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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Protect the Wilderking from the Veiled Heritance.
Zone: Greenshade
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Greenheart — Protect the Wilderking.
Quest Giver: Spinner Maruin at Spinner's Cottage
Hollow Guardian at Greenheart
Location(s): Greenheart
Prerequisite Quest: The Witch of Silatar
Previous Quest: The Witch of Silatar
Next Quest: Woodhearth
Reward: Ashenblade
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 4750
The Wilderking's throne
Aranias and Andur were sent by the Veiled Heritance to kill the Wilderking. They are now forcing their way through Greenheart towards the Wilderking's throne.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to Greenheart and follow the trail of fire.
  2. Enter the Throne Tunnels.
  3. Find Aranias and Andur.
  4. Reach the Wilderking's throne.
  5. Protect the Wilderking.
  6. Enter the tower.
  7. Talk to the Wilderking.
  8. Place the Wilderking's crown in the garden at the top of the tower.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Guardian[edit]

If you didn't start the quest at the Spinner's Cottage with Spinner Maruin, you'll instead find the Hollow Guardian at Greenheart, and he'll quickly apprise you of Greenshade's goings-on:

"The Wilderking's reign draws to an end. The forest spirits have gone mad, even my own brethren … and he is powerless to stop them.
Intruders enter Greenheart—dark and conflicted souls—they are the harbingers of the Wilderking's death."
Is there any way I can help him?
"I fear it is too late. Once events have progressed to this point, there remains little chance of reversing the process.
Confronting the intruders would be beneficial, but even now, they blaze a trail of destruction toward the Wilderking's throne."
Who are these intruders?
"The woman Aranias and her companion Andur, the one who burns everything in his path.
I am not sure which is more dangerous, but they must both be stopped if the Wilderking is to be saved. Cross the bridge and follow the trail of fire. Go quickly."
I will find them and stop them.

He will issue you another warning, and you'll be able to converse with him a bit more:

"Be wary. The Wilderking's influence ebbs, even here in Greenheart.
The spirits of the forest are confused and angry—even my brethren—they will attack you with no provocation."
Where did you come from?
"I am one of the Hollow. I do not know where we came from, but we are assigned to protect different parts of Valenwood.
I am assigned to protect Greenheart, to ensure none can reach the throne of the Wilderking without his invitation."
If your brethren here have turned hostile, why haven't you?
"I do not know. The Wilderking send me here—to the entrance of Greenheart. I assumed it was to warn people away, but it may have been that he wanted me to greet you.
Perhaps he placed protections on me to ensure I fulfilled his wishes."
It sounds like you've failed in your duty.
"We have not waivered [sic] in our duty. Any who came here uninvited were turned away. Strangely, the intruders who now seek to harm the Wilderking … he said they were invited.. [sic] You are invited too. The other Hollow only attack because they are confused."

The Wilderking[edit]

As you follow the path towards Greenheart, the Wilderking will appear before you:

"It's good you're here. With earth magic and fire, Aranias and Andur force their way towards my throne, leaving chaos in their wake.
I've lost control of my guardians. My power fades. I've always wondered what death would be like. Soon, I will know."
You're just going to give up?
"My end was inevitable all along. Someone new must become caretaker of the Valenwood. Aranias was guided here for this purpose.
It's fascinating. In her heart, I think she knows the truth, but she's conflicted. Perhaps it is Andur's influence?"
What should I do to change that?
"I think you should catch up with them. Follow the trail of fire.
Aranias must choose to accept the responsibility of her own accord, but Andur will not understand. I expect he will oppose her and she will need your help to defeat him."
Then I will try to catch up quickly.

Once you conclude your conversation with him, he'll fade away and a series of burning fires will be in front of you. Following it will lead you to the Abandoned Manor, a ruined building filled with Hollow. You'll have to fight your way through them, keeping an eye out for the chests and Thieves Troves that can appear in the manor. The Wilderking will appear on the northeastern side of the manor, and you'll have to speak to him:

"Quickly. Aranias waivers. She knows now why she was guided here—not to destroy the Valenwood, but to save it.
She wants to change course, but she's afraid. She's afraid to stand up to Andur."
Where are they?
"Aranias' powers grow as she draws closer to the throne. She opened the ground here and they entered the Throne Tunnels.
You must follow. You must be there to help Aranias when she decides to make her stand."
Don't worry. I'll be there when she needs me.
[Persuade] It would help if your forest spirits weren't attacking me.
"My hold over the creatures of the Valenwood has weakened. That is why they panic and attack.
I lack the strength to pull them back, but I can make it so you appear less threatening. Be careful though. This enchantment will only last a short time."

