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Ascending Tide


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Location Varies
Ship The Perfect Pounce
Race Senche-raht Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Order of the New Moon
Faction(s) Dragonguard
Caska in Senchal
Caska in her Dragonguard uniform

Caska, called Caska the Unconquered by some, is a Senche-raht who serves as the first mate aboard The Perfect Pounce under Za'ji. She later accompanies the rest of the crew in joining Sai Sahan's reformed Dragonguard.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The Dragon's Lair[edit]

Before speaking to Za'ji in the southern corner of the city (not far from the Senchal Outlaws Refuge entrance), she'll say:

"Move along, walker. Our captain is in a mood."

After Za'ji has been spoken to:

"First, our ship is stolen. Then, before we even know where it is, Za'ji agrees to sail a stranger to a Dragon's island.
I should have just rolled over and gone back to sleep this morning."
Tell me more about yourself.
"Caska, first mate of the Pounce. Otherwise known as the one who keeps Za'ji from getting us all killed.
If it were up to me, Nartise would have never set foot on our deck. Unfortunately, our bleeding heart of a captain had other ideas."
Why didn't you trust Nartise?
"That Dark Elf didn't know a bowline from a clove hitch. It was obvious he'd never set sail in his life, yet he was excited to join our crew. Only a fool wouldn't have been suspicious.
Naturally, Za'ji never suspected a thing."
Do you think Nartise is in South Guard Ruins?
"If he's not, we'll find him eventually.
If no one has mentioned it, Senche-rahts are excellent hunters. And I have his scent."

Arrive at South Guard Ruins and you'll find Za'ji and Caska discussing tactics:

Za'ji: "We must sneak in, Caska! Sneak! You do remember how to do that, yes?"
Caska: "I remember the last time you tried to sneak somewhere. Did you ever remove all those cactus spines from your arse?"
Za'ji: "Those cactus spines never stung as much as your betrayal, Caska."
Caska: "Ah, yes. My third betrayal of the day. But who's counting?"

After you speak to Sai, he will give orders:

Sai Sahan: "Enough! Do you accept the plan?"
Za'ji: "It is an excellent plan! We'll circle around to the back, yes?"
Caska: "And knowing your mouth, we'll alert every pirate in South Guard along the way."
Za'ji: "What? Za'ji is the epitome of discretion!"
Sai Sahan: "I'm going to take the lay of the land. I'll meet you at the entrance to the camp."

Za'ji and Caska head towards the ruins.

On the beach on the other side of the ruins, you'll find Nartise in magical chains held by Za'ji while Caska crouches ready to pounce. If you speak to her she'll say.

"I'd love some time alone with Nartise, but we wouldn't talk. So you should ask the questions."

After you question Nartise, and Za'ji sends him into the ocean, she'll wryly remark:

"May the Dark Elf fill the belly of many hungry fish."

After you get the plan from Za'ji, Caska will simply say:

"Make sure you keep up, walker."

Once you and Caska reach The Perfect Pounce, she'll order:

"Remove that wheel lock or we'll never sail out of here."

Remove the chains and sail the Pounce back to Senchal. Once docked, the rest of the crew will board along with Aeliah Renmus. If you speak to Caska, she'll tell you:

"It seems the little one has come aboard. Why don't you see what she has to say?"

Before sailing for Tideholm, speak to her and she'll say:

"You're competent, I'll give you that. Enough to slay a Dragon? We'll see."
How do you feel about our upcoming Dragon hunt?
"The odds don't look good. We don't know the island. We have no idea how strong the Dragon is.
We'll have to improvise, and that rarely goes well."
You don't have to come with us. You could stay in Senchal.
"And wait for this Dragon to burn the city to the ground?
No, it's better to die fighting than to perish hiding behind a wall. Besides, we're profiteers. We know a thing or two about risk."
It seems like you're ready for the worst.
"Someone on this ship has to be. If everyone plans for sunny weather, how will we survive a storm?
Despite the odds, it's not hopeless, though. If we can fight, then there's always a chance we can win."

Once on Tideholm, you'll find Caska, Aeliah, and Sai on the beach. After speaking to Sai, the warrior will address Caska and Aeliah:

Sai Sahan: "Aeliah, Caska. You're with me. Stick close and prepare to fight."
Caska: "I'm always ready to fight. Just keep an eye on the little one."
Aeliah Renmus: "I can take care of myself, you know."

Catch up with your friends, and you'll hear:

Aeliah Renmus: "Who are these people? And why are they attacking us?"
Caska: "They are enemies to be defeated. Nothing else matters."

After speaking to Sai, you'll hear:

Caska: "Be prepared, little one! I can smell them coming."
Aeliah Renmus: "How many?"
Caska: "Does it matter? They will die all the same."

After the encounter with Nahfahlaar, you'll find her in the Dragonguard Sanctum at the beach near the entrance to the sea cave:

"So we have decided to befriend the Dragon now? Well, better than a fiery death."


You must ask her to become a member of the Dragonguard.

"Our mysterious crew has departed. Those left alive to depart, that is.
They were Dragon cultists, yes? It would certainly explain their choice of garb. This Laatvulon must have an affinity for black."
Sai Sahan wants to reform the Dragonguard. Will you become a member?
"Hmm. Very well. I will join your order."
That was a quick decision.
"Why would I hesitate?
These Dragons killed many of my people and I cannot fight them alone. So I will help you hunt down the beasts. A simple decision, yes?"
Good to have you with us, Caska.
"The Dragonguard were a very strict order, yes? I doubt our crew would do well with too many rules. Perhaps some changes will need to be made."
Why are you so sure you want to join the Dragonguard?
"I have faced many enemies. Nothing was too big or too powerful for me to challenge. I didn't always win, but I could always fight.
When the Dragons came, this was no longer true."
Then why fight them now? Why not run or hide?
"I would rather die on the sands of Pellitine than hide away on foreign soil. This is a chance to make my stand, I will take it.
Besides, if I thought your cause was impossible, I would have said no."

Uneasy Alliances[edit]


Order of the New Moon[edit]

Speaking to her before seeing Kazahn:

"Next time you head to Black Heights, don't take Za'ji. Whenever he sees his mother, he whines about it for days.
Luckily, drinks put him in a better mood. Let's just hope it lasts."

After receiving the Crudely Drawn Map, she'll call to you.

Caska: "Need some help, walker? I'll join you on this hunt."

Speaking to her before leaving the inn:

"You're on a hunt, yes? I'll join you.
You lead the way. I won't waste my time trying to decipher that mess of a map."

She'll call up to you after you've investigated the attic at the abandoned house.

Caska: "Their trail ends here."
Caska: "Walker! You up there?"
Aeliah Renmus: "Not so loud, Caska! What if the recruiter is still here?"
Caska: "Don't worry, little one. I'll protect you from the big, bad cultist."

Speaking to her:

"Find anything?"
A note. The cult is recruiting at an underground arena in the Black Kiergo.
"I know the place. You reach it through the Outlaws Refuge, beneath the city. But they don't let just anyone into the Black Kiergo.
If you want to find this recruiter, you'll need my help."
What makes you so sure they'll let you into the Black Kiergo?
"It's a fighting ring. I was the reigning champion for six years running. I can get you inside, no problem.
Go on ahead. I'll meet you there."
All right, I'll meet you in the Outlaws Refuge.

