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This article is about the faction. For the set, see Akaviri Dragonguard.

The Dragonguard are the predecessors of the Blades. Originally from Akavir, the Dragonguard came to Tamriel to serve the Dragonborn, Reman I. Although officially disbanded at the end of the First Era, the Dragonguard continue to wait for the next Dragonborn to claim the Ruby Throne. They are seemingly unrelated to Clivia Tharn's Elite Guard.

Dragonguard Orland, the seemingly last member of the order in Elsweyr, has a bounty on his head placed by Euraxia Tharn to appease the returned dragons. Sai Sahan will return to reform the Dragonguard in Pellitine, featured in upcoming the Dragonhold DLC.


Named Members
Sai Sahan (leader)
Drake of Blades
Drake of Crowns
The Drake of Shields
Drake of Staves
Aeliah Renmus
Chizbari the Chipper
Dirge Truptor
Dragonguard Orland
Grundwulf (formerly)
Chevalier Renald (former leader)
Generic Members
Dragonguard Archer
Dragonguard Assassin
Dragonguard Fire Mage
Dragonguard Remains
Dragonguard Soldier
Named Allies
Nahfahlaar (dragon)




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