After you agree to help Aranias, he'll tell you of the threat facing the Valenwood:

"If Andur kills me before I pass the mantle to Aranias, there will be no caretaker of the Valenwood.
The forest would become a voracious monster. It would turn against the Bosmer and ultimately bring about its own destruction. You must stop him."

The Trail of Fire[edit]

Andur attacks

In front of the Wilderking, you'll find the entrance to the Throne Tunnels in a hole in the ground. Traverse the tunnels, fighting off the Spriggans and Imps if you didn't persuade the Wilderking to protect you. The tunnels are long, and when you ascend the ramp you'll exit onto the Throne Plateau, upon which you'll hear Aranias defy Andur:

Aranias: "I won't let you kill him, Andur!"
Andur: "Get out of my way, girl. I have no patience for this!"

Keep following the path, until you find an injured Aranias near the mouth of a tunnel filled with fire.

"It's you …? From Silatar? My … my friend. Thank the Eight! You were right about the Veiled Heritance. I'm sure now.
They used me as bait to trick the Wilderking, and now Andur's going to kill him. I can't let that happen. I have to stop Andur."
How do you intend to do that?
"I don't know, but somehow, it seems like that's what I was meant to do all along. When he burned the forest, I actually felt its pain. I think I'm … connected to this place.
I can't fight Andur though—he's too strong. Will you help me?"
Of course. Where is Andur now?
"He's gone ahead. I can travel through the roots to catch up, but you will have to fight your way through.
This might help. Use this bundle of roots and you can burrow for short distances. It will at least get you past Andur's fires."
All right. Let's go then.

She'll immediately vanish into the ground, saying "I will protect the Wilderking as long as I can, but you must hurry."

Enter the tunnel, but avoid the deadly flames—you'll be able to activate Aranias' bundle of roots to burrow under them. There are two stretches of flames that you will need to do this for. Watch that you don't take too long underneath the flames, as there is a time limit to the roots. Once you exit the tunnel, you'll have to return to following the path, fighting off the Hollow that guard it.

When you reach Andur and Aranias, they'll be locked in a magical battle—Andur seeking to kill her and the Wilderking, and Aranias defending. You'll have to tip the balance, so defeat Andur, whose final words will be "Will there be no end to these interruptions?"

Once Andur is dead, Aranias will greet you curtly with instructions: "Quickly. The Wilderking is weak. I must get him to the tower. You should come too." She'll take them both to the nearby Throne Tower, and you will follow.

Walk to the tower, and inside you'll find the Wilderking at his throne:

"Aranias was guided here to take my place, but I believe you were guided her to assure her ascension.
If you had not come, I fear Andur would have killed us both, leaving the Valenwood wild and vengeful. Many lives would have been lost."
So Aranias will now become the "Wilderqueen?"
"Yes. For centuries, my sole focus has been shaping and maintaining the Valenwood, protecting it from outside influence, and from itself.
Now that she has come, I am free to return to the earth, give back to that which has given so much to me."
Where is Aranias now?
"She is up above. You should go to her. She is frightened of the transformation process, but you must comfort her.
This is the natural course of things. It is necessary for her, and for the Valenwood, but she must choose it of her own accord."

The Wilderking's final words will be "Goodbye now. It's time for me to rest." To the left of him, you'll find a ladder to the central room.

Aranias' Choice[edit]

Aranias is afraid

Climb the ladder, and you will find Aranias on the northeast balcony:

"I'm scared. Shouldn't I be feeling confident? I mean, we defeated Andur.
Look at all of this though! I've worked my magic on small pieces of land in the Summerset Isles … but this is an entire forest … a living forest. Tell me I can do this."
You can do this.
"I think he was once a man too, once, the Wilderking. I mean, he was like us. But when he took this on, he became something else. I think he merged with the Valenwood and forgot his previous self entirely."

(if A Tangled Knot is completed)

Yes. His name was Ostion. He was an Altmer mage.
"And he doesn't even remember that! The same will happen to me. If I accept this responsibility and become Wilderqueen, I'll forget my home, my youth … everything."

(if A Tangled Knot is not completed)

Does that change anything?
"Well yes. It means that once I accept this responsibility and become Wilderqueen, I'll forget my previous life, my home, my youth …everything."

From what I witnessed, those weren't exactly glorious memories.
"No, but they are my memories, and some of them fond. The ones with you. They seem only partially real, but they're the memories I'll miss most.
I have to let go though. The way I embrace you in my heart, that's how I must embrace the Valenwood."
Are you ready to become Wilderqueen [sic] then?

"Yes, but I need your help. You must climb the tower further and place the Wilderking's crown in the gardens there.
Then you must wait for me. Promise you'll wait."

I promise.
"Go on. We need to do this before I lose my nerve."

