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Home City Senchal
Location New Moon Fortress
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Lahini is a chronically ill Khajiit from Senchal. She is the daughter of the baker, Buzinda. She has recently gone missing, and her mother suspects the recruiter from the Order of the New Moon is responsible.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will come across Lahini after you and Caska go your separate ways during the trials. She is located in the second trial chamber, fruitlessly kicking a Puzzle Cube.

Lahini: "How can Lahini possibly move this thing?"

Speak with her.

"Damn these sliding stones. Why do they have to be so heavy? A Pahmar-raht would struggle with these things!
Lahini is never going to join the Order of the New Moon at this rate."
You're Lahini? Is your mother named Buzinda?
"Yes, but … we are not supposed to talk about our past lives. We are initiates of the New Moon, you understand? Nothing else matters.
Do you also face the Path of the New Moon?"
Yes, I do.
"Then you will not mind if Lahini follows behind, no?
Once the trial is done, this one is sure she will be of great use to the Order of the New Moon. She just needs a little help getting there."
All right, you can follow me.

Speaking with her again:

"May the New Moon guide our path forward."

After you solve the first brazier doorway puzzle, she will exclaim:

Lahini: "Good work! Lahini will follow your path."

Once you have reached the end of the puzzle trial, Trial Master Zayri will congratulate you before heading to the ceremony, at which Lahini will be elated.

Lahini: "Did you hear that, walker? We passed the trial!"

Caska will then speak to you about her suspicions of the aforementioned ceremony, afterwards you can speak with Lahini to see how she feels about joining the New Moon. At this point you have a choice:

"We did it! We're officially members of the Order of the New Moon.
Come on, we should follow the others to this ceremony. We would not want to be late on our first day."
Are you sure you want to join the Order of the New Moon?
"Of course Lahini is sure.
At home, all she did was sit cozy while the rest of her family toiled away. This one was but a hindrance! But here, she can be useful. She can help."
If you're absolutely sure.
"But now is not the time to chat, yes? The ceremony awaits! We must be on our way."
[Persuade] Your mother is looking for you. She's worried.
"Mother is worried about this one?
You must be mistaken. Lahini's family no longer needs to suffer the burden of a useless daughter. They are probably giddy with relief now that she has left."
Your mother is heartbroken. She's worried that you're hurt, possibly dead.
"This one had no idea mother would react in such a way. Lahini will return to Senchal and let her know that everything is all right. Lahini doesn't want her to suffer.
Thank you for letting this one know."

If you do not persuade her to leave, you can speak to her before entering the ceremony:

"May the New Moon guide our path forward."

She will die during the ceremony.


Lahini in Senchal, reunited with her mother

If you persuade her to leave, she survives and you can find her with her mother at the fountain in front of the bank after completing the quest

"Thank you for helping Lahini see reason, five-claw!
All this time, she thought her family resented her. But it's not true! They see Lahini's worth. And, bit by bit, this one is beginning to see her worth, too."