After talking to Caska about what you found in the attic:

Aeliah Renmus: "Then let's get going!"
Caska : "Not you, little one. The Black Kiergo is no place for the general's daughter."
Aeliah Renmus: "Oh, right. I'll head back to the sanctum with Za'ji."

You can ask her more about the Black Kiergo.

"This cult recruiter expects you to prove yourself, and that won't be easy in the Black Kiergo. Fighters from all over Tamriel come to test their skills in that arena.
Not that any of them were ever a match for me."
Tell me more about the Black Kiergo.
"It was once a city district, home to skooma dens and cutthroats. Burned down when the Knahaten Flu hit Senchal.
Of course, places like the Black Kiergo don't just go away."
So now it's an underground fighting arena?
"Yes. A place for bored nobles to get their blood pumping and tough warriors to earn some gold.
I wasted six years of my life there, chasing the thrill of battle and the honor of victory. It was brutal, but by the Moons did it make me feel alive!"
What made you quit?
"Za'ji. He sought the best fighter in Senchal for his crew. That was me.
At first, I didn't even hear him out. I had gold, fame, a legacy to uphold. But eventually, I realized Za'ji was offering me something greater than all that."
What did he offer you?
"A home.
Listen to me prattle on. Let's get going."

Upon approaching the entrance to the Black Kiergo, you overhear a conversation between Caska and the bouncer.

Do'mazir: "Caska the Unconquered, in the fur! This one knew you would return one day."
Caska: "I'm not here to fight. We seek entrance, nothingmore."
Do'mazir: "We? Ah, you brought a friend! Come, friend of Caska. Introduce yourself."

Speaking to her before speaking to Do'mazir:

"Do'mazir is as stubborn as he is smug. You talk to him."

Speak with Caska again after hearing Do'mazir's terms.

"This is a bad idea.
Soon as I step into that arena, every fighter will be on me like stink on a nix-ox. They all want a shot at Caska the Unconquered."
It doesn't sound like we have a choice.
"Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Fine, I'll fight. Stick close and try not to die, yes? I don't want to have to drag your corpse back to the sanctum and explain what happened to big beard."
You should tell Do'mazir your decision.

She begrudgingly agrees to fight.

Caska: "All right, you muskarse. I'll fight."
Do'mazir: "This one had a feeling you would come around."

When the battle starts, she sounds pumped up.

Caska: "Let's do this!"

She occasionally comments on the fights.

Caska: "It's been too long!"
Caska: "Now this is more like it!"

Speaking to her after you've won:

"We have the recruiter's attention. I'll leave it to you to seal the deal."

After speaking to the recruiter, return to Caska.

"Are we in?"
We're in. I have the location of the cult's fortress in the Tenmar Forest.
"Good. We get in, we find out what we can, and then we get out. And if we're lucky, we'll find Lahini along the way."
All right, let's head to the New Moon Fortress.

Speaking to her again, you have the option of asking her about the Black Kiergo once more.

"I'll meet you at the fortress entrance. And before you ask, no. You cannot ride me there."
Tell me more about the Black Kiergo.

When you arrive at the New Moon Fortress, you will find Caska being held up by the guard.

Vinbaza: "No pendant, no admittance. Move along."
Caska: "I told you, I'm waiting for someone. And here they come now."

Speaking to her before speaking with the guard:

"You still have the pendant, yes? Show it to the nice guard before I get irritated."

After you speak to the trial master inside the fortress, she addresses Caska.

Trial Master Zayri: "As for our other initiate, you'll take a separate path. Head to the door on your left."
Caska: "What? Why can't we go together?"
Trial Master Zayri: "We need to determine individual worth. Unless you'd rather admit defeat ...."
Caska: "Fine. We'll do it your way."

Note: At this point, you'll get a prompt to speak to Caska, but you cannot enter dialogue.

After speaking to Lahini after completion of your trial, Caska beckons you forth.

Caska: "Walker! Over here."
"You found green stones in the quarry, yes? Where you fought Yahgrondu's corpse?"
Yes. Nahfahlaar said the stone could absorb magical energy and amplify it.
"They bring the green stone here, to this fortress. The ritual chamber is filled with the stuff. It must have something to do with the ceremony they keep talking about.
We need to observe this ceremony, but not with this group. Too risky."
What did you have in mind?
"We take an alternate route.
This doorway leads to the upper balcony of the ritual chamber. It should allow us to observe the ceremony without requiring us to participate."
All right, let's head to the balcony.

Speaking to her again:

"Don't follow Zayri. Let's see if there's another path to the great hall."

On the way to the balcony, you pass by a bunch of broken furniture and dead cultists.

Caska: "I took the liberty of clearing our route. Just watch where you step."

On the balcony:

Joorahmaar: "You promised us power, Laatvulon."
Laatvulon: "And you shall have it, my brother."
Laatvulon: "The New Moon will rise above, and all who obey shall rise with it!"
Laatvulon: "Relinquish your strength to the aeonstone! Offer your power to our noble cause!"
Laatvulon: "Your power is mine. Los dii!"
Caska: "This doesn't look good."

Speak to her.

"That must be Laatvulon. He's an ugly beast.
He mentioned aeonstone, yes? That must be what they call those green rocks. The trial master spoke about them as well."
What do you think Laatvulon is doing?
"Not sure.
Seems he's draining their … strength? Spirit? Something like that. And he's using the aeonstones to do it."
We should stop the ceremony. It's giving Laatvulon more power.
"The aeonstone is the problem, yes? We just have to destroy it.
I'll go left, you go right. When we're both in position, we smash the stones. Then we turn tail and get out of here."
That will definitely attract their attention.
"Right. So we strike quickly, yes?
There's a few cultists on the balcony, but they seem occupied. Chances are they won't even notice us."
All right, I'm ready to destroy the aeonstone.

Caska runs over to her stone.

Caska: "Wait for me to get in position. We should strike at the same time."

When you reach the quarry section of the fortress, she encourages you to keep running.

Caska: "Keep going!"

When you reach the cliff where the river is, Caska calls out to you from below.

Caska: "Down here, walker! Jump!"

You must meet up with Caska once you've escaped the fortress.

Laatvulon: "Where are you, little hunter?"
Caska: "Good, you made it. I think we lost them for now."

Speak to her.

"Laatvulon is sacrificing my people to empower himself, by Jode and Jone!
How many must die for this New Moon? Desperate and deceived, giving their lives so the Dragons can destroy us all."
The cult plans to attack Pridehome.
"Pridehome? Sounds familiar.
And what about Lahini, the cub we were searching for? Did you find her?"

The following dialogue depends on whether you persuaded Lahini to leave the fortress or not:

I found her, but I couldn't convince her to leave. She joined the ceremony.
"Then she probably died with the rest of them. What a shame.
We need to report to Sai Sahan. He needs to know about the attack on Pridehome, the aeonstones, all of it. Let's return to the Dragonguard Sanctum."
I found Lahini and convinced her to leave. She should be on her way to Senchal.
"You saved her life, walker. Had Lahini joined that ceremony, she would have died with the rest of them.
We need to report this to Sai Sahan. The attack on Pridehome, the aeonstones, all of it. Let's return to the Dragonguard Sanctum."
All right, let's return to Sai Sahan.