Climb the ladder to the top level, and place the crown in the garden there. As you do, there will be a bright flash of light and Aranias, now the Wilderqueen, will appear beside you:

"Everything is so … very different. It's like I'm no longer a single physical form, but my being is spread out across the forest.
Aranias is slipping away. You are my friend though, whoever I become. Will you stay for just a moment?"
I'm right here.
"I am prepared to lose my memories, but I don't want to lose the lessons I've learned.
You helped me understand the difference between a foe and a friend. I'm determined not to forget that, nor to forget you."

She will give you Ashenblade and a Skill Point.

She'll then show some of her new knowledge:

"I know why you originally came here—to ask for the Wilderking's allegiance to the Aldmeri Dominion—to know the Valenwood was on your side.
Would you still make such a request to me now?"
Yes. Queen Ayrenn sent me to ask your allegiance on her behalf.
"And I freely give it. On behalf of myself and the Valenwood, you have our allegiance. I only hope Ayrenn realizes her best ally stands before me now.
Before Aranias' memories fade though, there is something else I must tell you."
What is it?
"It's the Veiled Heritance. As you may know, they stole the Staff of Magnus. I know not where they've taken it, but you should search in Woodhearth, to the west.
I will open a portal to the western gate of Greenheart. Goodbye, my friend."
Thank you. I'll go to Woodhearth.
"Go to Woodhearth. Trouble stirs from our common enemy."


  • While the Wilderking says the buff he applies on you to make yourself appear less threatening to his Hollows is temporary, no duration is given for the buff in the Character section.
    • This buff will only affect the wildlife in the town, not the Hollow guardians.
    • Despite the lack of specified timer duration, the buff runs out upon reaching the Throne Plateau.
  • It's possible to simply walk and heal through the fires instead of using the burrowing method.
  • The many fires in the area where you fight Andur won't damage you if you step into them, unlike the fire encountered shortly beforehand.
  • Despite displaying mostly fire-themed attacks on the lead up to him, during combat Andur will not use any and focuses on melee attacks and even frost attacks from his Nullifier class.
  • The icon for the Wilderking's crown appears as fully metallic while the description states it is made of branches and leaves.
  • The portal that the Wilderqueen opens after completing the quest so be wary of using it too early if you wish to stick around at the summit for a little while longer.
  • The Hollow guardians and wildlife in the town remain hostile even after control is re-established to the Court after completing the quest.


  • Audio is missing to match the first subtitles for Aranias shouting at Andur upon reaching the Throne Plateau. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Throne of the Wilderking
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should travel to Greenheart and attempt to catch up with the pair.
Objective: Travel to Greenheart
Latest start I should follow the trail of fire to search for the pair.
Objective: Follow the Trail of Fire
The Wilderking has appeared on the path. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to the Wilderking
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. He believes she will have a change of heart and I will need to help her fight Andur. I should follow the trail of fire to catch up to them.
Objective: Follow the Trail of Fire
The Wilderking has appeared in my path. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to the Wilderking
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. He believes she will have a change of heart and I will need to help her fight Andur. I should follow them into the Throne Tunnels.
Objective: Enter the Throne Tunnels
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. He believes she will have a change of heart and I will need to help her fight Andur. I should follow them through the Throne Tunnels.
Objective: Find Aranias and Andur
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. I finally caught up and discovered that she's turned against Andur but needs my help to defeat him.
Objective: Talk to Aranias
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. Aranias has indeed had a change of heart and now seeks to stop Andur. I need to follow her and help her defeat him.
Objective: Follow Aranias
Objective: Reach the Wilderking's Throne
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. Aranias has indeed had a change of heart and now seeks to stop Andur. I need to find them and help her defend the Wilderking.
Objective: Find the Wilderking
The Wilderking says he's dying and that Aranias is destined to replace him. Aranias has indeed had a change of heart and now defends the Wilderking from Andur's wrath. I must defeat Andur to save them both.
Objective: Kill Andur
Andur is defeated and Aranias has taken the weakened Wilderking to the tower. I should join them there.
Objective: Enter the Throne Tower
I should speak to the Wilderking.
Objective: Talk to the Wilderking
The Wilderking says that he will soon die and that Aranias must accept the responsibility to take his place. I should climb the tower and speak to her.
Objective: Climb up the Tower
The Wilderking says that he will soon die and that Aranias must accept the responsibility to take his place. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Aranias
The Wilderking is dying and Aranias has accepted that she must take his place. She's asked me to place the Wilderking's crown at the top of the tower to allow for her transformation.
Objective: Climb up the Tower
Objective: Place the Wilderking's Crown
Finishes quest☑ The Wilderking is gone, and Aranias has assumed the mantle and become the Wilderqueen. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to the Wilderqueen
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