R
Objective: Place the Welkynd Stone
Hidden Objective: Interact with Ayleid Sconce L
Objective: Lower the Ward
Objective: Enter the Vault
Objective: Talk to the Colovian Soldier
Objective: Get through the First Hallway
Objective: Get through the Second Hallway
Objective: Find Razum-dar
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Objective: Unlock the Circlet
Objective: Pick up the Circlet
Objective: Destroy the Circlet in the Furnace [Raz Dies]
Hidden Objective: Escape from Senalana
Objective: Escape the Vault
Objective: Depower the Tower Rune [Raz Lives]
Hidden Objective: Razum-dar Theater 1
Hidden Objective: Razum-dar Theater 2
Hidden Objective: Razum-dar Theater 3
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