Speaking to her again:

"Head to the sanctum and report to Sai Sahan. Moons willing, he has a plan."

The Pride of Alkosh[edit]

You must meet her by the shrine, where you'll read The Pride of Alkosh.

Caska: "Over here, walker. This was written by the Clan Mother. Could be important."

Speaking with her before reading the note:

"Read the scroll, then we'll talk."

She comments on the situation after you've read the scroll.

Caska: "Seems there's more to Pridehome than we thought."

Speak with her after reading the note..

"The Pride of Alkosh. Forgotten Manes who protect the threads of time, hidden away in this modest temple."
Nahfahlaar mentioned the Pride of Alkosh. He said Laatvulon was afraid of them.
"Makes sense. The Pride of Alkosh protects Elsweyr in times of great need. Dragons scheming to destroy us all would certainly seem to qualify, yes?"
Then where are these warriors? Why aren't they defending Pridehome?
"Wish I knew, walker. We could certainly use the reinforcements.
You should find the Clan Mother and see what she knows. If she's still alive, that is."
All right, I'll search for the Clan Mother.

Speaking with her again before meeting with Za'ji:

"You'll find Za'ji farther ahead. He heard some bells and went running off.
Quite bold of him. He may have a big mouth, but he's never been one for a direct fight. Has our little captain finally found his courage?"
What's the situation, Caska?
"Not good, if that's what you're asking.
Many of the Moon-Priests are already dead and the cult has spread throughout Pridehome. I'm beginning to wonder what good we can do here."
We should at least try to learn why the cult attacked Pridehome.
"Agreed. Whatever they're after, we need to make sure the cult doesn't get it. Even if that's just information.
The Clan Mother should know something. See if you can find her."

Caska chimes in when you reach the temple.

Sai Sahan: "So much death. What could possibly warrant this massacre?"
Caska: "Quick, walker! Get to the Clan Mother. We'll watch your back."
Aeliah Renmus: "You can count on us!"

Speaking to her in front of the temple before seeing the Clan Mother:

"We'll keep watch. Find the Clan Mother, quickly!"

Speaking to her before speaking with Nahfahlaar:

"We don't have time to mourn them. All these priests, their bodies left to rot.
Laatvulon wants to rule a kingdom of corpses, and he's succeeding."

After speaking with Nahfahlaar, he flies off.

Nahfahlaar: "Seek the mask if you wish. I will deal with Laatvulon."
Za'ji: "Ugh. Another trip to mother's temple."
Caska: "Oh, no. I am not dealing with another one of your bouts of depression. Aeliah will go."
Aeliah Renmus: "I will? I mean, of course I will!"
Sai Sahan: "It's settled. You two will head to Khenarthi's temple and search for the mask."
Sai Sahan: "Caska, Za'ji. You're with me."

Speaking with him after this discussion:

"If you discover the location of this mask, don't hesitate. I trust you to follow up on any leads you might find."

Speaking to her after Nahfahlaar leaves:

"Take care of the little one, walker. I'll do my best to keep the others out of trouble while you're away."

The Dragonguard[edit]

Arrive at the West Sentry Tower and you'll find several Shields of Senchal, Dragonguard Soldiers, a dead dragon, and Caska:

"Nahfahlaar was lucky we made it here so fast. He was surrounded by at least five other Dragons, but they scattered after we took this one down. Za'ji grounded it himself.
I'd say I'm proud of him, but it was probably sheer luck."
Do you know if Nahfahlaar is injured?
"I'm not sure. He fights with the fury of a wounded senche, but that could simply be his way.
Still, despite his confidence, not even Nahfahlaar can stand against such numbers for long."
I need to find him.
"Nahfahlaar and his enemies flew out of sight, but the tower may offer a better vantage point.
Za'ji is up there now. Perhaps he saw where they went."

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Let's hope Za'ji is still coherent. I'm sure he's so excited about his first Dragon kill he can barely think straight."

After speaking to Za'ji, and witnessing the dragons fly north, Caska will address you once your back on ground:

Caska : "I know a hunt when I see one, walker. Find Nahfahlaar before they overwhelm him."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"We're with you, no matter what comes next. That's what it means to be Dragonguard, yes?"

After you've arrived at Doomstone Keep and assessed the situation, Za'ji and Caska arrive:

Za'ji : "Have no fear, Za'ji the Dragonslayer has arrived!"
Caska : "We're never going to hear the end of this …."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"I've been fighting all my life. For gold, for glory, for sheer enjoyment. But now I fight for something greater. Now I fight for my people and my home.
If I die today, it shall be with blood on my fangs and fury in my claws."
Do you think we'll be defeated?
"In the Black Kiergo, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.
That's the game we're playing now, walker. If we win, we save my people from certain destruction. But we're wagering our lives, make no mistake."
You and Za'ji were able to take down a Dragon before.
"And I'll admit, it did feel good to take one of those bastards down.
I never knew that Dragon blood ran so hot. Nearly scolded my tongue ripping out the beast's throat."
Any tips for the battle ahead, Caska the Unconquered?
"Just the one. Don't die, yes?"

During your battle with Laatvulon, Aeliah, Za'ji, and Caska will enter the fray:

Za'ji : "Have no fear! Za'ji has arrived!"
Caska : "We'll handle this rabble!"
Aeliah Renmus : "We'll cover you! Protect Nahfahlaar!"

Return to the Dragonguard Sanctuary and you'll find Caska on the upper balcony:

"Congratulations on the win, mask-bearer. Just do not brag about it, yes? I get enough of that from Za'ji."
How are you, Caska?
"Not dead, which is better than I expected.
It all worked out though, didn't it? Aeliah protected Senchal, Za'ji became a hero, Sai Sahan ended a grave threat to Tamriel. And you got to be the mighty hero at the center of it all."
And what about you, Caska?
"I'm a simple Senche-raht, walker. There was an enemy and I killed it. What greater satisfaction is there?
My only regret was not killing Laatvulon sooner. Many of my people died because of him and his cult."
The Order of the New Moon did kill many.
"And all for their own protection. They were too afraid to fight the Dragons that terrorized their land. And so they joined with forces that they did not understand.
And many suffered because of that. I won't forget that."
We defeated Laatvulon and his cult. They won't kill any longer.
"But there's still Dragons in Elsweyr. Cruel, terrible Dragons who want nothing more than to kill and destroy and conquer.
And I won't let them. As the Moons are my witness, I'll hunt them all down. Every last one."

Speak to her before starting the epilogue quests, and she'll say:

"Another day, another Dragon hunt. May their corpses nourish the soil of Elsweyr."

The Dark Aeon[edit]

If you start the quest from Aeliah in Senchal or Rimmen, she will be accompanied by Caska and Za'ji.

Aeliah Renmus: "Finally! Over here!"
Caska: "Didn't I say we would find them here? Pay up, captain!"
Za'ji: "Bah! Put it on Za'ji's tab"

If you speak with Caska before Aeliah, she will want to be paid for their services as a messenger.

"Delivering messages is thirsty work and the grog here is damn expensive. Be a good mate and give us a gold piece."

Once you have spoken with Aeliah and received your summons back to the sanctum, Caska mentions she will return soon.

"Tell Sai and the sky-lizard not to worry. Caska shall return to the Dragonguard Sanctum all in good time."

After discussed the coming threat with Sai Sahan and Abnur Tharn, Tharn will suggest you speak with Caska about the New Moon Fortress and what you both saw there. She will be opposite Chukka-Jekka and will be irritable as you approach.

Caska: "Can't a Khajiit nap in peace?"

When you talk with her she will quickly put together what you are planning to do and is quite insightful.

"Don't you know that interruptions at nap time cause mange of the fur?"
My apologies, Caska. The New Moon Fortress. Remind me what we found there.
"You mean other than the cultists that were trying their damnedest to disembowel us?
Wait a moment. You're going back there! What in the Two Moons could possibly warrant a return visit to that awful place?"
Tharn thinks the cultists have a way to reach an island off the coast. It may be in the fortress.
"Hmm, now that you mention it, I did hear a few of those nutters mention sending the green stone to an island. And they were certainly sacrificing something on that altar in the amphitheater."
You think there could be a portal in the amphitheather?
"I am not a mage. I wouldn't know a portal from a hole in the ground. But that's where they were gathering the green … aeonstone, I think they called it.
If they have a way to move the stone, it must be in the amphitheater. That's where I'd look."
Thanks for the advice. Sorry to interrupt your nap.

You can ask her more questions.

"May the Moons protect you on your mission. If you need a helping claw, come find me.
After my nap."
Have you seen Za'ji and Aeliah lately?
"I heard Aeliah say something about meeting with the Queen of Anequina, which I take to be some sort of euphemism.
As for the captain, he went to collect his special order. A case of plum brandy. The good stuff. Already storing it away, I'd wager."

After returning from Dragonhold:

"Did I hear correctly? Did you leave the old wizard alone on the island as it floated into the sky?
Mates don't abandon mates, mate. Bear that in mind the next time we work together."

After the quest:

"We lost the old wizard and the relatively friendly Dragon? Now we have to rely on just … us? I don't like our chances.
That said, I do want to set paw on that floating island. I can't wait to see what Pellitine looks like from up above."

New Moon Rising[edit]

Speaking with her after starting the quest:

"Queen Khamira? When did Anequina put a Khajiit back on its throne? The state of heralds and couriers these days, it's a wonder we hear anything at all down this way."

After returning from Moonlit cove:

"Welcome back. Was the Moonlit Cove everything you hoped for? From what Za'ji has described, I don't think I'd find the place to my liking."

While awaiting orders from Sai after talking to Khamira:

"I'm still waiting to hear how we're going to reach the floating island. Until then, all this rallying of the troops is just a waste of effort."

When Khamira appears after talking Sai:

"Does the bearded one look tense to you? He look very tense to me. Like a taut string about to snap."

Before you go into Khamira's portal:

"Did I hear the queen correctly? She doesn't want me to come with you?
Very well. The Dragonguard will remain in reserve until you need us. But I was really looking forward to the view from the floating island."

Speaking with her before Sai after returning from Dragonhold:

"I heard the aeonstone shard cracking all the way down in Senchal! I wish I could have been up there with you. The battle must have been glorious!"

After the quest:

Za'ji: "Next time there's a Dragon, Za'ji does not want to be left behind."
Aeliah Renmus: "I don't recall you jumping forward to challenge Laatvulon."
Caska: "Now, now Aeliah. The captain always maintains a tactical distance."
Za'ji: "Tactical distance … right. Za'ji is nothing if not prudent."

Speaking with her:

"Aeliah was worried about you. Not me, of course. I had every faith in you and Sai. Every faith ….
So, tell me, was the view as spectacular as I imagined?"

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

You have the option of speaking with her before going to see Nahfahlaar.

"This Dragonguard … it's good, but it needs work. Luckily, Sai Sahan has me to knock some sense into this sorry bunch."
What do you mean?
"The work. The mission. We may have taken out the Dragon clan mothers, so to speak, but there are still a lot of lesser Dragons to deal with. For that, the Dragonguard needs to learn how to fight.
And fighting, that's my specialty."
So you plan to stay with the Dragonguard?
"For as long as they'll have me. Me and Captain Za'ji both.
Truth be told, the bearded one handles himself well in battle. I think I can learn a thing or two from him along the way. So, it works out for everyone for me to drop anchor here."
I think you're right, Caska.

Speaking with her again:

"The wind's at our backs now and our sails are full. Time to see where it carries us!"

Speaking with her before departing for Senchal:

"If we're to appear before the queen, then I need a bath. If you'll excuse me …."
Caska at the ceremony

When you arrive at the ceremony, your fellow Dragonguard members will call you out.

Caska: "Look, here comes the slayer of Kaalgrontiid!"
Za'ji: "Yeah, all seven of them …."
Aeliah Renmus: "I told you to go easy on the plum brandy."
Queen Khamira: "Five-claw, come here please."

Speaking to her before Khamira:

"If the captain embarrasses me in front of Queen Khamira, I am going to bite his head off."

Speaking to her after the ceremony:

"From pit fighter to pirate to honored by the queen of Rimmen! Caska can barely contain her excitement!
If you ever need my help, walker, don't hesitate to ask."

Ascending Tide[edit]

Appears only with Ascending Tide

Wright of Passage[edit]

Caska and Za'ji in Shipwright's Regret

Za'ji will recruit your group to locate Caska in Shipwright's Regret after they were separated during a treasure hunt for ship schematics. She can be found along the wooded trail within the abandoned logging camp after you defeat Foreman Bradiggan:

As you pass through the gates to the overgrown logging camp, Za'ji will be ambushed:

Captain Za'ji: "Things seem much calmer now, perhaps—"
<Caska leaps out of hiding.>
Caska: "<Bestial roar.>"
Captain Za'ji: "Ahh …! Caska, ah ha ha. Za'ji has found you!"
Caska: "Might have been sooner if you hadn't run so far."
<Caska addresses you.>
Caska: "Thanks for keeping an eye on Za'ji, whoever you are." (First time meeting)
Caska: "At least you brought someone useful with you. Good to see you again, five-claw." (Met Caska before)

You can then speak with Caska to learn what happened when she and the captain got separated:

"I could smell Za'ji's craven musk the moment he set foot in the woods. I would have found him sooner if he'd cowered somewhere closer.
Thought he might have swam all the way back to the Pounce."
What attacked the two of you?
"Barkskinned beasts and spriggans. They ambushed us near the old mill and now the woods are thick with them. Tough, but they die like anything else if you claw enough.
You ready to snap these twigs and get on with this treasure hunt?"
Have not met Caska:
Met Caska before:
I'm ready.
"Let's hope you're not all talk, like a certain captain I know."
You know you can count on me, Caska.
"I missed your courage and your competence. Let's go cut some timber."

Caska and Za'ji will run up ahead into the wooded area. While you follow the path on the ground, the pair will move along the upper ledges.

Caska: "You head down the ravine, I will clear out the upper ledges! Za'ji stay out of the way."
Captain Za'ji: "Don't worry it'll be like Za'ji was never there!"
Caska: "Keep up, Za'ji, or I'll take you by the scruff!"
Captain Za'ji: "Ah, ha … Za'ji can feel that cramp coming again, he will follow you from this gentle trail."

If you choose to face the Shrouded Axeman and after you defeat him, Caska will call you to exit through the ledge to return back to the main path:

Caska: "This way."
Caska: "You can drop down here, to the right."

As you progress, you will see Caska sometimes on the ledges above, taking out the beasts that lurk in the dark. Eventually, you will reach the mill where Caska and Za'ji originally got separated. Managing to speak with Caska before this:

"The biggest of the tree-things is ahead. Maybe the mother of them all from the way they protect her."

Caska will find the large Spriggan unmoving:

Caska: "This is where those meddlesome twigs attacked us before. Keep up your guard."
Caska: "Huh. Looks dead now."
Captain Za'ji: "Let us have a look at the mill the—ah!"
<Nazaray starts moving and other spriggans come out of the woods.>
Caska: "Another trap! I'll hold those beasts off. Kill that damn spriggan!"

During the fight, Caska will hold off the smaller Spriggans, you may hear her shout out the following:

Caska: "The tree-things keep growing back! Hurry and kill the big one!"

Once Nazaray is killed:

Caska: "Hmph, overgrown kindling. Za'ji! You all right?"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji is fine! Very itchy, but fine! Also, he found a map! It is brighter past the woods. He will meet you beyond the gate!"
<Za'ji runs off.>
Caska: "Wait! Za'ji …! Come on, better get after him."

You have the opportunity of speaking to Caska about Za'ji treasure before following him down the path:

"Glad to have your help. I might have taken the bark-wench alone, but not with the whole woods trying to kill me and Za'ji.
Let's hope this map he found leads to treasure."
Do you think Za'ji's treasure is really here?
"Za'ji has a few talents. Sniffing out treasure is one of them. For all the fools errands he's lead me on, there's been a payout worth the risk."

You can follow Za'ji down the path to the old shipyard. At the steps, a Maormer can be found standing around. Za'ji comes to an obvious conclusion:

Dreadsail Warrior: "Nothing worse than guard duty …."
Captain Za'ji: "Sea Elves? Hiyah!"
<Za'ji runs up and stabs the warrior twice in the back.>
Captain Za'ji: "They must be here for Za'ji's treasure! We must hurry!"
Caska: "Of all the luck. Well, where to?"
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji's map tells him the master shipbuilder's office should be just over the bridge!"

Speaking with Caska before going down to the shipyard:

"We've tangled with Sea Elves a few times. Nasty bastards. Show no mercy. They certainly won't."
Do you think Za'ji's treasure is really here? (Same dialogue as above)

Exploring the shipyard, you will reach the shipwright's office and find the place has already been ransacked. You may speak to Caska.

"I smell old parchment and paper here, more than just the moldy stuff we've seen so far. Some of those plans might have really been safely stored here. Until the Sea Elves took them."

Za'ji will then see the Dreadsails ship near the lighthouse, and you will need to get there before it leaves. When you reach the square in front of the lighthouse, the Maormer ship will be sailing away. Captain Numirril will leave the ship and move towards you in a column of water:

Captain Za'ji: "Come back you scaly scallywags! You take what is rightfully Captain Za'ji's!"
Captain Numirril: "Scavengers? Bah! Take the lodestones to Dreadsail Reef. I'll make sure these wretches can't follow."
<Both Caska and Za'ji rush at the Maormer.>
Caska: "I'd like to see you try—ayyy!"
<With a gesture, Numirril sweeps Caska and Za'ji over the side into the water. Za'ji manages to get out of the water with his grappling bow>
Captain Za'ji: "It will take more than that playful splash to keep Za'ji from his treasure!"

Once you have defeated Captain Numirril, Caska will have managed to climb out of the water and advises Za'ji:

Captain Za'ji: "Ha! We are not drowned so easily fish-Elf!"
<Runs up to Numirril's body.>
Captain Za'ji: "Oh, he's dead. And his ship is long gone!"
Caska: "Za'ji. His pockets."
<Za'ji crouches down and goes through his pockets.>
Captain Za'ji: "Yes, these scroll cases bear the shipyard's crest! Caska, Za'ji could kiss you—but he values his unmangled face."
Captain Za'ji: "But wait—if this is not what they were after, then what was it the Sea Elf was boasting about? How could any lodestones be more a prize than this?"

Speaking with Caska before completing the quest:

"Ugh, I'll be hacking that foul water from my lungs for weeks to come."

After you have spoken with Za'ji, you can ask Caska some questions:

"Damn Sea Elf nearly drowned me with those magic currents. I see Za'ji escaped none the worse for wear. Suppose he is the better swimmer. Not that I'd ever tell him so."
Are you all right?
"Unless I catch some foulness from these fetid waters, only my pride has suffered. I would have liked to have batted that Sea Elf around like a frightened jerboa, but I'll settle for seeing him beaten and face down in a puddle."
Do you think this treasure was worth the trouble?
"Time will be the judge of that, but I trust Za'ji to find use for these designs, or profit if nothing else. I'll do my best to keep him going overboard outfitting the Pounce, lest we find ourselves overladen with dubious doodads."
What do you think the Sea Elves were after here?
"That one mentioned something of lodestones, but they must refer to something more than simple compasses. Perhaps there is something among the designs Za'ji found to make sense of it."

High Isle[edit]

Appears only with High Isle

Escape from Amenos[edit]

When you arrive on High Isle, you will learn that a few high profile guests for the upcoming talks went missing after their ships were sunk by a sudden storm, which included Queen Ayrenn, High King Emeric and Prince Irnskar. Caska was aboard the Perfect Pounce and was also considered missing. After some investigation, you find hints that they washed up on Amenos and will need to go to their rescue. After checking one of the Green Serpents camps, you learn that one of them have been captured and that there is a cat monster picking people off near the shore.

When you go to the northwestern shore, you will find Caska surrounded by bodies:

Caska: "Another fight? Well, if you insist …."
Caska: "Urgh."

Speak with Caska, she will recognize you if you met before:

Have not met Caska:
Met Caska before:
"Careful, walker. All that swimming and fighting has made me hungry.
And you look pretty tasty, I must say."
I'm not here to fight you. You're Caska, right? Za'ji has been very worried about you. [verification needed — see talk page]
"Walker? Is that you? What are you doing here? Are you a prisoner?
No matter. Just seeing you makes me feel a hundred times better."
It's good to see you, too, Caska. Za'ji has been very worried about you.
"Za'ji's alive! That's good to know. Now I can kill him for getting us wrecked as soon as I see him.
When the storm hit, it was all I could do to hang onto some wreckage and make it to this beach. We're on Amenos, right?"
Yes, this is the prison island. I came to find you and the three alliance leaders.
"The alliance leaders, right. I keep meaning to try to find Queen Ayrenn, but every time I get started, more of those prison mongrels rush out of the jungle and attack me.
I love a good fight as much as the next sailor, but I'm exhausted!"
If you're up to it, we can search for the queen and the others together.
"Sure. Two noses are better than one. If we can pick up Queen Ayrenn's scent, I can track her. That's sort of my specialty. The nose knows, as the kittens say.
Stay close and follow me."
Right behind you, Caska.

You can then follow Caska as she tracks down Queen Ayrenn's scent, but you can continue talking with her first:

"Let's look around. If I catch a familiar scent, I can follow it."
How did you and Za'ji get picked to transport Queen Ayrenn to the peace conference?
Completed Dragonhold Storyline:
"Peace conference? Is that what this is all about?
Za'ji received orders from the crown. Probably because of our reputation as dragon slayers. And smugglers. We're good at that, too."
"Peace conference? Is that what this is all about? Za'ji received orders from the crown. I guess we were conscripted. Once I learned that our passenger was Queen Ayrenn, I was dumbfounded that she chose the Perfect Pounce.
Proud, but dumbfounded."
What about the rest of your crew?
"Chizbari, Sidura and the rest stayed behind in Senchal. Because of the secrecy, they gave us royal agents to crew the Pounce.
I'm not sure there are any other survivors to find. I didn't see anyone else make it to shore."

Following Caska, she will attempt to catch a scent despite her injuries:

Caska: "Give me a moment."
<Runs to a makeshift shelter.>
Caska: "Someone used this shelter recently. Their scent is fresh, familiar. This way!"
<Caska runs ahead.>

If you delay following her:

Caska: "We're getting off the track here."

Next clue:

Caska: "What have we got here?"
Caska: "The remains of a fire. There are tracks here. This way!"

You come across a camp and some wreckage:

Caska: "Let me take a sniff …."
Caska: "There was a fight here. What's that, on the ground?"

Speaking with Caska before looking at the item:

"Wait, there is something on the ground here. Take a look."

You can then examine the Invitation Medallion on the ground:

Caska: "That medallion has the queen's scent all over it."
Caska: "There! I have her trail. Follow me!"
<Caska runs off.>

Following Caska, you will find Queen Ayrenn who will be found fighting off a squad of Green Serpents with magic and sword:

Caska: "The queen is in danger!"

Once they are all slain, Queen Ayrenn will greet Caska and warn you about walking around the jungle. If you talk to Caska before Queen Ayrenn:

"Be careful out there, walker. And tell the queen I'll be all right. She's much too important to worry about a few cuts and scratches. I'll be fine. After I lie down for a bit."

Queen Ayrenn will explain what she has been doing and asks you to find some regents for a ritual, so she can track down High King Emeric. After you agree to help, she will kneel beside Caska and tend her injuries:

Queen Ayrenn: "Caska, you've been injured."
Caska: "Merely a few scratches."
Queen Ayrenn: "Let me tend to your wounds."

After finding the ritual ingredients, you can hand them to Queen Ayrenn who will track Emeric down to Coral Cliffs. Once you have rescued King Emeric and found the location of Prince Irnskar, you can meet up with Caska and Queen Ayrenn alongside High King Emeric. Speaking with Caska before Emeric:

"Thanks to Queen Ayrenn, my wounds are healed and my claws are sharp. I'm ready to do what's necessary to get us off this island!"

High King Emeric will suggest going to the Old Coin Fort to the west to rescue Prince Irnskar. Caska and Queen Ayrenn will go ahead of you. You can meet up with Caska, Ayrenn and Emeric near the entrance to the Old Coin Fort to the west. Caska will ask to speak with you:

High King Emeric: "Truth be told, this is one of the most relaxing diplomatic missions I've had in quite some time."
Caska: "Walker, we need to talk."

Talk with Caska to see what is going on:

"Bright Moons shine upon us, walker. Before you arrived I did some sniffing. A scent like the one that lingers on that axe you found. It's inside the coin lord's old fort.
I'd bet Za'ji's left ear that it's Prince Irnskar."
Any ideas on how we get inside?
"Queen Ayrenn suggests subterfuge. They seek the nobles. Let's give them one."
You're suggesting we hand over one of the alliance leaders?
"In a word, yes. Pretend Emeric is your prisoner, escort him to the front gate, and wait for them to let you in.
Meanwhile, the queen and I will await your signal. After we free Irnskar, we'll find a place to signal the rescue ship."
As long as the high king agrees, that could work.

High King Emeric will agree with the plan:

High King Emeric: "The high king most definitely … um … agrees. Ahem. Lead on, my foul captor."
Queen Ayrenn: "Come, Caska. Let's go see how much trouble we can get into."
Caska: "If you insist!"
<Queen Ayrenn and Caska run off.>

After you have tricked the Green Serpents to let you in, Queen Ayrenn and Caska will meet you in the courtyard. Speaking with Queen Ayrenn before progressing:

"Go, walker. We will keep the Green Serpents busy and see you soon."

Searching the Coin Fort, you and High King Emeric will find Prince Irnskar. While with Prince Irnskar will find the Green Serpents' leader Deesh-Jee bowing before the Ascendant Magus and Lord. While they escape, you hear about a plot on High Isle. Continuing to the docks, you fire the flare signal Captain Za'ji's ship. However, an unnatural storm will come in and Queen Ayrenn will be at the docks:

Queen Ayrenn: "Hold them at bay! Sea Elf rituals are fickle things, but I shall quiet the storm."
Deesh-Jee: "Green Serpents, attack!"
Caska: "Don't let them interrupt the queen!"

You and Prince Irnskar will fight Deesh-Jee, once he is dead Queen Ayrenn will complete the ritual:

Prince Irnskar: "No ship can reach us through this storm!"
High King Emeric: "Patience, lad. Ayrenn is working on that."
<Queen Ayrenn raises her arm gathers a ball of lightning in her hand while she chants.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Wind, waves, and salt, heed my call and still your fury!"
Caska: "It's working!"
<Queen Ayrenn throws her arms out and as the lightning spreads the storm clears and the Perfect Pounce II can be seen in the distance.>
Prince Irnskar: "I don't believe it. She actually did it!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Onto the ship, quickly!"

Speaking with Caska before getting on the boat to the Perfect Pounce II:

"Time to go, walker!"

Talking with Caska while aboard the Perfect Pounce II:

"Thank you, walker. It's good to feel my claws on the deck of a ship again. And it's good to be back with Za'ji.
That lazy Khajiit is lost without me."

When you reach Gonfalon Bay, you will be asked to meet with Lady Arabelle at Mandrake Manor. You can find Caska inside where she will let you know where to find Lady Arabelle:

Caska: "Walker. Lady Arabelle wants to see you in the courtyard out back."

Speaking with Caska here:

"You saved us, walker. As strong as Caska is, that jungle was stronger. I wouldn't have lasted much longer without your help.
If you need my claws, you only need to ask."

To Catch a Magus[edit]

Talking with Caska once you started the quest:

"I'm not sure that ship Za'ji found is worthy of the name Perfect Pounce II. Maybe after I whip the new crew into shape, and repair all the leaks ….
Anyway, Za'ji and I are ready to help if you need us. Just say the word."

The Ascendant Storm[edit]

After finding out the identity of the Ascendant Magus, you also learn of the Ascendant Order's plan to attack All Flags Islet and kill all three alliance representatives at once. Lady Arabelle will ask you to meet with the captains and see if they will help.

You will need to meet with the ship captains outside the Gaming Hall in Gonfalon Bay, where they all feel troubled about not doing anything. Speaking with Caska before Captain Kaleen:

"It's the duneripper you can't see that's the real danger. Za'ji might think the worst is over, but I have a feeling Captain Kaleen is right. The Ascendant Order isn't finished. I can feel it in my paws.
You better talk to her."

Speaking with Captain Kaleen, you can explain what is happening and she will agree to help. Afterwards, Captains Za'ji and Tsuzo will affirm as well. Talking with Caska before you head to Jheury's Cove:

"To think, the captains of three warring factions, working together to save their leaders from a common foe—the Ascendant Order. It gets me right here.
Or it could just be a hairball."

Once you reach Jheury's Cove, Caska, the captains, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will be waiting for you on the cliff above the docks. The Ascendant Order ship the Nereid's Song is docked, and you will need to steal it to reach All Flags Castle. Talking with Caska before you continue:

"It looks like the Ascendant Order's preparing that ship for sea. Check with Captain Kaleen. She's got an idea about how we can steal that ship right out from under them.
And if I get to shred a few rogue knights along the way, so much the better."

Speaking with Captain Kaleen, she will explain her plan. Talking with Caska before going down to the docks:

"You need to cut all three mooring lines. Check both the port and the starboard sides, then get on board!"

Once you have taken the ship, but before you set sail:

"What are we waiting for? Let's sail before the Ascendant Order starts wondering why their ship's taking so long to show up."

When you arrive outside All Flags Castle, you will find the Ascendant Order is already underway. Caska and the captains will stay to guard the ship while you, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn enter the castle. Speaking with Caska before you leave:

"Now this looks like a fight! Go on ahead if you need to—I'll find a way to keep myself busy out here."

While in the castle, you will find and assist the Alliance leaders and then defeat the Ascendant Magus. Afterwards, the Ascendant Order attackers will flee. You can meet with everyone outside, speaking with Caska before Lady Arabelle:

"This was your doing, I suppose. All those tasty Ascendant Order knights to munch on, and they suddenly turned tail and fled!
Probably for the best. Za'ji was starting to get winded. He's nowhere near as strong as he thinks he is."

After you have spoken with Lady Arabelle and completed the quest, some bantering will happen:

Prince Irnskar: "Surely we're done now? I could use a drink and a meal."
Queen Ayrenn: "It must have been tough getting captured by convicts on Amenos."
High King Emeric: "Good point, Ayrenn. But do remember, he's only a prince."
Prince Irnskar: "Raise a hand if you care what the high king thinks!"
<Za'ji raises his hand.>
High King Emeric: "Thank you, Za'ji."
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji cares. Can we go home now?"
Caska: "Wrong royal, Za'ji. We're with the queen, remember? Now where did we leave that scow we stole?"
<Caska and Za'ji head to the dock.>
Captain Kaleen: "What, did no one tie up the ship before we ran into battle?"

A Chance for Peace[edit]

After rescuing the Alliance Leaders and defeating the Ascendant Magus, Lord Bacaro Volorus will decide to hold a celebration at Gonfalon Palace. Lady Arabelle will ask you to speaker with the Alliance Leaders separately to convince them to come. Once you have done so, you can head to the palace where Caska will be one of the guests. Speaking with Caska before the ceremony starts:

"I owe you my thanks, walker. I found all the Ascendant knights I could hope for during that fight on All Flags Islet. I can finally say my crewmates from the Perfect Pounce have been avenged."
What will you do next, Caska?
"That depends on Queen Ayrenn. We're staying in Gonfalon Bay as long as she is, but that suits me fine. We've got a new ship and a new crew to break in.
And I'll be keeping an eye on Za'ji. As always."

Once the quest is completed:

"Good thing I didn't eat you on that Amenos beach, walker. This all would have been a lot harder without you. And no, I don't really eat people. That's just Senche-raht humor.
As far as you know."
What will you do next, Caska?
(Rest of the conversation is same as above.)


The Hidden Lord[edit]

She will be alongside Za'ji in the Castle Mornard throneroom. Speaking to her before Za'ji

"Talk to Za'ji, friend. All these delays are beginning to ruffle my fur and I'd just as soon get on with things."

After speaking to Za'ji:

"Politics! If there's one thing I hate more than those Ascendant Order bastards, it's politics.
Hopefully, between you and Lady Arabelle, we can finish this business. Then Za'ji and I can finally turn our full attention to restoring the Pounce."

Before you check up on Lady Arabelle back at Mandrake Manor:

"I've never seen Lady Arabelle so … weak. She's in a bad state. But she's a tough old bird. I know she'll pull through.
You should head upstairs and talk to her. Just seeing you will do her a world of good."

After examining all the clues and heading off to find Philian Ashcroft:

"Poison is a coward's weapon. I should have smelled it the moment Lady Arabelle uncorked the wine.
Go, five-claw. Find the coward and make them pay. We'll watch over Lady Arabelle. I promise."

After you return back to Mandrake Manor to tell Lady Arablle about the shocking revelations of Lord Bacaro, you can speak to Caska before Lady Arabelle:

"You and Ryvana returned just in time. We're almost out of the tincture she gave us. Hopefully the antidote works and Lady Arabelle's health improves.
But go on and talk to her. I, too, want to hear what you have to say."

If you exit out of the conversation with Lady Arabelle before turning in the quest, Caska will vow to hunt down Lord Bacaro:

"This isn't what I was expecting. Lord Bacaro, a traitor? Well, now that we know, let's go find him and show him what happens to liars and murderers."

After the quest is completed:

"You know that feeling when you just want to sink your teeth into something and rip it apart? Well, I'm having one of them right now.
Talk to Lady Arabelle before I decide to go do something stupid."

The Ivy Throne[edit]

After speaking to Lady Arabelle:

"I always thought that Lord Bacaro was too good to be true. I should have eaten him when I had the chance. Now we have to chase him down on Galen."

You will be pursuing Lord Bacaro's trail while trying to find your companions in Y'ffre's Path. You will find Caska standing over a dead Ascendant Order Knight:

Caska: "Good to smell you, five-claw! Ryvana thinks Bacaro came here for a purpose. He's not far ahead."

Speaking to Caska to see what happened during the pursuit:

"Ryvana told me to wait here. She wanted to make sure that Druid Laurel or whoever came after us knew where to go.
She doesn't know what the Ascendant Lord is up to exactly, but she's sure he came to this place for a reason."
So where are Lady Arabelle and Druid Ryvana?
"They headed west and followed Bacaro into Y'ffre's Path. Bacaro left some knights behind to slow us down, but I took care of them.
Did you happen to see Za'ji on your way here?"
Yes. He decided to head back to Glimmertarn.:
"Now that you're here, I'll head back, too. I could be more helpful at the druid village than in a cramped cavern. You might not believe this, but sometimes my size can be a hindrance.
Just make sure to bite Bacaro a few times for me."

She will then run back to Glimmertarn.

She will return back after you defeated the summoned spirit that was called by Lord Bacaro as she tries to prevent his escape, but fails.

You will see Caska at the Vastyr docks preparing for the next battle at Y'ffelon:

"I don't know a lot about druids and spirits, but I do know how to fight. I'll be with you every step of the way, five-claw. You can count on me."

When you land on Y'ffelon, she is eager to fight:

"This time we're going to put an end to the Ascendant Order—and that traitor, Lord Bacaro!
Ascendant Lord is just another name for dinner, yes?"

After Frii calms down the volcano, Caska will be on the Perfect Pounce with everyone else. Speaking to her before Lady Arabelle:

"I was certain we were all doomed when the volcano exploded. But no, we're all still alive. I suppose we have you to thank for that, five-claw?"

Before you depart for Vastyr:

"I wish I could have been there with you when you took down Bacaro. I really wanted to rip into him and see what a traitor tastes like. Maybe next time, yes?"

When you go to Castle Mornard's throneroom, she will be resting by the fireplace:

"Nothing is dull when you're around, my friend. You did good, five-claw. Very good. Now talk to Lady Arabelle so we can figure out how to proceed with the peace talks.
I wonder what we'll tell people about Lord Bacaro."

After the quest is completed:

"All right. Get ready. I don't do this very often, so pay attention. You did good, five-claw. I'm proud to have fought by your side and I'm even prouder to call you my friend.
That's it, enough. If I get any more sentimental, I may start crying."

And Now, Perhaps, Peace[edit]

Lady Arabelle has asked Za'ji and Caska to witness the peace talks on All Flags Islet. You will find them at the docks outside of Gonfalon Bay:

Captain Za'ji: "Make sure the Pounce is ready to sail the moment Queen Ayrenn calls for us."
Caska: "The Pounce is ready. I could use some quiet time for a change."
Captain Za'ji: "Maybe you spoke too soon, Caska. Look who it is."

Speaking to her before Za'ji:

"You're just in time, five-claw. We were about to head out to the Pounce. Za'ji wants her ready to sail at a moment's notice."
Isn't Queen Ayrenn going to wait until the peace talks conclude before you set sail?
"Yes, but according Za'ji, the queen's in a terrible mood. He thinks she'll raise anchor and leave the proceedings the first time something stupid comes out of Emeric or Irnskar's mouth.
Hence, our sudden burst of activity."

After inviting all the guests, you will find Caska outside of Memorial Hall Reception Hall on All Flags Islet:

"Five-claw! Isn't this exciting? Oh, Lady Arabelle said to send you into Memorial Hall as soon as you arrived. She definitely wants to talk to you."

After Count Stefan has called everyone to go inside the reception hall, you can speak to her:

"Is this what they mean by peace talks? Everyone is talking, but none of it seems to be very important. Maybe we should just find a fighting pit and let them settle things my way."

After Lady Arabelle gives the opening speech, Caska has grown to respect the alliance leaders:

"Peace. I wonder if they'll really do it. I've grown to respect all three leaders in the time we've been assisting them, but I know these are not easy waters to sail.
Anyway, if you ever need us, five-claw, just send word to the Perfect Pounce."


Caska the Senche-raht serves as the first mate on The Perfect Pounce, and she loves time off to pursue other interests—perhaps in your house! After adding Caska to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 015001,500 Crowns
Availability (?) - (?)

Caska is also a houseguest. She was available in the Crown Store for 015001,500 Crowns during the Season of the Dragon Celebration from (?) to (?). She returned to the Crown Store in May of 2024 and was sold for 025002,500 Crowns or a discounted 017501,750 Crowns for ESO Plus members.


Appearances: (?)

  • Crown Store — (?) - (?)
  • Crown Store — May 2 - May 9, 2024 (ESO Plus discount: 017501,750 Crowns)

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

Caska's Houseguest dialogue changes depending upon whether you have completed her quests.

"Nothing's too big or too powerful for me to challenge. I may not always win, but they always know they were in a fight."
"Za'ji says I'm a cat of few words. Yup."
"New members of my crew always ask for advice before their first battle, and I always tell them the same thing. Don't die."
"My size can be intimidating. I know that. But I'm really just a big poof ball.
A big, dangerous, unapologetic, poof ball—armed with sharp claws and sharper teeth."
"Be ready for a storm and rejoice when the sun comes out. That's my motto."
"I'm a simple Senche-raht. I see an enemy, I kill it. I see a treasure, I take it. Anything more just complicates things."
"When I'm not taking some much needed downtime, I'm the first mate of the Perfect Pounce. Finest ship to sail out of Senchal—at least according to her captain."
"I'm a big talking cat. So good of you to notice."
"Privateers are often confused with pirates, but there's a world of difference. Privateers have permission to take your stuff. And we're usually more polite about it."
"If there's anyone you need me to knock some sense into, just say the word."
"Hobbies? Fighting, drinking, carousing. Caterwauling. That's rather fun.
And fighting. Did I mention I like to fight?"
"I grew up in Southern Elsweyr. Spent years making a living in fighting pits before Captain Za'ji convinced me to join his crew. I love the Pounce, but sometimes I miss the excitement of the pits.
"Got any plum brandy around here? I could go for a bowl of the good stuff!"
"As first mate of the Pounce, it's my job to keep the crew in line and make sure the ship is fit to sail. I also keep one eye on our captain, Za'ji.
He needs all the help he can get."
"I hear that the many types of Khajiit can be confusing to the furless among us. Too bad. We don't owe anyone an explanation."
"Never interrupt a Khajiit's naptime. It could be bad for both our healths."
"Ever see what a house cat does when it catches a mouse? Now imagine that, only our enemy is the mouse and I'm the house cat. Get the picture?"
"Did I ever tell you about Klora the Brash? One of the largest Pahmar I ever met. We were in the pit, fighting for hours, but neither of us could get the upper claw. We decided to call it a draw. The pit boss was furious. So we ate him."
"Moons above, can't a Khajiit nap in peace?"
"Privateers and pirates can be a dangerous, and feuds between ships can get rough. But if anyone hurts someone under my command … well, then I hurt them right back."
"Pellitine. That's the Khajiiti name for Southern Elsweyr. Look, I know the place has problems, but it's my home. I grew up there."
"I have a bad reputation for eating my enemies. It's so unfair! I don't eat everyone I defeat in battle. Only the tasty ones."
"Try not to get too close. It's early and I haven't had my bowl of warm sweetmilk yet."
"This place is nice, but I get restless. I need full sails and the breeze at my back. I can't wait to see where the wind carries me next."
"I knew you were coming. You have a very distinct scent."
"Any idea how much food it takes to maintain my girlish figure? Let's just say I could go for a roast guar right about now. Maybe two."
"One time in the fighting pit, I had to battle three Argonians at once. They were called the Aleet Brothers, but I'm pretty sure they weren't related. And at least one of them was a woman. I think.
Ah, memories!"
"Like all Senche-rahts, I'm an excellent hunter. Once I pick up the scent, there's no stopping me."
"The Pounce is a fine ship. And if anyone says anything different, I'll bite their head off."
"Have you met my captain, Za'ji? His heart's in the right place. His head, not so much."
"Well, aren't you a welcome scent on this glorious day! If you happen to see Za'ji, don't tell him we talked. I'm sure he wants me back on the Pounce, but I want to enjoy my vacation for as long as possible."
"Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. The fighting, the intrigue, the privateering. Then I think about all we accomplished together. The good we've done. Makes me kind of weepy.
If I were prone to that sort of thing. Which I'm not."
"Five-claw! Good to see you! I missed your overwhelming aura of courage and competence.
And your scent. I've never smelled anyone else like it."


  • Her internal mesh is named MonstrousSenche_Caska_Scarf_Monster.